Oromos, Egypt, the Nile, Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia), and the True Essence of Colonialism – Part I

* Dedicated to the outstanding paradigm, the enlightening path, the indomitable bravery, and the paramount valor of Hachalu Hundessa, the World’s Greatest 20th-century Hero

For a major, African, subjugated nation, like the Oromos of East Africa, who are comprised within the tyrannical colonial state of Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) and the  neo-colonial construction named ‘Kenya’, any perspective of alliance with a regionally important state would make sense in view of their struggle for national independence and cultural self-determination. Particularly, if there are serious fields of cooperation against a common enemy! Undoubtedly, the criminal state of Abyssinia, which is the world’s most disreputable cenotaph, has produced several enemies over the past 170 years, as it expanded at the detriment of many African kingdoms and it attempted to interfere in the affairs of other nations or deprive neighboring states from natural resources.

If one takes into consideration Egypt’s dependence on the Nile, Abyssinia’s (Fake Ethiopia’s) paranoid effort to erect an unnecessary, enormous dam in the Blue Nile (https://www.dw.com/en/five-ways-mega-dams-harm-the-environment/a-53916579 / https://archive.internationalrivers.org/earthquakes-triggered-by-dams), the ensuing colossal dangers (either environmental or geomorphological), the vicious, historical hatred of Egypt (under all regimes, namely Mamluk, Ottoman, Khedivial, royal and republican) that the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians have harbored for no less than seven (7) centuries, and the history of the relationship between the two states over the past 200 years, one concludes that the alliance with the Oromos must appear as a great opportunity to the present rulers of Egypt (by ‘present’ I mean all the administrations starting by the year 2010 when the Blue Nile dam definitely became an urgent matter for Cairo).

Unfortunately, this is not the case; the Cairo despots do not see this eventuality as an opportunity. Worse, they have no idea about the Oromos. Even worse, they don’t even know themselves in the first place. It appears truly bizarre, but in fact, it is not.

Historical identity, moral-cultural integrity, educational-social self-awareness, identity-based governance, comprehensive understanding of international relations, and accurate perception of all the factors involved in the bilateral relationships (Egypt-Abyssinia/Egypt-Oromos) do not exist among the governors of Egypt. Even worse, the entire Egyptian elite (academic, religious, economic, administrative, military, political) is totally ignorant and therefore absolutely unable to see clearly things, developments, factors, plans and perspectives at least at an acceptable level.

In fact, the previous paragraph functions as a negative conclusion as regards the evaluation of a potential Oromo – Egyptian systematized alliance and methodical cooperation. However, it is worthy for all Oromos to duly assess the depth of the problem, because by describing Egypt’s inability to act according to its own obvious, national interests, one reveals the essence of Western colonialism and the evil deeds that the colonial powers of France and England and their successor, namely the US, performed across the territories that they colonized.

That’s why I will publish now, in a series of articles, my correspondence with a US-based Oromo scholar, intellectual and activist, who wrote to me few months ago to ask my opinion about the topic. What follows here is the first part of the correspondence.

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Thabo Jaiyesimi/SOPA Images/Shutterstock (10701160c) A justice for Haacaaluu placard during the demonstration. Ethiopian Oromo community in London protest demanding justice for Slain singer, Haacaaluu Hundeessaa. Haacaaluu sang in the Oromo language, Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group and his music became the melody of a protest movement that helped bring down Ethiopia’s government in 2018. Ethiopian Oromo community protest in London, UK – 03 Jul 2020
ST PAUL, MN – JULY 08: Members of the Oromo community march in protest after the death of musician and revolutionary Hachalu Hundessa on July 8, 2020 in St. Paul, Minnesota. The protesters called for Internet service to be restored in Ethiopia that was shut down on June 30. Community leaders also urged the U.S. to aid in the release of Oromian and American prisoners. This latest protest follows the death of Hundessa, who was murdered in Ethiopia on June 29. His death has sparked ongoing protests around the world. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)


First response to your questions about the chances of a cooperation of Egypt with Oromos (dispatched on 16th October)

Dear D., 

Hope you are doing well and you have got a basic idea about everyday life in Egypt thanks to my earlier email! All those points were merely an introduction. Now comes more!  I will now respond to the following points that you made in your emails of 5.10.2020 and 11.10.2020.

Excerpt from your email of 5.10.2020:

Why wouldn’t Egypt support our struggle? What shall we do to shift power balance towards ourselves in that empire?

Excerpt from your email of 11.10.2020:

You are right. Several books could be written on why Egypt is not supporting the Oromo struggle and why the Oromo and other oppressed nations in the Ethiopian empire are not free yet after the relative end of colonialism in many countries. 

I know Egypt has many internal issues and problems. Still, we have mutual interests: we need support in our struggle, and Ethiopia threatens their Blue Nile river water resource. If this does not make us friends, I don’t know what could. I look forward to reading your further explanations. 

I know J. D., who resides in Belgium. He is a dedicated Oromo advocate and lives to serve our nation. Thank you for sharing his biography. It makes sense that he has also been asking the same questions. 

So, dear D., you may wonder why of all Oromos, Oromo academics, Oromo politicians, Oromo liberation fronts’ activists and leading advocates and Oromo parliamentarians I chose J. D. to mention in my previous email. 

I. An Early but Failed Oromo Effort to establish Political Contacts with the Mubarak administration

The reason is that what you ask me about the chances of cooperation between Egypt and the Oromos is a topic that I extensively discussed with him already back in 2010. It is an entire story and it is quite revelatory; that is why I will discuss it with you now. 

No! Contrarily to your assumption, I never met him physically. We exchanged emails and telephone calls. As my articles about the Oromos and many other oppressed nations in Africa and Asia were extensively discussed, J. contacted me first and, of course, I replied enthusiastically. This started a cooperation that lasted several years but lost momentum after I had to concentrate on other issues for quite long, starting by the year 2012.

In 2010, beyond many other topics I was expanding on, I published numerous many articles and series of articles about the Nile dispute issue, several interviews with Oromo politicians, liberation front leaders, and activists. I also wrote much, defining what Egypt’s and Sudan’s correct stance toward Abyssinia should be. I made known several serious dangers lingering for Egypt and Sudan because of very old, existing Abyssinian and Zionist plans against these two lands. Last, I extensively featured the Russian Czarist envoy Bulatovich’s expedition in Abyssinia (which took place back in the 1990s) and his books, re-publishing sizeable excerpts. In only 2010, I published 465 articles online. Quite unfortunately, all three portals where I used to publish my articles (American Chronicle, Buzzle, and AfroArticles) have closed down for various reasons in the period 2013-2015. Some of my articles are still available online — mainly republished at the time or slightly later in several blogs, sites, and fora.

As a matter of fact, in the period 2004-2013, I published in total more than 1800 online articles. When the portals were gradually closed, I decided to open an account in academia.edu in order to mainly republish all these articles. You probably know my account: https://independent.academia.edu/ShamsaddinMegalommatis 

Unfortunately, I did not have enough time to publish more than 320-350 articles (out of ca. 1800 articles) until now. In total, you will find 493 articles in my account, but there are also many other articles (published before 2004), speeches, books, comments on my articles, mentions, quotations, new articles, etc. 

I hope that soon I will start republishing again more articles from that period and that one day I will be able to complete the republication process, which means that I still have another 1400 articles to republish! Recently, when in Aswan, I managed to republish the 29-article series about Bulatovich’s expedition (as per the above mentioned description of my 2010 articles’ contents). Here you have the links to the 29 republished articles:


Arranged in chronological order, the complete list of the titles of my online articles published in the period 2004-2011 can be found here: https://megalommatiscomments.wordpress.com/about-prof-muhammad-shamsaddin-megalommatis-online-publications-2004-2011/

However, before discussing the topic about the possibility of an Oromo – Egyptian alliance, I find it necessary to make a distinction between two points. As a matter of fact, there is an enormous difference between

a. writing about the need of Egypt to support the liberation of the Oromos, the formation of an independent Oromia, and the total dismemberment and annihilation of the rancorous, tyrannical and inhuman state of Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) — which would automatically cancel the evil project of the dam in Benishangul,


b. anticipating that Egyptians (as state, government, diplomats, academics, military, journalists, etc.) understand this need as real for Egypt. 

A chaos separates these two points. Yes, it is worthy writing about it. By so doing, you certainly tell the truth. The possibility and the potential benefits of this alliance must be pointed out; this is good for all. But no! You must not anticipate that this truth will be understood by the Egyptian elites. Actually, to properly comprehend the need for this alliance, the Egyptian elites must cease to be who they have been ever since Napoleon invaded the Valley of the Nile (1798) and the French colonized and deformed the local people.

But unfortunately, J. did not read my articles correctly and accurately. He took them very enthusiastically. That was very wrong. He did not ask me even once «how will this alliance be achieved?» or «do the Egyptians realize that this alliance is a real need for their survival?» or «how can we make the Egyptians understand that an alliance with us, the Oromos, constitutes a real need for their own survival?».

So, J. took these articles of mine at face value, thinking that the only thing that was left to be done was only the initiation of some contacts and the preparation of an agenda of common activities. That was thoughtless, counter-productive, and therefore useless.

Even worse, my discussion of the topic with J. occurred in the second half of 2010, when I already knew that numerous regional regimes in Asia and Africa were under imminent threat of prompt destruction, due to advanced subversion activities that had been carried out for long without the idiotic local dictators ever understanding anything. What was silly and inane? Example: it was cretinous for Mubarak to think that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were his friends and trusted allies. It was the disreputable, criminal prostitute Hillary Clinton who was calling Mubarak on Friday 28th January 2011 to urge him to resign because there were “some dead in Tahrir Square”! If your allies are like this, how will your enemies be?

What was later called (in a most fallacious and ludicrous manner) «Arab Spring» (it was not Arab, because there are no Arabs except for Saudi Arabia, and it was not a spring but inimical foreign involvement) had already been known to me perfectly well as the preparatory work for the long-planned project «Greater Israel» (which basically failed – at least until now) as early as 2006-2007. Erdogan’s rise was already part of the entire project, and this is one of the reasons, I have totally rejected this ignorant and idiotic person, publishing extensively and systematically against him and clashing with many of my Turkish compatriots. Examples:



In October 2010, I was expecting the impending end of Mubarak, because I had vast information about the preparatory work carried out across the country; actually, a great number of local and international sources were then updating me on daily basis. The rhythm of the preparations was so frenzied that one could even give dates of the planned events that took place few months later. Furthermore, I also knew at the time that the government and the Mubarak family knew absolutely nothing of what was underway. It was clear that they would be swept away like a tree’s fallen leaf gone with the wind.

It was then that J. asked me to prepare for him some contacts with the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, because he intended to come to Cairo. Of course, I tried to dissuade him. I told him that it was premature; I explained that an enormous preparatory work should first take place, involving contacts with journalists, the formation of a group of Cairo-based Oromos (with whom I had already dense contacts and who were fluent in Arabic and could therefore translate from Afaan Oromo to Arabic), and the detailed elaboration of an agenda as per which well informed, through my numerous past articles and many more forthcoming ones, following meetings with me and the Cairo-based Oromos, and thanks to the enumeration of all points of the entire spectrum of issues pertaining to Egypt-Sudan and Abyssinia, several famous Egyptian journalists and academics would be at last motivated to expand on all these topics in Arabic, publish much about them and on regular, systematic basis, and ultimately to contact diplomats and ministers in view of the subsequent formation of a real tsunami for a much needed, new East African policy of Egypt.

Do not think that this process would be easy or short-term!

And do not imagine that it would not meet resistance or opposition in Egypt itself already! 

The tendency to «do nothing while in government» has deep roots in the French colonization of Egypt back in 1798. 

But all this was incomprehensible for J., who viewed Egypt as a real country and a regional power, which is very false. Any portion of regional influence that Egypt may be exercising every now and then is exclusively due to foreign, colonial authorization and nothing more. However, despite his troublesome hastiness and complete unpreparedness, I still consider J. as far better and more realistic than any other Oromo politician, activist, scholar, advocate and liberation movement leader, when it comes to efforts in view of Biyya Oromo’s liberation. But one must have some idea about the technical know-how in the local political making.

I told him that he had to spare the journey, but I was not listened to. I told him that I would be dishonest with myself, if I met him personally during his stay in Cairo for few days. I gave him the telephone numbers of some Cairo-based Oromo friends of mine and he contacted and met them, but I did not meet him. It was November 2010; his trip brought of course no results, and writing to me from Belgium, J. finally accepted that I was right to advise him not to come, because it was «too early». Long preparations had to be undertaken, before he came. He realized that the people whom he met in the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs were ignorant and knew nothing of East Africa. Truly nothing!

Well, in less than 3 months after his visit to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the government and the president of Egypt were already overthrown. This concludes the case about the uselessness of that trip. I wanted to narrate this story to you as a preamble to my complete response about your «otherwise logical» suggestion! After the above you can guess what will come as next, I mean as proper part of response. 

Words do not exist to describe the Egyptian inaptitude, ignorance, and idiocy at all levels (and mainly the governmental one); however, do not think that Egypt is an isolated case! Not at all! All colonized or semi-colonized countries have been fooled, deceived, and misled by the colonial powers. It is a vast topic; so immense it is that you cannot grasp even a small portion of it. But you will understand what I will describe to you in my response’s main part, because you, as an Oromo, are better off than an average Egyptian or Syrian or Algerian or Pakistani or Turkish Islamist or Nigerian or Malay or Indonesian (although this may seem to you difficult to believe now).

Look at this extreme Egyptian idiocy: early January 2011, Gaddafi traveled to Cairo and thence he continued with Mubarak on Egypt’s presidential airplane further to Khartoum to say to Sudan’s Al-Bashir not to accept South Sudan’s secession and independence. The idiots! Few months later they were overthrown! Little idiot of Mubarak and what a pity for his useless country! They woke up in December 2010! Hahahaha! The idiots!


Do you know how late they were? My articles will show this to you! The following titles and dates are taken from the following link that I already added earlier.


Will South Sudan Be an Independent Country? Most Probably Not! Lessons for Ogaden, Afar, Oromia / 12-1-2011

South Sudan: US – UK Interference, Colonial Practices, Biases & Gogrialization Rejected by Nuer / 13-1-2011

South Sudan, Its Indigenous Peoples, and their Evil Enemies / 17-1-2011

Independent and Free to Die: South Sudan Facing Colonial Threats, Tribal Conflicts, Land Grabbing / 18-1-2011

South Sudan News: Nominal Independence, Explosive Situation, Colonial Threats, Ensuing Risks / 19-1-2011

After South Sudan, Referendum for Secession Needed in Ogaden and Oromia (Abyssinia, Fake Ethiopia) / 22-1-2011

These are my January 2011 titles on the topic.

But do you know when Mubarak and Gaddafi should have traveled to Khartoum to prevent developments?

When I first wrote about the topic! Look at the titles and the dates!

Open Letter to President al Bashir of Sudan – Out of the Arab League Now! / 31-8-2004


The Last Chance for Sudan to Exist: Get Out of the Arab League Now! / 1-9-2004


The Last Chance for Sudan to Exist: Get Out of the Arab League Now! Part II / 5-9-2004


More than 6 years late the two idiots were!

II. No Liberation without True Understanding of the Nature of Colonialism 

Your main problem in this regard is not that you, all the Oromos, don’t know Egypt, but the fact that you don’t understand truly and in depth what colonialism is. You are not alone in this. Many nations and state administrations believe that they have formed independent countries, but they are wrong in their assumptions. As a matter of fact, a great effort has been deployed by the colonial powers themselves in this regard; one can truly find an abundant literature against colonialism worldwide. To no avail!

It is all useless and wrong.  And it is all written by fake enemies of the colonial powers and false opponents of colonialism; I mean that they think they oppose the colonial powers whereas in reality they help them greatly. Worse, this enormous but erroneous literature is supported, paid and diffused by the colonial powers because it greatly serves them as smokescreen. What do you read in all these useless books and articles? Condemnation of the economic exploitation and of the political interference carried out by the colonial powers against the colonized nations.

That’s silly, pathetic and evil, because it hides the most tragic truth that opened the way for the entire annihilation of the Mankind, which is very close. 

Economic exploitation, social intrusion, political interference and military utilization of another nation’s resources are totally unimportant. These conditions matter for less than 0.1% of the colonization process.

The real essence of colonialism, the abysmal destruction that it causes, the irrevocable extermination that it brings about, the most disastrous effect of this criminal and evil act are to be found at totally different, and far more important, levels.

The aforementioned levels (economic, social, political and military) are all various dimensions of material life. Unquestionably, material life is totally unimportant for humans, for faithful humans, for Waaqeffatas, for Muslims, for Christians, for Buddhists and others.

The only dimension that matters in a human’s life is the spiritual existence. We are primarily souls. We come -only for a brief passage of 100 years or even less- from the spiritual universe that is infinite to the tiny material universe, which has nothing in common with the fallacy of the so-called ‘space’ and the absurd and nonsensical narratives of today’s pseudo-scholars about galaxies. Our spiritual identity and integrity is all that matters to every human, who has not yet been turned into an atheist and materialistic, consumerist and sexist animal ready for due annihilation and merciless extermination. 

The spiritual identity of a human involves all important activities of the Civilized Man: cult, meditation, prayer, moral behavior, values and virtues, religion and theology, traditions and literature, arts and wisdom, knowledge and education, culture and civilization. The initial point has always been only spirituality.

Only as a Spiritual Being, i.e. as a Soul, the human being has an identity. In the impossible but theoretical assumption of a material being without soul, the human being has no identity and no value at all.

The same is also valid for all nations: nations of millions or thousands of people. The numbers do not make any difference. Quality matters, not quantity. 

Without their cultural identity, without their spiritual integrity, without their traditional values, without their moral principles, without their conception of the universe and without their perception of their position and role in it, nations simply do not exist — and even worse, they do not need to exist, because without the above-mentioned qualifications, nations are useless. 

This is what the colonial powers (and the materialistic circles that control them from the backstage, i.e. the powers that be) attacked and tried to destroy in all colonized nations. 

Their method was simple, but it went unnoticed. It has not been detected by anyone until now: the colonial powers created fake identities for each subjugated, colonized nation, and they projected these fake identities onto these subjugated, colonized nations. Their local stooges carried out exactly this work. And the result was the complete deformation of the subjugated, colonized nations’ identities and their substitution by fake identities that only destroy those who accept them.

Who were the lucky ones in this calamitous process?

III. Are the Oromos less colonized than the ‘Egyptians’ and the ‘Greeks’? Yes! And that’s why!

The nations that have been so marginalized by the colonial agenda and because of the associated developments! These nations were not targeted directly by the colonial powers. I can give you some examples; nations like the Greeks, the Turks, the Turkmens, the Azeris, the Persians of Iran, the Aramaeans of Lebanon, Syria and Mesopotamia, the Copts (: the ‘Egyptians’, of Christian or Muslim faith), the Berbers of NW Africa, the Uzbeks, the Punjabis, the Bengalis, the Dravidians of the Deccan (so-called South India), the Somalis, the Chechens and the Tatars were directly targeted by the colonial powers.

Contrarily to the aforementioned nations, smaller or remoter nations like the Nubians, the Furis (Darfur), the Bejas, the Bertas, the Kaffas, the Sidamas, the Oromos, the Agaw, the Nuer, the Mahris of Eastern Hadhramaut, the Yazidis, and many others were not directly targeted by the colonial powers. These nations suffered only because of developments triggered by the colonial powers. That’s why they retained their culture, faith, identity and moral integrity.

Undoubtedly, these nations lived the process of extreme marginalization as a nightmare. But they cannot understand that they are indeed luckier than the non-marginalized nations, i.e. all those that became «sovereign» nations but with an altered and distorted identity. More specifically, the Oromos today are really luckier than the ‘Egyptians’ and the ‘Greeks’. Simply, the Oromos don’t know the reality, because they never studied the impact of Western colonization on the Eastern Romans (Romioi or Rumlar) or the Copts. If an Oromo studied in depth the colonization process in 19th and 20th c. ‘Egypt’ and ‘Greece’, he would understand this point easily.

Before 250 years, there was no such thing as a ‘Greek nation’; those who are called now ‘Greeks’ were then named Eastern Romans (Romioi or Rumlar), and this reflected their true, historical identity. In their Christian faith and traditions, the Eastern Romans detested the Ancient Greeks and considered them idolatrous, filthy and corrupt. At the time of Emperor Heraclius (7th c. CE), it was an insult to call an Eastern Roman … ‘Greek’! But due to the impact of Anglo-French colonization on the Eastern Romans, most of them now think that they are the descendants of the ancient Greeks. That’s a lie; ethnically they are Eastern Romans of Slavic, Albanian, and Vlach origin who were greatly amalgamated with Ancient Greeks, Ancient Romans, Illyrians, Ancient Macedonians, Lydians, Phrygians, Thracians, Lycians, Carians and Cappadocians.

In the early 19th c., the French and the English colonial diplomats bribed few selected Eastern Romans, who lived in Southern Balkans, promised them to help them become an independent state, and incited them against their own state (i.e. the Ottoman Empire); the event has been coined ‘Greek Revolution’ in the evil, colonial jargon, but in reality it was an infiltration / sedition operation like the ‘Arab Spring’. At the same time, the colonial powers imposed a pseudo-historical dogma on the Eastern Romans, who were convinced to rebel because they supposedly had glorious ancestors, namely the … Ancient Greeks! By means of colonial flattery and bribery, the 19th c. Eastern Romans accepted the colonial pseudo-historical dogma and diffused it nationwide in a most tyrannical manner.

Furthermore, the Eastern Romans were also mixed with Aramaeans from Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, with Turks, Turkmens, and Copts, with Berbers from Libya, Tunisia and Algeria, and also with Italians (Crusaders, Venetians, and Genoese). But following the monstrous colonial deformation that was imposed on the Eastern Romans, they disregarded their historical identity and imperial past (the Eastern Romans, headquartered at Constantinople, controlled all lands from Sicily to Armenia to Mesopotamia and from Ukraine to Tunisia to Sudan), they dishonored their Christian moral values, they abnegated their folklore and culture (their traditional attire included), and they became defaced monkeys of the West. Nowadays, as fake descendants of the Ancient Greeks, the Eastern Romans are called ‘Greeks’ and, as low-level slaves within the European Union, exist only to be the waiters of the Germans and the shoeshine boys of the Dutch. Isn’t it better to be an Oromo than a ‘Greek’ in 2021?

Similarly, the Copts were falsely baptized ‘Egyptians’ (which is an alien name) and they were totally disfigured, because of the French and English colonial practices that targeted their identity. Although the Ancient ‘Egyptian’ name for ‘Egypt’ is ‘Kemet’ (and therefore the ‘Egyptians’ must be called ‘Kemetians’) and the modern Christian Copts still use derivative forms of this name, while the modern Arabic-speaking Muslim Copts use the Arabic name Masr or Misir (which originates from the Ancient Assyrian-Babylonian name of Kemet/’Egypt’), the servile elites of the colonized country, totally subordinated to the disastrous orders of Paris, London, and Washington D.C., accept to dishonor their own History, tradition and languages, by using the fake, worthless and shameful name ‘Egypt’ at the international level. Isn’t it better to be an Oromo than an ‘Egyptian’ in 2021? Details:



Consequently, we can conclude that today both the ‘Egyptians’ and the ‘Greeks’ ended up functioning as non-nations, but as perfect tools of the colonial powers.

The Oromos are not like that; all of them still overwhelmingly reject the pejorative term ‘Galla’ that the 19th and 20th c. English and French colonials wanted to use this Abyssinian term, after the Abyssinian invasion of Biyya Oromo. The colonial establishments of US, England and France only recently started deploying efforts to diffuse their fallacies and pseudo-historical dogmas among the Oromos, in order to turn them into tools, but it is late.

IV. The Colonial Powers’ most Crucial Deeds still Unknown to most Colonized Nations – Independent or not

Still, most of the Oromos (and other nations worldwide) have no idea about either the real essence of colonialism or the true, deep damages that it caused to the colonized peoples; either we speak at the very general level, covering different continents and various nations, or we focus on the specific level, namely Egypt, very few people worldwide realize the extent of the calamity and the number of the ramifications caused by the colonial powers’ plans. More specifically, people don’t know and have not identified the various acts, deeds, practices and methods of the colonial powers that caused the aforementioned disaster worldwide. And I will expand on this in the forthcoming parts of my response.

One of the very few nations, which avoided the colonial experience, is Turkey; this is exclusively due to Kemal Ataturk, who early identified what really had happened to the Ottoman Empire and to other major Islamic empires, notably Safavid/Afshar /Qajar Iran and the Mughal state of Southern Asia. He also understood very well what a real nation is, what a fake nation is, and what factors determine a nation’s interests across lands, regions and continents. I expanded on this topic, stating that nations prosper and expand on lines determined by true History, and not as per the pseudo-historical dogmas and the nonsensical and absurd distortions undertaken by the colonial West.


A brief example of catastrophic colonial deeds that still remain unknown to most people worldwide, I offered in the Part IV (‘The Decline of the Islamic Empires and of China over the past four centuries’) of the following article of mine:


Read the three last pages, starting from the paragraph that begins with «The Dutch were present in Gujarat»! This part of text describes a critical colonial deed that the great emperors of the Oriental Empires failed to identify at the time (and for this reason they failed). Presently this deed is fully misinterpreted by the colonial academia; these scholars try to make it appear as an «innocent act of science and exploration», but in reality it was not. It is a monstrous theft.

There were similar deeds carried out by other colonial nations elsewhere; in the aforementioned article, I referred to the Dutch colonials in territories of the Mughal Empire, which now belong to ‘India’, namely the coast of Malabar. What was done by the French in Egypt at the time of Napoleon was far worse. I will discuss it in the last part of my present response.

At a certain point, you say something extremely important without realizing the tragic dimension of your words; speaking about Egypt and the Oromos you state: «we have mutual interests». 

This is all about the issue that we discuss. Who told you that someone without identity can possibly assess his (their) own interests? You assume a lot! Someone without identity, without a historically true identity, is nothing. In reality, he does not exist. This is obviously valid at both, the personal and the societal-national, levels. Irrespective of its nature, an entity with no identity has no value. It is nonexistent. This is what currently happens to the pseudo-state named «Arab Republic of Egypt»! What a pathetic pseudo-name!

First, the Copts of today’s ‘Egypt’, Christian or Muslim, are not Arabs. The so-called Egyptian elites pretend that they are ‘Arabs’, because this was the primary colonial order given by the colonial masters for no less than 223 years to their local stooges and puppets, who ruled Egypt according to the directives of the colonial powers.

Second and as I already said, the Ancient ‘Egyptians’ called their country «Kemet». 

And since the early Islamic times, the Muslim Copts have called their country «Masr». It is up to the indigenous people and their elites and rulers to defend their names. But the local elites and rulers failed the people of the Nile Valley.

What is then the useless pseudo-name «Egypt»? An alien name given to the country by foreigners! A true, original native from the Valley of the Nile, either Christian or Muslim, who –in contrast with the rest- would not have been drastically affected by a pathetic pro-Westernism (subtly diffused by colonial stooges and instructors among the Christian Copts as an anti-Islamic antidote) or a miserable Islamism (elaborated by colonial academia and projected onto the local, decayed and ignorant Muslims as an anti-colonial remedy), would denounce the deplorable name of ‘Egypt’ and demand from the United Nations to reject the disreputable use of the colonial, pseudo-historical name and to replace it by either Kemet or Masr.

The military governments of Myanmar respected their identity, integrity, tradition and faith and that’s why their diplomats were able to impose on the UN the final cancellation of the pseudo-name ‘Burma’ that the evil English colonials used to denote this great Buddhist country. But either the puppet khedives and kings or the silly colonels and generals, who have governed ‘Egypt’ since 1952, failed to reflect the slightest aspect of the local identity at the international level. All these worthless dictators from Mohamed Ali to Al Sissi failed to defend the country’s national identity and interests, as they implemented the colonial orders.

V. Biyya Oromo vs. ‘Galla Republic’ & Kemet vs. ‘Egypt’

Not one truly independent nation with dignity and self-respect would ever accept to be given by the international community an irrelevant, alien name that does not fit the local History, traditions, faiths and language(s). And consequently, no one respects a government that does not perceive correctly the national interests of the country and the nation that it rules.

Would you accept an Independent Biyya Oromo to be named ‘Galla Republic’?

Would the Iranians accept their country to be named ‘Persia’?

Would the Germans accept their country to be named ‘German-land’?

I add at the end some excerpts from an email recently sent to an Egyptian friend, which -I think- will offer you an insight into what you can and what you cannot, as Oromos, expect from Egypt.

However, I will soon come up with a truthful representation of the colonialism, as Crime against the Mankind, in its real dimensions that I think you never understood.

———— Parts of an email sent to an Egyptian friend (25/10/2020) —————  


Many times, I wrote to friends abroad about how the daily life in Egypt is — already in 2003 when I was working as Technical Writer and Editor for Giza Systems. After I started publishing online articles in 2004, many people from different continents asked me why I never wrote about these everyday realities of Egypt that no tourist has ever seen. I thought for some time about that (I mean for just some minutes).

My conclusion (which I announced to all those who suggested to me the aforementioned) was that

…… whereas Sudan’s regime tyrannized the Furis (in Darfur), the Beja, the Berta and others,

…….. whereas Abyssinia’s regime tyrannized the Oromos, the Ogadenis, the Sidamas and many others,

…….. whereas Iran’s regime oppressed the South Azeris, the South Turkmens, the Loris, the Qashqais, and others,

and many other governments did the same to their country’s minorities,

in the unfortunate, colonized country of ‘Egypt’, the government did not literally oppress the people or the existing minorities (i.e. the Bejas of the southern parts of the Eastern Desert, the Nubians, the Christian Copts, the Berbers of the northeastern confines, the Bedouins of Sinai, the Shia Muslims, and the Bahais).

I always said that the problem in Egypt is not political but social. And this is the truth. It is a social tyranny that the people imposed on themselves. The elite and the government simply bring this tyranny (already applied by them on themselves) to the level of the local government.

There is no -properly speaking- oppression against the Beja of Halaib, the Nubians of Kalabsha, the Christian Copts of Luxor and other cities, the Berbers of Siwa and Salloum, and the rest. Don’t tell me about the ongoing persecution of the Christian Copts across the country! There is a vast difference between ‘inter-ethnic conflict’ (which exists in Egypt) and ‘governmental oppression’. To be frank, there was never governmental oppression against a minority in Egypt, at least since the time I first visited the country in the late 1980s.

Still, there is monumental oppression in Egypt – truly! But this is something very particular and, I must tell you, quite unusual for all the lands and countries that I know. As I already said, it is a social oppression with strange typology. In fact, it is a terrible form of massive popular self-oppression. Sunni Muslims in Egypt oppress themselves before oppressing the Christian Copts, the Shias, and the rest; so, what is there to discuss? A totally dysfunctional country, entrapped in all the colonial schemes, certainly oppresses all its inhabitants, the local elites included. This is the truth about your non-nation ‘Egypt’.

So, what you, as Egyptians, do not understand is that you do indeed oppress yourselves, and until one among you wakes up one morning, realizes that you all are plunged in a fake reality imposed on all of you by the colonial powers, and then tries to wake all the other Egyptians up, there is no point for anyone else to get involved or to describe in public your nauseating story of self-destruction. This has in fact been your country since the days of Napoleon: the corpse of a dead nation inside a terrible coffin. And if you want the correct description of your disastrous self-oppression’s main nature, here’s to you:

– You oppress indeed yourselves to be non-Kemetians (which is your true, not ‘Egyptians’), to disregard and dishonor your land, Kemet (this is your true name, not Egypt), to profane the Earth and the Nile that God gave you as blessings, which are incomparably superior to the unholy lands of Greece, Rome and Europe, and to subordinate your unfortunate land to repugnant, sacrilegious barbarians, namely the Americans, the English, the French, and all their stooges.

Then, why do you ask me to publish much and expand on Egypt? Do you want me to accuse the colonial powers for their lies and the falsehood that they imposed on Egypt and elsewhere? I did it on many occasions and in many articles; but to no avail! Not one Egyptian can understand these articles. 

The descriptions and the presentations of my articles are totally out of the Fake History and the fake world view that you have in your minds, because the colonial powers inserted them therein, and this process occurred in a dictatorial and very sophisticated manner (as they did it in many other countries) over a long period of time. This is nothing new however. The first Egyptian, who learned Egyptian hieroglyphics, managed to read your ancient texts no less than one century (: 100 years) after the French Champollion deciphered the writing. Like monstrous thieves and gangsters, the colonial academics and explorers have first stolen your past and then misinterpreted it as per their own vicious and evil needs, whereas you failed to identify even the process, let alone the myriad of detailed points involved therein.

Once, when we lived together back in 2002, you told me straightforwardly but thoughtlessly «you must hate Egypt very much» and I answered immediately «you, Egyptians, hate Egypt and that’s why you turned God’s blessed land to this filth that you are now». This summarizes it all. You even don’t know the history of your ancestors; you only know the distorted presentation that the Western colonials made of your Antiquity, because they wanted to falsify the Ancient Egyptian History, minimize the unequaled radiation of Kemet (which is your only true name of country), and present their own execrable barbarism as ‘independently grown civilization’ whereas Ancient Egyptians, Hittites, Assyrians, Babylonians and Phoenicians civilized the barbarian Greeks, the Romans (who originated from Anatolia, today’s Turkey, so they are not truly Europeans), and the other White troglodytes of schizoid Europe.




Don’t you know that Theater was first performed in Egyptian and not among the uncivilized Ancient Greeks?

Don’t you know that in Egypt, Phoenicia, Mesopotamia, and Iran the Ancient Greeks learned the wisdom, the knowledge, the truth, and all the sciences of which they had no idea before?

Don’t you know that there is no such thing as “philosophy”?

This is an idiotic and worthless word coined by the Ancient Greeks who were low-level students of the Ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Iranian and Phoenician high priests, hierophants, mystics, and wise elders. Egypt, Phoenicia-Syria, Mesopotamia and Iran were the depository of the Mankind’s original Wisdom. Their epics are unequaled, their spiritual exercises and endeavors unmatched, their sciences unsurpassed, their medicine unparalleled, their writing systems incredibly more sophisticated, and their achievements simply impossible for the corrupt Ancient Greeks.

Mentally incapacitated, the profane Ancient Greek students of the Ancient Egyptian, Babylonian, Phoenician and Iranian temples, when they returned back to their marginal and useless land, knew that they could never reproduce the mysteries and the divine deeds of their Oriental masters, because they did not have the Oriental Wisdom. That’s why they coined the pathetically low term ‘philo+sophia’, which denotes, not the Wisdom itself but, the search for it, namely a friendly predisposition toward the Oriental Wisdom. In other words, by being a ‘philosopher’, you confess your incapacity to become wise. This shows that the Ancient Greeks recognized and admitted their detrimental inferiority as regards the Ancient Oriental civilizations.

Don’t you know that the republican and democratic system of governance did not start in Ancient Greece but in Carthage (so, on African -not European- soil)? Also, don’t you know that Ancient Greek publicists like Aristotle, who wrote about the non-royal systems of governance, featured the Carthaginian system of politics and democracy and not the worthless corruption of the corrupt and racist Ancient Athenian?

So, as you see, although the Ancient Greeks wrote down the truth, Modern European criminals, either academics and intellectuals or military colonials and diplomats, monstrously distorted and partly concealed the historical sources and, starting with the inhuman Colonialism and Renaissance (15th and 16th c.), they carried out for no less than 500 years a worldwide unique campaign of historical censorship that is tantamount to unprecedented revisionism. This is the true face of colonialism; by learning the revisionist version of History that the English and the French imposed on their colonies, you fell victims and lost your true identity, as you started employing the fallacious and misleading terms of your colonial instructors and masters. 

In few days, I will terminate my new book «Turkey is Iran and Iran is Turkey»; this is at the same time a total rejection of the useless, fake Sunni establishment of Erdogan and of the worthless, fake Shia regime of the ayatullahs; both are the idiotic and pathetic puppets of the colonial powers. I will send you the draft.

When you will read it, and after making some comparisons with post-1798 Egypt, you will start imagining how I would describe Modern ‘Egypt’, namely a country stolen from its people and a people stolen from their land and taken into the total deception and the dystopia of national nonexistence.

As regards today’s ‘Egyptians’, I can make only one comment: you will never find the true Egypt (i.e. Kemet), before studying and in-depth understanding La Description de l’Égypte. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Description_de_l%27%C3%89gypte 

This image may not be used to state or imply the endorsement by the Science History Institute of any product, service or activity, or to concur with an opinion or confirm the accuracy of any text appearing alongside or in logical association with the image. Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt. 1799 satirical artwork by William Baillie entitled ‘Seige de la Colonne de Pompee-Science in the Pillory’, showing Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt. Napoleon is depicted with a group of scientists on top of the Column of Pompey being attacked by Bedouins and Turks. A fire is burning at the base of the column, and men are hurtling to the ground when their balloon explodes.
Lejeune Louis FranÁois (1775-1848). Versailles, ch‚teaux de Versailles et de Trianon. MV6854.

When the French scholars, who traveled with Napoleon (1798), took their notes (which became later the monumental series of volumes published in Paris from 1809 until 1829), everything essential that existed in the Valley of the Nile was taken away for study, understanding and exploitation. The essence of your country was taken away. What you failed to study in order to empower yourself was already stolen by your enemies and invaders. The leftover (i.e. ‘you’) was insignificant; this is so because you did not possess the power to objectively study your environment, past and heritage to extract that the colonials did by exploring it. And this situation remained irreversible until now. You wanted it so — all of you. 

By taking the entire country away, the French did not improvise; they imitated the pioneering work of the Dutch scholars, who had published almost 150 earlier the equally important, groundbreaking, and local power-erasing Hortus Malabaricus. 

What Hortus Malabaricus (published in 1678) was for the Mughal Empire of South Asia (which was bigger than the Ottoman Empire), was La Description de l’Égypte for the Ottoman Empire: the announcement of their irrevocable End. 

And La Description de l’Égypte was far more critical, because it did not only cover the flora, but also the fauna, the people, and, above all, all the monuments and the inscriptions, the reliefs and the statues. 

What happened to the Dravidians of the Deccan (today’s southern half of India’s territory) with Hortus Malabaricus, occurred to the Egyptians with La Description de l’Égypte: they were left without country, without past, and without identity. 

The Dravidians would never control their land, namely the Deccan (the southern half of today’s pseudo-state «India») and the ‘Egyptians’ would never control Kemet, i.e. the Valley of the Nile. Both nations would never know their past, identity and origin, except someone, advancing through extremely thorny territory, would wake up and then attempt to wake up the rest.

And yet, the Dravidians originate from Ancient Mesopotamia where their ancestors, known as the Elamites, were the major opponent of the Sumerians, the Assyrians and the Babylonians for several millennia. Named as ‘Haltamti’ or as ‘Anshan and Sushan’ in their language and headquartered at Susa (the later Achaemenid Iranian capital, today in SW Iran), the Elamites developed their own, independent, writing system at the same time when the Sumerians invented their writing system (ca. 3300 BCE), namely some centuries before the Ancient Egyptians came up with the Medu Netcher, i.e. ‘the words of God’ (which is the Ancient Egyptian name of the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic writing). Of course, none of these nations is ‘Indo-European’!





But the Indo-European colonial French, Dutch and English forgers and gangsters did not say to their colonial subjects, namely the Dravidians and the ‘Egyptians’, that when the colonized nations’ ancestors had already developed great civilizations, the ancestors of the Ancient Greeks and the other White Europeans were eating lichens somewhere in the plains of today’s Ukraine.


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