Former Minister Zakaria Mohamed Haji Abdi Candidate for Somali Presidency

Former Minister Zakaria Mohamed Haji Abdi Candidate for Somali Presidency


As Somalia is bracing for the first presidential elections in two decades, the end of the eight year-long Transitional Federal Government is scheduled for August 20, 2012. Political activities intensified over the past few days, as thousands of peoImageple rally in the streets ahead of the upcoming leadership contest.


Numerous caucuses have been held already as the electoral process is currently underway for the selection of the new, 275-member Somali parliament. Jubilant supporters and colourful advocates, along with associates and relatives gather to welcome the return of numerous politicians from abroad where most spent time, seeking solutions of the Somali crisis. The election fever has gripped the Somali capital for the first time since the 70s, and will only continue to intensify in the days ahead.


The electoral campaign got new impetus a few days ago, following the announcement issued by former Minister, Dr. Zakaria Mohamed Haji Abdi, Chairman of the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia, as regards his candidacy for the Somali presidency. Dr. Zakaria’s Presidential Manifesto was welcomed by a great number of Somalis across all tribes, provinces and backgrounds, as it reflects a strong nationalist vision for Somalia’s future. Dr. Zakaria’s realistic approach to Somalia’s rehabilitation and reconstruction, his democratic credentials, and his fervent, all-inclusive call retained the attention of a great number of Somalis across the Horn of Africa.


I therefore republish herewith Dr. Zakaria Mohamed Haji Abdi’s Presidential Manifesto integrally.


Zakaria Mohamed Haji Abdi Announces Candidacy for Somali Presidency


10th August 2012 – Zakaria Mohamed Haji-Abdi, Chairman of the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia, today announced his candidacy as the People’s Candidate for the forthcoming elections for the Presidency. He also issued his Manifesto, highlighting:


A commitment to local and regional rule through democratic governance


A government that knows how the people want to live their lives and in what type of communities they wish to live


A government that promotes Justice and Fairness


A culture committed to the expansion of freedom


A transparent government


Accountability for public servants


Progressive and sustainable use of resources for the people


A forward-looking nation determined not to repeat its history


A good healthcare that is fit for purpose


An educational system that will transform our nation


“My mission is a Somalia based on true democratic principles, the rule of law, and respect for human rights and civil liberties; a nation with no clan favours, nepotism and favouritism. I will strive for opportunities for all citizens, regardless of their background. My goal is to make Somalia the most peaceful, prosperous and corruption-free nation in Africa; to foster a culture of togetherness and transparency in government and media. My progressive agenda is designed to continually move Somalia forward. I will eliminate the practice of “looking back” governing. My intent is to take the best of Somalia culture and tradition, and merge them with modern-day global standards.”


For more information or an interview please contact campaign team:



Mr Alex Glover on: +44 (0)7887610335

Mr Mohamed Adan: +447882963542


Mogadishu, Somalia:

Dr Bishaar Cigaal: +252615545915


Dubai, UAE:

Sh Mohamud Mohamed: +971529585730


The Manifesto:




I will renew faith in our politics and provide sound leadership based on principles of consensus and fairness, equity and inclusiveness. I will govern in the interest of all, and build a nation in which we all have a stake.


Under my stewardship, I will ensure not just one interest group or clan will be represented. I will actively seek to remove those obstacles which hinder individual achievement from clan, gender or economic condition. I will address the issue of ethnicity in our country.


I will introduce an independent Presidential Public Appointments Commission whose task will be to ensure that appointments to public offices are based on merit and reflect the ethnic diversity of Somalia in its overall representation.


The Commission will have to publish its appointments on an annual basis so one can check that all ethnic groups have been given equal opportunity to serve, and are duly appointed.


I will reform the system of governance to empower local communities. By so doing, I will enable the transfer of power to communities with strong democratic and accountable local level governance structures.


I will disperse power to communities and engage our people in active citizenship by involving them directly in the management of their neighbourhoods, and of the services they use. I will do this because I vehemently believe that devolution without democracy is just tyranny on local scale.




Our educational system will be modernised and made relevant to the needs of all the people. There will be no room for unproductive elitism, but productive education that is capable of solving the real problems that face our country. Education will be compulsory and free from pre-school (kinder garden) until age 18.


I will strive to reduce class sizes to 30 students, by building more schools, training more teachers, and providing more up-to-date educational facilities.


There will also be civic education to foster nationalism, and adult education to improve employability and good citizenship. Through employability and employment opportunities, every citizen will be able to fend for themselves, and dependency rate may begin to come down.


Higher Education and Universities will have the necessary support to engage in research, scientific, and technological progress and design.


I will promote sports through youth activities in the school system to encourage positive participation and competition which will boost our representation on the world platform.


Standardized testing of students will be done annually; those schools with failing test scores will be in danger of being in receivership by the national government.

The school system in each region will be held accountable.


I shall create a Centre for Professional Development, designed to continuously improve, update and modernize the skills of our teachers.


I will create a national literacy-based library system with focus on “learning to read” then “reading to learn”.


Technical / Trade Schools will be established in each region; the technical / trade school system will place heavy emphasis on agriculture, engineering and any other relevant skills necessary for the progression of the nation.


Somalia Universities will be open and operational. Young people will be provided tuition assistance upon completion of their community service.


Providing free public schools will facilitate the introduction of truancy legislation. Parents will be required to send their children to school.


I believe that special emphasis must be placed on quality education for our nation’s girls. Our administration will create a Special Assistant to the President for Women & Girls. This position will be empowered to ensure that girls and women will receive favourable policies in education and beyond, throughout the government.




I will emphasise on preventative and promote healthcare through targeted health education.


I will ensure equitable allocation of government resources to reduce disparities in health status.


I will increase the cost effectiveness and cost efficiency of resource allocation and use.


I will create an enabling environment for increased private sector and community involvement in health service provision and finance.


I will continue to manage population growth.


I will introduce better management structures to ensure efficiency in the management of the healthcare institutions and systems.


I will review the health financing policies and invest in the National Health Security Services as a key national health financing mechanism that will progressively ensure equal access by the poor to the basic health services.


I will increase the efforts in the fight against HIV/AIDS to improve and increase the lives of those infected, and reduce the number of those getting infected every year.


I will increase the health service infrastructure to ensure better access to healthcare, particularly in the historically disadvantaged areas.


I will devolve healthcare system management, procurement and financing.


I value our healthcare human resources, and I aim to train more professionals and paramedical workers and enhance their terms and conditions of service and remuneration.


I will reduce corruption in the health sector and increase access to medicines.


I will ensure the development of effective regulatory and inspection mechanisms to protect the public from health injuries and loss of lives related to substandard health services.




I recognize the primary purpose of government is the security of its people and their property. Moreover, the communities cannot prosper and economic development does not thrive where people feel insecure.


While we promote a humane and transformative judicial system, I will be tough on crime and criminals.


The law enforcement agencies such as the National Army, police, prisons, security etc., shall be properly trained in Human Rights Regulations and how to deal fairly with the civil population. Harassment and mistreatment of civilians by police and security forces will not be tolerated.


I will also establish a Department of Homeland Security to defend and protect private property, including camels, goats, farms, food, water, and all other forms of commerce.


I will encourage traditional authorities to be involved in keeping security at the grassroots level.




Establish a Truth and Restitution Commission to bring closure to past corrupt crimes via a process of Justice, Truth, Reconciliation and Restitution. To this end, I shall legally establish a system through a “Restitution Instrument” to facilitate this. For those who admit, declare and repay there shall be forgiveness.  For those who forget or pretend to forget their past abuses, they shall go through the justice system before they are exonerated. A process driven by justice-making good or compensating for past loss, damage, and injury is what am proposing. I intend to facilitate a process that will see the return to the Somali people what is rightfully theirs. The principle of Restitution has Ancient Somali roots, including constructive disengagement of all armed groups in Somalia.




A steady economic growth will be the engine to drive our development.  Therefore, I will seek to invest properly in the productive sector, encourage private investment and entrepreneurship, and create an efficient tax collection system to raise revenue for the government.


I will diversify our revenue base to sustain our growth and development.


Small businesses will receive the right degree of government support which will demand full accountability from small businesses. Community organisations will be supported to create employment within local communities and speed up service delivery.


Our taxation system will be based on transparency,             


I am confident it will attract the right type of private investment into road construction that will create employment and make everybody busy. In fact, tar-surfaced roads are costly only in the short-term, but are much, much cheaper in the long run.


Our thoughtful, reasonable and consistent investment in our public infrastructure will surely create sustainable, good paying jobs for our citizens. Our investments in health care, education, security and globalization will open our economy up in unimaginable ways that will move Somalia to an economically secure future.


Throughout the nation, my government will invest in a public works campaign that will smartly use public funds in community development projects.


I will invest heavily in our nation’s agricultural sector. I will encourage training for agriculture “pickers”, incentives for the canning industry, urban farming campaign, agro-industrial development and modernized agricultural legislation.


Somalia will research, develop, legislate and mandate a modern tax system that is fair and just on the national and regional level.




Somalia’s environment has been greatly damaged, if not destroyed in many aspects, in the last two decades as result of combined local and external predatory activities. The country is suffering from severe desertification, deforestation, extinction of wildlife, coral reef destruction, marine resource depilation, chemical and nuclear waste dumping.


If elected, I will immediately outlaw deforestation and overgrazing activities, call for national environmental restoration campaign through reforestation projects, wildlife conservation and marine protection programs. 




General recent experience also suggests that the presence of a large contingent of foreign troops would be resented by the Somali population and, moreover, fiercely resisted by the various armed clans and factions. Rather than helping the Somali government to broaden its support base, the effect could be to marginalize it even further.


A much larger stabilization force capable of suppressing resistance, holding territory, and providing security for a more ambitious reconstruction effort is imaginable but even more unrealistic.  


In the absence of a decisive event—such as the voluntary withdrawal of AMISOM or its resignation the United States, United Kingdom and EU should work with the African Union and the UN to promote and reform the armed parties in Somalia and their structures and to allow them to become a more inclusive governing mechanism, by insisting that the Somali Government plays the role of gatekeeper to any dialogue between the armed Islamist opposition and the government.




I will ensure there is proper town planning and all construction and building must comply with set town plans and safety standard requirements. Implementation will be strict and without favour and corruption.


I believe in adequate shelter for all citizens of Somalia and will support sustainable housing and planning that provides basic shelter to the people, using our own resources. I will use global best practices to develop low income housing for the nation’s private and social landlords to build new houses, so as to make housing accessible and affordable.


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