The Fabrication of the Fake Greek History, the Nonexistent Fallacy of Hellenism, the 19th c. ailing Ottoman Empire, and today’s Turkey

What follows is my response to a Turkish friend, who -a while back- wrote a separate email to ask me whether I knew a French book written by an anonymous author and published in the 19th c., about a nation that never existed: the Greeks. The book was published (in 1870) in order to circulate among representatives of the 19th c. French colonial establishment and thus ‘educate’ the various tenants of that state about the French state’s doctrine about the topic.

In and by itself, this book proves that the colonial historiography is a fallacy engineered by bogus-scholars, who acted like agents of falsehood and state functionaries, promoting all deceptions and forgeries needed for the criminal policy of their state.

The colonial needs of France and England imposed the creation of a racist, anti-Ottoman, anti-Turanian, and anti-Islamic state located at the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula that they would utilize every now according to the anti-Ottoman targets of Paris and London. The local inhabitants were not ‘Greek’, and had no relation with the various ancient tribes of South Balkans, which were collectively called by many different names (one of which was ‘Greeks’).

Unrelated to the indigenous Ancient Pelasgians, peripheral to the Ancient Macedonians, Illyrians, Thracians, Phrygians, Lydians, Carians and Lycians, the so-called Ancient Greek tribes killed one another mercilessly and to the last, until they gradually vanished from History, without leaving any other memory than ceaseless bloodshed, pseudo-religious fornication, pseudo-theoretical nonsense called ‘Philosophy’, and lawless dissident states whereby the ignorant, immoral and pathetic magistrates did not want divine rule over them. All factors of some value that have been found among them were the lowest elements of Oriental civilizations diffused across the South Balkans throughout the millennia.

Theater is a religious representation invented in Ancient Egypt; as such it was incomprehensible to the spiritually impotent and culturally defective Athenians. Consequently, the Ancient Egyptian Theater was degraded by the Athenian fools into farcical and spiritually nonsensical plays deprived of anything divine and transcendental.  

Philosophy was not a target for the Ancient Ionians; instead, Wisdom (‘Sophia’) was. However, Wisdom and Spirituality were the privilege of the Assyrians, the Hittites, the Babylonians, the Egyptians, and the Iranians. Since the Ancient Ionians were the low level students of the Mesopotamian, Anatolian and Egyptian high priests and spiritual masters, they could not achieve ‘wisdom’ and they were therefore satisfied to limit themselves to the mere search of wisdom, which is exactly what ‘philosophy’ means. In fact, in the Ancient Greek dialects, ‘philosophia’ is a clearly derogatory term. Opposite to ‘sophia’, ‘philosophia’ sounds like ‘monkey’ opposite to ‘human’.

Democracy existed in Carthage since the very moment of the foundation of the colony of the Phoenician kingdom of Tyre in Africa; in Athens and elsewhere in South Balkans, Phoenician colons diffused this system of governance. The Ancient Macedonian (i.e. non-Greek) philosopher Aristotle described in detail the republican-democratic system of the Carthaginians (Politics, book 2: 11), but due to the revival of Roman Anti-Semitism in Modern Times, this historical truth is concealed by the French academia. But Aristotle did not say a word about the barbarian contamination of Ancient Athens…

After the French academia fabricated the nonexistent ancient nation of ‘Greeks’, they wanted to prolong its existence down to the Christian-Muslim times. However, the survivors of the Ancient Ionians intermingled with many Anatolian, Balkan and other nations, notably the Romans, and accepted Roman political ideology, becoming ‘Roman citizens’ thanks to the Constitutio Antoniniana (the famous Edict of Caracalla, 212 CE). After they accepted Christianity, they dissociated themselves from the Ancient Greeks, who were viewed as the world’s most barbaric abomination. Even more significantly, the Ionians of the Christian times named themselves ‘Oriental Romans’, and after the division of the empire ‘Eastern Roman Empire’.

The French academia promoted then the fallacious and deceptive term ‘Byzantine Studies’ and ‘Byzantine Empire’, projecting the name of the Pre-Christian Ionian colony of Byzantium onto the Roman Christian city “Nova Roma’ (New Rome), which was later called Constantinople and Istanbul. Sheer dementia and ostensible viciousness…

After all these lies, there was only one more fallacy to be invented: the otherwise nonexistent link of ‘continuity’ among

a) the disparate tribes of the Antiquity that were collectively called ‘Greeks’, although they never set up a united state of their own;

b) the Christian Eastern Romans, who formed a multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and multi-lingual imperial state, dissociating themselves from the Anti-Christian ‘Greeks’; and

c) the modern descendants of the Christian Eastern Romans, who were calling themselves ‘Romioi’ (Rumlar), their nation ‘Romeiko’, and their various languages ‘Romeika’.

This fabricated link of pseudo-continuity produced by the French academics is exactly what this fallacious manual calls as «Les Grecs à toutes les époques», i.e. «The Greeks throughout History». 

The book attempts therefore to present the ‘Greeks in all the epochs’ in a gravely sick effort of indoctrination that was applied to all French state functionaries, who had to reproduce this bogus-historical dogma wherever they were. With manuals like that, French and English diplomats, agents, explorers, merchants, antiquarians and fake scholars fooled and aptly manipulated the Balkan and Anatolian populations of the Christian Eastern Romans, who belonged to the Ottoman Empire. They convinced them to betray their own country, i.e. the Ottoman Empire, “because they were supposedly the ‘glorious’ descendants of the Ancient Greeks”; by so doing, the English and French colonial gangsters managed to monstrously destroy the identity, language and religion of the Christian Eastern Romans, while promising them a new great state that would replace the Ottoman Empire. The modern pseudo-state of Greece is what is left from those fake colonial promises.

The Ottoman Empire failed to timely find such publications, identify the hidden intentions of the gangsters who wrote them, and prevent the ensued developments. The conclusion is simple: the most difficult war is not carried out against military regiments, but against the evil pseudo-scholars of the Anti-Christian Western European and North American states of the Post-Renaissance times.

Response to a Turkish friend about the book ‘Les Grecs à toutes les époques’ of anonymous author


Now, I will respond to your question about the cover of the French book.  

Yes, I knew the entire series of 19th c. French books “Pour la Question d’ Orient”.

You have the entire book (Pdf) in attachment.

The title «Les Grecs à toutes les époques» means «The Greeks throughout History». 

As you see on the inner cover page, it is written by an anonymous author self-styled as «un ancien diplomate en Orient», which means «a former diplomat in the Orient». As it is the practice in every French book (in contrast with the English system), you have the list of contents at the end — on pages 433-436 of the book (starting with page 441/448 of the Pdf file). 

Scholarly (academically or scientifically or intellectually) the value of the book is nil. 

It goes without saying that every book published by an author, who does not present his true name, is an academically worthless book.

And so this book is as regards the History of ‘Ancient Greece’. 

It is not only a forgery and a falsification, but a very low level dissertation, if compared with academic bibliography that was published in the second half of the 19th c. about ‘Ancient Greece’.

Even more so, the book was not written with the ambition to be one of the best treatises of its time about the topic mentioned in the title.

However, the book has a tremendous value within a totally different sector of Humanities.

Its value can be revealed within the context of Western Colonialism, Hellenism, Orientalism, and the creation of the (inspired by the French) Modern Greek (: colonial) political, academic, intellectual establishment.

Furthermore, the book is very important for anyone, who wants to know details about the formation of the bogus historical dogma that the Modern Greek state imposed dictatorially in Modern Greece across all levels and sectors: primary and secondary education, universities and academic life, political ideology, publishing houses and books, newspapers and mass media in general.

Within these sectors, the book epitomizes what role France wanted to give to the Modern Greek state and how France instructed and educated Modern Greek politicians, diplomats, public sector employees, military, academics, journalists, high school teachers, theologians, priests, and intellectuals (in brief, the entire Greek regime in all its aspects).

As a matter of fact, what this book stipulated in … 1870 (!) is now believed as «historical truth», as «importance of the Greek civilization», and as «the diachronic contribution of Hellenism to the World History» among the colonial academia, the average French, English, other Western European nations, and the fake nation of ‘Modern Greeks’. The constructed, fake term of ‘Hellenism’ is conceived as the ‘cultural and ethnic/racial continuity of the Greek nation across History’, so for 3500 years. Such notion never existed. And all these silly descriptions are pure lies.

Hellenism is a nonexistent, evil ghost for racists who reject the historical truth that Cyprus -as an island- belongs to Asia, whereas Crete and Sicily are by definition African islands, and they were never considered as ‘European territory’ throughout History.

Today, all the paragons of the dictatorial Greek establishment believe about the fake, fabricated Greek nation the historical falsehood that this book presents as «true history» and as «extraordinary importance of the Greek nation diachronically». No challenge is allowed or tolerated, and no scholar can survive in that God-damned state, if he rejects the evil and racist pseudo-historical dogma that is imposed in a more totalitarian manner than Nazism in Hitler’s Germany and Marxism-Leninism in Stalin’s USSR.

Saying this, I don’t mean that this book was necessarily studied by Modern Greek politicians, diplomats, public sector employees, military, academics, journalists, high school teachers, theologians and priests, intellectuals, after 1870 and down to our days.

No! Perhaps very few Greeks knew this book at the time, and even fewer know about it today. But …………

1- Whatever French historians, archaeologists, philologists, philosophers, theologians, ethnographers, art historians, historians of religion, intellectuals and thinkers wrote and taught about Greece — either in books and articles exclusively related to Greece or in books and articles pertaining to other topics but which contained a brief reference to anything about Greece — was a reflection or repetition, expansion or explanation, consolidation or re-affirmation of what was contained in this book, from those days until now (so for no less than 150 years). 

2- Similarly, all Greek historians, archaeologists, philologists, philosophers, theologians, ethnographers, art historians, historians of religion, intellectuals and thinkers, who studied in France (or attended classes in Greece with professors who had studied in France), repeated the teachings and the texts, the ideas and the propaganda of their French professors and masters.

3- Even more importantly, all the historians, archaeologists, philologists, philosophers, theologians, ethnographers, art historians, historians of religion, intellectuals and thinkers of other nations (from Belgium, to Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Algeria, Lebanon, Iran, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan, Russia, Poland, Romania, etc.), who studied in France (or attended classes in their respective countries’ universities with professors who had studied in France), repeated the teachings and the texts, the ideas and the propaganda of their French professors and masters.

In brief, this book is the epitome of what the top of the entire French academic-intellectual elite (and consequently, France itself at the most official level) has believed, taught, diffused and propagated worldwide about Greece and the Greeks (from the Antiquity to the end of the 19th c.) — all social, educational, professional levels included. 

This book could therefore be given another, clearer and most summarizing title: «the historical falsehood that France created and imposed worldwide about Greece» or «the official position of France about all things Greek». 

In a simple manner, one can describe quite accurately this book as a «guidebook for colonial masters and their puppets».

Practically speaking, there is nothing said in the book that is not believed, said and propagated by villainous persons like Macron, Hollande, Sarkozy, etc.

However, this is not the only book authored by this anonymous author (or these anonymous authors); there were many other similar books that epitomized France’s position toward countries that the colonial regime of France wanted to educate, form according to the interests of Paris, and incorporate in the supreme plan in view of the (then impending and surely attempted) global Empire of France.

Another similar book is this: «Le Dossier russe dans la question d’Orient: la politique de la Russie envers la Pologne et la Turquie», published in 1869 («The Affair ‘Russia’ in the Oriental Issue: Russia’s policy toward Poland and Turkey»). Notice that both books were published at the time of the French Empire (under Napoleon III)! Quite interestingly, this book focuses on Czarist Russia’s policies toward «Poland» and «Turkey»! However, at those days, there was no Poland, because that land was divided between Prussia (and later Germany) and Russia.

Also, the appellation of the Ottoman Empire as «Turkey» was very typical policy of 18th-19th c. France and England.

This policy applied also to Safavid/Afshar/Qajar Iran; it was distorted as «Persia». But Iran is not Persia, and Persia is not Iran.

This policy applied also to the Mughal Empire, the Gorkanian of Delhi; it was distorted as «India», which is a fake term for the entire subcontinent, because for the Ancient Iranians, «Hindush» (India) was basically a mere satrapy, i.e. an administrative province at the eastern confines of the vast Achaemenid Empire. The Iranian territory designated by this term was small and included parts of the today’s provinces Sindh and Punjab of Pakistan and Rajasthan of India. The term was later used by the Greeks and the Romans, but -again- it never denoted the entire subcontinent. About:

The contents of this book explain in what points Czarist Russian policy opposed the imperial plans of France in the cases of the Poles (in Eastern Europe) and the Ottoman Empire. You can find this second book (about Russia) here:

I came first to know about these two books, when I was a postgraduate student in France (1978-1981). I then came to know that these forged documents were extremely important for the colonial and messianic/apocalyptic plans or agendas of the Jesuits, the Freemasons, and the Zionists in the 19th c. At those days, these secret societies (or groups of power) and the colonial countries (that they controlled and used) deployed their foremost effort to turn the then world into what the world has become today.

There are many other similar texts determining to newly initiated Freemasons, Jesuits and Zionists what the respective organization’s plans are — per topic or region (Russia, Serbs, Greeks, Northwest Africa, Turkey, Caucasus, Mesopotamia, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Abyssinia, etc.). Thanks to your email, I made a small online research; I then found that the book about the Greeks is already translated in Turkish. You can find it here:

This is a simple thing to do. However, if someone tried to explain why, how, and in what one pseudo-historical point (: a historical distortion) made in the book is politically useful to the French, he would have to expand much, but he would bring forth impressive and unexpected results. The reason is simple: few people worldwide know why the colonial powers needed the specific lies and historical distortions that they produced, when invading a territory either in Asia or in Africa. But in these points are hidden all their secret plans. 

Another issue related to both books is the life of the publisher, Edouard Dentu:

He was associated with the Mormons, a branch of Freemasons related to a group of Zionists. Dentu was known for his powerful connections, his involvement in Black Magic, and many other evil activities. Here you can get a small idea about who this disreputable person was: 

The conclusion is simple.

The Ottoman Empire was a useless and self-disastrous state that failed to have agents working in France and able to catch documents like that. The worthless Ottoman sultans, the stupid sheikhulislams and theologians, and the entire court and administration were totally unable to understand what was under preparation under their nose (without them understanding anything) and how close the total obliteration of their state was. 

The Ottomans sultans, like the shahs of Iran and the Mughal emperors, were idiotic enough to believe that victories can happen in the battlefields. That’s stupid.

The real victories are a matter of intellect. Good or evil, it does not matter. A good but stupid person will always be defeated by an evil but intelligent person. 

Of course, all this colonial work of historical falsification is evil. But it was greatly successful for those who undertook it. Why? Because due to this forgery, the Ottomans were thrown out of almost all of their provinces!

And without Kemal Ataturk, there would never be Turkey today. On the contrary, there would be some Greek provinces in «Constantinople» and in Western Anatolia; Armenia would be extended as far in the West as Malatya; there would be a Kurdistan and a Greek Pontus state; and Antakya would be part of Syria.

You want to know what would happen in Cappadocia?

If there was no Kemal Ataturk, in Central Anatolia, there would be 5-10 small Turkish states (Kayseri, Sivas, Konya, Yozgat, Amasya, etc.) stupidly fighting against one another, as it happens nowadays in Somalia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, etc. This is what the colonial powers want for Turkey: the final solution for Anatolia. 

The only chance for a country to oppose the colonial regimes of France, England, US, Israel, Holland, Canada, Australia, etc. is to present in public the evilness of the colonial agenda, by revealing how, why, and in what each historical falsification helped the colonials to setup today’s evil world. All the rest is useless, because the colonial powers can easily oppose and quickly destroy their enemies.

But the revelation of the colonial agenda’s needs for historical falsification will enrage the colonial powers to total paranoia. 

Either you like it or not, it will be like this: either this (as I suggested) will happen or the nuclear extermination under preparation will take place.

This is all about this book!

Edouard Dentu!!! Hahaha!! Good publisher!

Do you know who his friend was?  

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the anarchist!

The evil guy who said that «property is theft»!

Who believes this today?

The Satanic fake pope of Rome! Francis I: the Jesuit pope! A gangster worshipping Satan by Black Magic techniques, the fake pope of the homosexual marriages!

Benedict XVI was far better; incomparably better. And everything he said about Muslims was up-to-the-point!


Download the article in Word doc:


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