Iraq’s Türkmen reject ‘Kurdish’ tutelage

Iraq’s Türkmen reject ‘Kurdish’ tutelage

By Prof. M. S. Megalommatis


Imminent ISIL attack against Turkmen town Emirli

One of the most disregarded aspects of Mesopotamia’s aggravated descent into the Hell is the desperate situation in which Iraq’s Turkmen have been exposed over the past few years. More recently, the life conditions of the Turkmens, one of Iraq’s most important nations, have been gravely deteriorated.


Türkmeneli, the land of the Iraqi Turkmens, has long been exposed to vicious colonial policies of precipitated Arabization ever since the Ottoman rule ended during WW I. More recently, under the cruel minority regime of Saddam Hussein, Arabization was intensified, and thus hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Turkmen were forced to emigrate from their native land to Turkey, Europe, America and other countries.


Following the calamitous US interference in Iraq (2003) and the even more devastating administration of the occupied country, Turkmens’ right to self-determination, national independence, and nationhood was suppressed by the paranoid division of Iraq into three zones (Shia, Sunni, and ‘Kurdish’) that did not bode well for the future of Iraq’s other nations, notably the Turkmens, the Aaramaean Christians, the Yazidis, the Shabak, the Yarsanis (Ahl-e Haq), the Mandaeans, etc. The scandalous trichotomy opened the Pandora’s Box, as it was a time capsule for the ensuing multilevel genocide. Over the past three months, we have only started watching its nefarious consequences.


Arbitrarily and dictatorially placed under ‘Kurdish’ tutelage, the Turkmen found themselves exposed to a new policy of disfigurement, identity loss, ethnic cleansing, and national persecution at the hands of the madly and criminally armed by US & EU thugs and gangsters of Talabani and Barzani that were fallaciously reported by the falsifying mainstream mass media as ‘Kurdish militias’ or ‘Kurdish army’.


Absurd Arabization was thus followed by Hellish Kurdification.

The policy of the thuggish ‘Kurdish’ militias’ toward the Türkmen nation proved to be no different from Saddam’s Arabisation policy, which was supposedly what the Americans came to Iraq to cancel, granting freedom and Human Rights to all.


With the criminal inception of the Kurdish Regional Government across North Iraq, the Iraqi Türkmens’ situation has deteriorated dramatically. By that time, the Türkmens expected to be treated with justice, equality and respect for the Human Rights – especially by those who had also suffered at the hands of Saddan Hussein, and under the auspices of those who pretended to be the leaders of the global drive to freedom. Quite tragically, the exact reverse took place.


Over the past years, and under the global mass media’s guilty silence, the lands of the Türkmen people were confiscated, at times even destroyed, and – even worse – deceitfully presented to the global public opinion as supposedly ‘Kurdish’.


Yet, Kirkuk, with its oilfields, is exclusively Turkmen – not ‘Kurdish’.


Furthermore, scores of Türkmen were kidnapped, extra-judicially arrested, imprisoned incommunicado, and mercilessly assassinated, without anyone in the world paying attention at the weak voice of few writers, activists, and bloggers.


In striking violation of all concepts of Human Rights and in ostensible refutation of the US promises for democracy in Iraq, the Iraqi Türkmens were subjected to incessant, tremendous and excruciating pressure from the ‘Kurdish’ militias in order to disregard, relinquish, and forget their Türkmen identity. All terrorist policies employed to force the Turkmen to blend with the so-called ‘Kurdish’ nation were kept under silence by the discriminating global mainstream mass media.

Following the rise and expansion of the terrorist bogus-state ‘Islamic State in Iraq, the Levant’ (ISIL), the Türkmen nation’s situation turned out to be untenable. With Türkmeneli annexed by ‘Kurdistan’, and the Turkmens deprived of their rights of self-defense, the exposure to the brutal ISIL campaign became wider and wider.


Thousands of Türkmen were therefore forced to flee the Türkmen district of Telafer, when the fake jihadists overran the area.

Türkmen people in the sub-districts of Taze Khormatu and Tuz Khormatu, and specifically the sub-district of Emirli have been under siege by the terrorist organization ISIL over the past two months. Their water, electricity, and medical & food supplies being cut off, the besieged Türkmens are currently living in horrific conditions. Still the international community does not accept to see down-to-the-earth reality in Iraq, being severely misinformed and definitely held captive of the globalist mainstream mass media. To an important extent, the world’s public opinion has fallen victim of the falsified image of Iraq as presented by the masters of colonial and postcolonial vicissitude.


A massacre of the besieged Türkmen by the US-equipped terrorist militias of ISIL in Emirli seems to be imminent; without a major change in the current trends of international politics, it will become tragically inevitable.

When thousands of Yazidis were forced to flee Sinjar, at the time the ISIL criminals overran their area, the event prompted an international aid operation and triggered US air strikes. This however did not save the Yazidis and their historical heritage, neither did it prevent mass killings, rapes of Yazidi women, forced conversions, confiscation of Yazidi properties, destruction of Yazidi holy shrines, and a myriad of other forms of undeserved humiliation, grave persecution, extreme deprivation, and vicious intimidation that were cruelly applied to the misfortunate and beleaguered nation of the Yazidis.


Still, even the minimal solidarity shown to the beleaguered Yazidis by Italy, Germany, France, Canada, England and the Czech Republic was not expressed toward the embattled Türkmen nation. It is only normal to question this attitude and wonder whether it reflects a particular form of racial discrimination.


Has Anti-Turkism replaced Anti-Semitism as ideological – political wickedness of the European House?

As of September 1st, thousands of Türkmens have been executed by the terrorist Islamic State (IS) militants, whereas more than 100000 Türkmens have fled and sought refuge in Central Iraq, nearby Turkey or other countries.

Türkmens wonder what prevented the aforementioned countries from demonstrating for the Iraqi Türkmen, who are besieged in Emirli, the same solidarity as that displayed for the Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar.


In Emirli, Türkmen have been under siege over the past two months, but the international humanitarian aid sent to persecuted North Iraqis was first insufficient and second unequally distributed. It was not meant for the Turkmens.


In the current conjuncture, North Iraq’s Turkmen, Christian Aramaeans, Yazidis, Yarsanis (Ahl-e Haq), and Shabak are left totally defenseless in spite of the lurking fear of a systematic genocide at the hands of ISIL. In fact, the retreat of the Iraqi army from Mosul and Kerkuk created a power vacuum that can be lethal for the aforementioned Mesopotamian nations that wished to rely on law and discipline instead of arming themselves and sinking with the rest (Shia, Sunni, and ‘Kurdish’) into the abyss of fratricidal conflict.


In fact, all the aforementioned North Iraqi nations have been incessantly targeted by successive totalitarian regimes that were tolerated, supported and armed by the destructive Western colonial powers, e.g. France, United Kingdom, and United States (F-UK-US). Under bogus-kingdom, pseudo-republic, and KDP-PUK Mafia ‘regional’ administration, North Iraq’s Turkmens, Christian Aramaeans, Yazidis, Yarsanis (Ahl-e Haq), and Shabak were turned into marginal minorities whose end seems to have been programmed to be carried out by ISIL in the near future. Nowadays, these endangered nations have been caught between two fires, namely the ‘Kurdish’ peshmerga militias and the ISIL pseudo-jihadists.


A serious demonstration of the ‘Kurdish’ peshmerga treachery and viciousness that has been systematically hidden by the mainstream mass media is the fact that Talabani’s and Barzani’s thugs, instead of fighting and preventing the ISIL militants from occupying Türkmen villages around the city of Kerkuk, exploited the panic ensuing from the pseudo-caliphate declaration and the ongoing sectarian chaos in North Iraq in order to expand their autonomous territory as much needed as to include Kerkuk.

Kerkuk sits on vast oil deposits that are considered by remote cruel strategists, hidden decision-makers, and idiotic apprentice magicians as a key tool in making of the so-called ‘Kurdish’ region a viable independent state able enough to later incorporate as many Turkish, Syrian and Iranian provinces as (the cancerous Zionist state of) Israel’s interests demand.

In the light of the aforementioned, one wonders why the European states, Canada, and the US methodically pursue a highly biased policy, showing sympathy to ‘Kurds’ (an umbrella name for different ethno-linguistic groups) and demonstrating a deep-seated odium to Turkmens.


For safety and fairness in Kerkuk, the Western powers that strive for freedom, representativeness, democracy, and Human Rights should rather have supported the arrival of governmental forces from Baghdad, instead of consenting to what is definitely seen by the indigenous nation of Turkmen as an alien occupation (the arrival of the so-called Kurdish Peshmerga militias).


Western policy in Iraq: a Predilection for Unrepresentative Militias


When the fake Islamic state thugs and gangsters swept across North Iraq, pushing back Talabani’s and Barzani’s militias (the so-called KRG forces), threatening the ‘Kurdish’ regional capital of Erbil, and driving tens of thousands of Christian Aramaeans and Yazidis from their homes, the Western powers supported those ‘Kurdish’ militias as if they were the normal high protectors of the Christian Aramaeans and Yazidis. This is absurd and catastrophic; Iraqi governmental forces from Baghdad should have been dispatched then to protect the two beleaguered nations of the Iraqi North.

Funneling arms to the Kurdish Peshmerga forces by Britain, the United States and several European countries can only change the dynamics in the region to the worse, thus triggering further conflict and discord, hatred and animosity because of the unacceptable Western pro-‘Kurdish’ stance. The proper steps to take should be either the transfer of governmental forces from Baghdad or the impartial distribution of arms and training to all the endangered nations of North Iraq, namely the Turkmens, the Aramaean Christians, the Yazidis, the Yarsanis, the Shabak, and the diverse ethno-linguistic groups that have been conventionally called ‘Kurds’.


The ultimate resolution of the grave problems befallen to the region lies elsewhere; a Conference should be held with the participation of representatives of all the concerned nations and ethno-linguistic groups of North Iraq in order to delineate commonly accepted borderlines and thus set up independent cantons where all the aforementioned indigenous nations will live in concord, peace and prosperity.


With the current Western overwhelming support to the unrepresentative thugs of Talabani and Barzani, all the other indigenous nations feel gravely threatened by the Western biases and definitely exposed to bi-frontal war against the ISIL militias and the ‘Kurdish’ peshmerga forces.


The Western bias is seriously taken at face value by all the North Iraqi indigenous nations as heralding further deterioration, and as revelatory of ominous plans providing for the formation of an otherwise unacceptable ‘Kurdish’ state.


The Western governments must come to understand that, to the indigenous Turkmens, Aramaean Christians, Yazidis, Yarsanis, and Shabak, it makes no difference to live under Islamist lunacy or ‘Kurdish’ tyranny; they reject both!


The ignorant, confused, and unethical administrations of the Western powers and, more importantly, the widely uninformed people of Western Europe and North America must understand that the vicious concept of Iraq’s trichotomy with a Shiite region in the south, an enlarged – strengthened Kurdish region in the north, and an asymmetrically large Sunni region in central Iraq is totally rejected in the North, and if implemented, it will lead to abysmal conflicts and unimaginable bloodshed.


Deputies and magistrates representing the entire spectrum of North Iraq’s Türkmen society unequivocally deny anyone the right to turn our land, Türkmeneli, into a new ghetto within a fake Kurdish state; this plan would only lead to further civil war and bloodshed. If the Western governments intend to trigger an advanced stage of chaos, they can go ahead! But they will pay a very high price, because a fake Kurdish state will further destabilize the region, generate tension and wars, and absorb the wider region into the maelstrom of Armageddon.

Türkmens therefore totally disapprove of the biased pro-‘Kurdish’ attitude of the Western capitals and know quite well that the recent arms dispatch will have cataclysmic side-effects, because some of these arms will sooner or later turn against innocent Türkmens who will honorably fight to prevent the incorporation of Türkmeneli into the bogus-‘Kurdish’ state. Similarly, all the other North Iraqi nations and ethno-linguistic groups vehemently and abhorrently reject the perspective of ‘Kurdish’ tutelage, as it became very clear to them what evil thoughts reside in the backside of the ‘Kurdish’ peshmerga minds.


An excellent example of ‘Kurdish’ Peshmerga attitude was inadvertently revealed to the Türkmens, the Christian Aramaeans, and the Yazidis over the past few weeks, when the three beleaguered nations were betrayed by the ‘Kurdish’ Peshmerga.


When retreating from the Türkmen district of Telafer and the sub-districts of Beshir, Kusteppa, Biravchi, Makhmur, and Sinjar, scores of internally displaced (IDPs) Türkmens, Christian Aramaeans, and Yazidis were deliberately abandoned by the ‘Kurdish’ peshmerga to the mercy of the paranoid and lunatic gangsters of ISIL.


The Western governments must come to understand that their momentary military and economic superiority does not give them the right to implement genocidal policies in the Ancient land of Mesopotamia that now crosses its 6-millennium long History’s worst moments. Instead of arbitrarily selecting as interlocutors bloodthirsty thugs like Talabani and Barzani, they must enter into cooperation with the Türkmen Liberation Front and the other North Iraqi nations’ representatives in view of a viable, durable and righteous peace.





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