Oromo Gadaa System, Ancient Carthage, and Western Fallacies, Revisionism & Evildoing: Renaissance, Enlightenment, Politics, Democracy and Colonialism

This article enables young Oromos to avoid the traps that the fake universities of the Western World have set in their Search for Truth; Democracy was not born in Europe (or ‘Greece’) but in Carthage, Africa.

And the colonization of Africa did not take place so that the Western colonial gangsters import goods from Africa, but mainly in order to export their evil and paranoid fallacies to Africa and thus contaminate all the civilized African nations with the dementia of Renaissance, the pestilence of Western Politics, the uselessness and inhumanity of the Western political theories and ideologies, and the putrefaction of their ‘democracy’, the world’s most evil and most tyrannical regime ever.

For readers with minimal exposure to the centuries long Gadaa system of Oromo societal organization, the following links consist in a brief introduction for them to start their own search:




What follows is the continuation with an excellent Oromo patriot and scholar.


Dear Shamsaddin,

Much of my adult life was spent far from the realm of History. But the unbreakable reality of my fellow countrymen, the Oromos, drew me to seek solace in reading History and trying hard to educate myself.

Indeed, I was among the Boraana Oromos, who are probably the last remaining segment of Oromo society that preserved the Gadaa tradition. I have read most of the contributions made by Asmarom Leggesse who wrote extensively on Gadaa. Do you know his ‘Gada: three approaches to the study of African society’?

Thank you for your expansive note that filled the gap in my knowledge of the very society I feel I belong to. Every time I come across such a wealth of knowledge, I can stop getting surprised and excited on equal measures. I am surprised by the level of my ignorance, and excited to know there is so much out there untapped resources to learn and educate myself.

I was introduced to your publications by the Sudanese scholar Y. F. (a specialist in Islamic Studies) and his son; I have been reading your articles ever since. I vow to read more and thus liberate my own mind from the childhood infection due to Abyssinian narratives and propaganda. There is nothing more fulfilling in life than liberating my mind from all sorts of ignorance; educating myself on the vast historical account of how we, the Oromos, fell prey for these psychopathic societies and got entangled with them is my top priority.

In the future, I intend to focus on the public health aspect of the colonial expansion in Oromia and work on this, thus producing useful resources to educate the next generations.

Asmarom published also a new book on the Oromos, expanding further and beyond previous publications, but I was unable to get a copy as yet. I am hoping to convert the Gadaa experience among Boraana Oromos into an educational cartoon to educate children. We must help young Oromos realize that Cushitic nations are not so ignorant of ‘democracy’, because their traditional systems of social organization enabled comprehensive participation all the people in the system of governance without the fake needs of representation and representativeness. So, it goes without saying that Oromos should not be preached at by men in grey suits who came with Bibles to only grab our land.

Best regards,

G. F.

——————- MY ANSWER —————————————-   

Dear G.,

Thank you for your numerous points and pieces of info that sufficiently reveal to me your background, occupation, endeavors and explorations!

Many of your sentences offer the chance of expanding much on crucial issues that you, Oromos (and others), face as a nation and which you will never overcome, unless you reject plenty of fallacies and deceptions, lies and forgeries that make up the quasi-totality of today’s world.

I. My Personal Stance toward the three Religions of the Oromos

In the past, I wrote much about how the Oromos can achieve national independence and what they have to do step by step to mark success in their effort. But then, it was 2007-2010 and everything was very different, because today’s world advances at high speed. I don’t regret for having published these articles (and that’s why you can find most of them in my academia account) and I don’t find any mistake in them, but they are truly not all-inclusive, if one wants to consider the matter in 2020. 

I have had several Boraana Oromo friends in Cairo, when I was living in Egypt, and I am convinced that, as you say, the Boraana have retained the most of the Oromo traditions, historical culture, moral values, and way of life. 

There is a point that I have always made clear to all my Oromo friends; my faith (as a Muslim) is my own personal concern; it does not have absolutely anything to do with my perception and evaluation of the world. I don’t see the world as a Muslim; I see the world through my own spiritual principles and moral standards, which are those that drove me to Islam (because I was born Christian Orthodox).

So, when it comes to Oromos, although I am a Muslim, I prefer Waaqeffannaa — not in terms of comparison but as consideration of what may be more suitable for whom. In fact, I view Waaqeffannaa as an early system of Islam, and according to the true teachings of Islam, the ‘true religion’, which is a mere ‘submission to Waaqo’, does not start with Prophet Muhammad but with Adam. On the other hand, as a historian and Egyptologist, I view Waaqeffannaa as the true survival of one of the Ancient Egyptian monotheistic religions, which existed also in Ancient Cush {: Ethiopia, i.e. Modern Sudan), as Kemet (Egypt) and Kas (Cush) had the same -many always (not one only)- religions}. About the situation in Ancient Egypt:


About Waaqeffannaa I wrote several articles, revealing some of its connections with Ancient Egyptian and Cushitic monotheistic principles and world conceptualization; unfortunately, until now I did not have the chance to re-upload them on academia. 

YABELO, ETHIOPIA – MARCH 07: Borana tribe virgin girls during the Gada system ceremony, Oromia, Yabelo, Ethiopia on March 7, 2017 in Yabelo, Ethiopia. (Photo by Eric Lafforgue/Art In All Of Us/Corbis via Getty Images)

II. Description of African Cultures in Western Colonial Universities 

Yes, thanks to my Boraana friends I came to hear and read texts by Prof. Asmarom Leggesse. 

However, here start all the problems. 

Not because of his description of the Gadaa system. This is correctly described in all its details and aspects.

The problem is not there.

Anyone can describe a topic to perfection, but still offer a catastrophic presentation as end result.


This issue is linked to some of your points; you say:

A. «the vast historical account of how we, the Oromos, fell prey for these psychopathic societies», and

B. «Cushitic nations are not so ignorant of ‘democracy’»

The problem that Prof. Leggesse, many other professors and scholars, and you too face is double. Before getting into it, I have to however state that I assume in this regard that all young African researchers and scholars are sincere and truthful and that none of them is biased enough to say what pleases the viciously indoctrinated, fallacious and distortive Western colonial pseudo-scholars. If a young African researcher’s target is only to get a position in a disreputable Western university, which is the epitome of forgery, racism and antihuman hatred, it is better that the young African stays at home, instead of becoming a fake scholar who betrays his nation, heritage, faith and conscience, thus becoming a liability for the entire continent’s anti-colonial struggle. The double problem that I mentioned hinges on two key words:

– Conceptualization 

– Contextualization

The first word means that you are able to see your topic originally, i.e. as a concept viewed in the same manner as it was conceived by its own constituent elements. 

It is not part or attitude of proper and truthful «scholarship» to see (and then describe) Gadaa in a way that today’s Americans or French can understand it. 

This is called fraud and distortion.

Every topic can only be evaluated on the basis of its own criteria.

So, Gadaa must be viewed as it was believed, practiced, respected and honored by the Oromo Elders before 400 or 200 years and only through their conceptualization of Universe and Life. 

This is the only unaltered value of Gadaa, and accordingly for every other topic of research.

There is not one modern value that exists as such, when a researcher examines a topic of Egyptian spirituality, Cushitic mysticism, Oromo societal organization, Somali Oral Literature, etc. The same is valid when it comes to the Sumerians, the Assyrians, the Hittites, the Babylonians, the Iranians, the Turanians, the Chinese and all the rest. 

You will never describe and represent the Gadaa system of traditional organization of the Oromo society truthfully if, while doing so, you don’t conceive the world in exactly the same manner as the paragons of the -true, historical, and enduringly practiced for centuries- Gadaa system.

The second word means that you are able to accurately place the topic within the historical frame in which it belongs, next to other contemporaneous systems, and adequately compare. You can never reveal the importance of a topic without comparing it to the existing comparable elements. 

III. Oromo Gadaa-based Culture: unrelated to the Renaissance, Western Politics and Democracy which consist in Crimes against the Mankind

To further advance, I must now present a third, also important, point: undoubtedly, ensuing consequence of the above mentioned is the fact that you cannot describe a topic with external, alien and even deprecatory terms. The only terms that are valid for Gadaa are Oromo terms. So, there is no Gadaa among Oromos if there is no Waaqeffannaa, and if there is no Waaqo. 

Consequently, you cannot defile the fair name of Gadaa by associating it with «democracy», because «democracy» is historically the world’s most barbaric, most corrupt, and most inhuman condition of the Mankind. Notice these two points:

1- the main colonial powers (France, England and America) were organized as ‘democracies’ and their rotten societies were institutionalized in ‘politics’;

2- without the Satanic system of ‘politics’ and the deriving ‘democracy’, Africa would have never been colonized;

3- ‘politics’ and the ‘democracy’ originated from the first stage of world colonization, i.e. the bloody Spanish and Portuguese conquest of the continent of Mayas, Aztecs and Incas, which must not be called anymore ‘America’; and

4- the first stage of world colonization was entirely due to the (then already propagated among Western Europeans) Renaissance, which is a deeply anti-Christian, anti-religious, anti-spiritual and anti-human dementia.

Renaissance is a fallacious, delusional, deceitful and devilish system geared to detach the Mankind from the real and natural world that was created by Waaqo for the humans and to lead the Mankind into abject barbarism and ultimate annihilation. To diffuse the paranoia of Renaissance, Spaniards and Portuguese massacred the Aztecs, the Incas, and so many other ancient and noble nations in the continent west of the Atlantic Ocean. This was the very first genocide committed in the History of the Mankind. Renaissance consists in the total defacement of humanity.

And to diffuse the paranoia of the ‘Enlightenment’, Politics, and Democracy, the English and the French massacred the African and the Asiatic nations that they colonized. As a matter of fact, if the Oromos and other African nations fell victims of the colonial powers and of their schemes in Africa, they have now to study in depth what colonialism truly means.

Colonialism means Renaissance, i.e. the most vicious distortion of the world civilization and the beginning of Revisionism, involving Reconquista and hatred of the ‘other’.





Colonialism means Enlightenment, i.e. the most insidious attempt to fool people and detach them from their spirituality, faith, moral traditions, and cultural heritage. 

Colonialism means Politics, i.e. a nefarious system of societal organization that allows treasonous secret societies with inhuman apocalyptic targets to hijack and gradually destroy entire nations.

Colonialism means fake ideologies and political philosophies diffusing evilness, deception, fraud and human exploitation. All Western political ideologies and so-called philosophical systems are vicious felonies, their descriptions fake, their contents unrealistic, their terms irrelevant, and their conclusions deliberately destructive, because their authors are all ignorant and paranoid, but perfectly marketed as ‘serious’ and even ‘wise’ by the evil secret societies where they belong.

Colonialism means Industrial Revolution, which was geared to detach humans from Nature, traditions, moral values, and faith. 

Colonialism means materialism, consumerism, agnosticism, atheism, abnormal morals and finally reduction of humans to cyborgs, i.e. destitute slaves of Artificial Intelligence.

Colonialism means fake science, distorted World History, nations disconnected from one another, impotent and mentally degraded humans fooled by high technology, criminally fraudulent and mendacious MSM, as well as idiotic Social Media.

Colonialism is NOT only the infamous «economic exploitation» of the colonized nations by the colonial powers, which is a much popularized topic. This fallacy is a smokescreen; economic exploitation happened indeed, but this issue is of minor importance. 

The destruction of the traditional national identity, cultural integrity, traditional moral, and world perception among all the colonized nations is the worst result of the colonization undertaken by France and England, Holland and Belgium, and other powers, notably America.

What most of the people worldwide fail to understand is that the diffusion of Marxism-Leninism is also a form of monstrous colonization; czarist Russia and other countries were colonized by Western Europeans via this scheme. To see the world face to face, one must admit that the USSR was a land colonized pretty much like Somalia, Algeria and Mozambique. The same is still valid for today’s China. It is an outfit of the colonial powers, as long as it does not return fully to its historical roots, cultural identity, moral integrity, and authentic spirituality, namely Confucianism-Taoism-Buddhism (the three main religions of China). 

IV. Civilized Oromo Gadaa-based Society vs. Unholy Democracy of the Ancient Greek Barbarians

In fact, modern Western European democracy is a monstrous invention that has nothing to do with historical democracy; it is geared to misrepresent all the people worldwide, to misinform them, to cheat them, and to lead them to total annihilation. 

Historical democracy is unknown to most people worldwide, as it terribly distorted by modern Western colonial historians, Hellenists, Latinists and Orientalists; it did not start in Greece but in Carthage, Africa. As major Phoenician colony established in 816 BCE, Qart Hadasht (as is the correct name of Carthage in Punic) was instituted as a democratic system more than 350 years before ‘democracy’ was attested among the barbarian atheists of Ancient Athens, which was a marginal, uncivil, uncivilized and disreputable village without even a proper sewerage system. About:












You certainly destroy Oromummaa, if you subordinate the civilized manner of Gadaa to the extensively misinterpreted, purposefully distorted, and undeservedly promoted (for the racist, white supremacist needs of the Western European colonial academia) «Athenian democracy», which was not even taken into consideration by Aristotle in his ‘Politics’ where he preferred to feature Carthage, Sparta and Crete:





Ancient Athens was one of the World History’s tyrannical and racist regimes; all the slaves had absolutely no rights. So, at least, 60-70% of the entire population (the slaves outnumbered the citizens) did not have ‘political rights’, let alone ‘human rights’. Contrarily to that evil system, Ancient Assyria, Babylonia, Egypt and Cush did NOT have slaves. Even worse, the women in Ancient Athens were viewed as mere animals, and did not have any place outside their houses. So, the filthy and racist regime of Ancient Athens was in fact the fake ‘democracy’ of 15-20% of the inhabitants. 

If therefore you truly need to denigrate your Gadaa with the Ancient Athens Sodomite pestilence called «Democracy», go ahead!

The colonial academia that has been the historical reason of the Oromos’ enslavement will surely laugh with your naivety.

This is the problem: if some Oromos intend to obtain a Ph.D. and a post-doctoral degree in Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Law, Medicine, etc., yes! I understand that they study in some advanced universities.

But advanced universities exist in Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, China, and Japan. 

Not in the Satanic states of France, England, US, Canada, Australia, Holland, Belgium etc.

You will never liberate Biyya Oromo, as long as you don’t understand that you cannot talk to those who reduced you to your present situation.

The only thing that an Oromo can do to an American, English or French is to keep him at a distance in order to avoid contamination.

So, to conclude about the future of Oromo studies and publications on the crucial and immense topic of the Gadaa system of social organization, I have to highlight the urgent need for many young Oromos to study Ancient Phoenician and Punic, Carthaginian History, History of Religion, and Archaeology, Ancient and Modern Berber language and culture, and subsequently undertake postgraduate, doctoral and post-doctoral studies with focus on the comparison between the Gadaa system and the Shophet of Ancient Carthage.

V. Gadaa: an Absolute Rejection of the Western Colonial World and a Major Threat for the Colonial Powers

Going beyond the topic of Gadaa system and its description, I must point out that the entire Oromo Diaspora in all these countries must abandon them immediately; either move elsewhere or return to Biyya Oromo! Oromo life is not measured with money. This was not the criterion for Abba Jifar II of Jimma, your last King!

Iran is better than England, Turkey is better than America, and Pakistan is better than France. No Turk, no Iranian, no Pakistani ever came to colonize you. And the same is valid for all the other countries that I already mentioned.

Living in America, England and France, an Oromo gets corrupted, falls in love with the evil, consumerist lifestyle of these cursed countries, and thus becomes genuinely unable to fight. He is then not an Oromo, but an Afaan Oromoo-speaking slave of the West — and he even does not understand it.  

There is a fourth, even worse, point; any dissertation, essay or treatise about an Oromo (or any other cultural, historical) topic must use internal, inherent and local-value-revelatory terms. If an Oromo-related topic is not presented in a way that fully reveals its nature, its relation with other expressions of the Oromo daily life, and its dependence on Oromo spirituality, then this is a dead and useless text.

If a treatise about the Gadaa system does not include anything about the total dependence of the Oromo social organization on the Oromo religion and spirituality and does not reveal the feeling of permanent holiness in which your ancestors lived, then there is no need to write it. Depriving the social life of the Oromos from the sense of spirituality (which permeated it) is tantamount to deprecation and defamation. 

Really, I am not quite sure that Prof. Leggesse understood correctly what he was doing. Of course, I don’t question his keen interest to make known part of his national heritage to the rest of the world and his ability to describe the topic like very few other scholars worldwide. But this is not enough. In fact, he seems to have been deceived by his colonial instructors in the way he presented his topic. 

You cannot present an Oromo topic authentically and at the same time please the non-values of the criminal Western pseudo-universities. The words «religion» and «spirituality» do not appear even in the Table of Contents. The presentation of the Oromo heritage and culture can be done only within Oromo clothes; dressing Oromo culture in materialistic Western clothes and blue jeans is tantamount to sacrilege. I wonder how one can write a book about Gadaa without an entire chapter like «Waaqeffannaa & Gadaa». 

Last, one Oromo, writing -in the Hell of Satanic West- about his own historical-cultural heritage, must make clear what exists and what does not exist within a Gadaa-based societal organization. For instance, one should state that 

– within the Oromo society there are not secretive organizations;

– hierarchy is basically a matter of age (and not initiation into evil mystical rites among secluded organizations of gangsters who ceaselessly conspire the rest of the society); and

– there is not a chance of some people to prosper in Biyya Oromo, while others suffer, let alone are exploited by the «lucky few».

Gadaa system is the absolute rejection of organizations like the Jesuits, the Zionists and the Freemasons in the decadent West. In other words, not only the present elements matter, reflect a societal system’s value, and must therefore be properly described, but also the absent elements have to be mentioned. Absence of evil is what matters most in this world; consequently, this point has to be extremely stressed in the description of the Gadaa system.

But I guess that, if an Oromo writes something like that, he will be considered as worthless and even dangerous by the corrupt Western pseudo-academics, bogus-professors, and fake intellectuals, who dictatorially control the pseudo-universities of the West’s criminal, «democratic» tyrannies. 

In other words, every truthful description of the Oromo Gadaa system, when published in a Western country, must be turned into a formidable weapon and into an absolute rejection of the Western colonial world and of its corrupt dependencies, namely modern politics, republics, democracies and useless ideologies.

In and by itself, it is a declaration of war against the colonial West, because in fact the Gadaa system was the main reason for which the English and French colonials wanted the Amhara barbarians to invade the Oromo Kingdoms in the second half of the 19th c. and in the first half of the 20th c. and to subsequently destroy the Oromos’ cultural traditions, societal organization, and historical identity. The colonial powers had already got early insightful descriptions of the Oromo societal structure and their regimes immediately perceived it as major threat.

VI. Oromo Moral Values: targeted by the Colonial Western Regimes 

I selected two brief excerpts from your email, namely A and B, and I already answered point B (as per above Unit II). 

In excerpt A you wonder: «how us Oromos fall prey for».

Answering your question is a very brief affair. 

First, you were not alone. Most of the colonized nations, empires and communities fell prey.

Second, this is the force of the deception. They still want to talk you into their evil hypocrisies! Many among you inanely get flattered whenever a criminal, who happens to be an American ambassador, wants to speak to them. Unfortunately, in this manner, these Oromos (or nationals of other oppressed nations) easily destroy themselves by conversing with these inhuman beasts whose faces appear to be friendly and smiley, whereas their duplicitous words are said only in order to cheat their interlocutors and drive them to destruction and extinction.

No one among you understands that, if you make a list of things considered «correct» by an American ambassador today (such as abortion, extra-/pre-marital relations, lesbianism, adoption of children by abnormal and unnatural sodomites, etc.) and you examine what would have happened, if you had presented that list to Abba Jifar II of Jimma, you will see finally the truth. The last Oromo King would have ordered all the Oromos to abstain from any type of contact or conversation with those beasts.

This is the only way to liberate Biyya Oromo: Abba Jifar II of Jimma is the only criterion.

Third, it is of course bad that you were cheated and fell prey, but this fact is also a positive element and indicator. It shows the goodness and the innocence of the Oromos of those days. Our lives in this world are a brief passage; the eternal, spiritual world is what truly matters. 

However, the third point reveals the only context within which you must see and place, describe and propagate your struggle toward

a) the Liberation of Biyya Oromo from the Amhara-Tigray pestilence and monstrosity, and

b) the Rejection of the Anglo-French and American colonial plan for Biyya Oromo: it is Major Battle between Good and Evil. Nothing less than that!

Thank you for the details that you provide me with as regards your first information about my publications! I don’t know Prof. Y. F., although I lived in Sudan and also traveled extensively across the immense country. But I think that I have heard his name (and positive comments) from an Egyptian friend, who also was there several times, but separately from me. 

I also published much about Sudan (books, articles, seminars, speeches, and online publications), but again I did not have the time to re-upload all the material. 

However, I re-uploaded more than 10 articles in which I present the Cushitic roots of the Oromos, stressing their links with today’s Arabic-speaking Sudanese. More importantly, I repeatedly denounced the subtle colonial effort of Sudan’s Nubianization.

This is very critical for the Oromos. Sudan is Cush, and all the monuments, which have been excavated there, are Cushitic (so Ancient Ethiopian, i.e. unrelated to Abyssinia) and not Nubian. Nubians are a Nilo-Saharan nation, and Nilo-Saharan languages are totally unrelated to the Hamitic and Cushitic languages, like Afaan Oromo, Af Somali, Qafaraf, Sidamuaffo (and other Eastern Cushitic languages), Berber languages, Hausa, Fulani, etc. (modern Hamitic languages), and also Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Meroitic.

There is no such land as Nubia; that’s a colonial fabrication. Although Nubia never existed either as a historical state or a geographical term, Nubians exist as a separate, Nilo-Saharan, historical nation that lived historically in both, Kemet (Egypt) and Cush (Ethiopia: Sudan). But Nubians are ethnically-linguistically unrelated to both, the Egyptians and the Cushites.

Culturally, Nubians were always assimilated to both, the Egyptians and the Cushites, having indeed minor differentiations, although undoubtedly they had a distinct language. But with the exception of the Christian Kingdom of Nobatia, Nubians never ruled a separate kingdom. So, it is impermissible to call the Ancient Egyptian and the Ancient Cushitic / Meroitic antiquities, sites, monuments, temples, fortresses, tombs, etc. of Upper (Southern) Egypt and Northern Sudan “Nubian monuments”. This attitude reveals secret Freemasonic-Zionist plans providing for the formation of an independent Nubian state, which is scheduled to comprise of large swaths of Egyptian and Sudanese territory.

I take the opportunity to also convey to you my very best wishes for a happy new year 2021, full of health, advance in your projects, creativity and prosperity! 

Best regards,



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