The Enemies of Oromos & their Deeds: First & Second Colonization, Jesuit Reductions, Renaissance, and the Historical Revisionism of Racist Colonials – Part II

The present article is the second part of a long response that I sent to a US-based Oromo scholar, intellectual and activist, who wrote to me few months ago to ask my opinion about the possibility of the Oromo liberation movements to cooperate systematically with the government of Egypt on the basis of a plan providing for the liberation of Biyya Oromo and for the cancellation of the disastrous dam built on the Blue Nile in Benishangul province (Abyssinia, Fake Ethiopia). The first part of the article is here:

Oromos, Egypt, the Nile, Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia), and the True Essence of Colonialism – Part I

In this –second- part, I expand on critical points of the History of Colonization and on the multitude of Crimes against the Mankind that the monstrous, evil and inhuman colonial powers – Spain, Portugal, Holland, France, England, Belgium, USA, and Israel – perpetrated for no less than 500 years, without having been duly punished thus far. Abyssinia’s colonization of numerous African kingdoms, notably those of the Oromos, the Kaffas, the Sidamas, the Hadiyas, the Ogadeni Somalis, the Afars and many others, only followed the patterns introduced by the Anti-Christian beasts of the above mentioned, barbarian Western European countries.

In fact, today’s Oromos, in their noble and most blessed effort to liberate their land, must come to terms with the impossibility of correcting one part of the evildoing without previously getting an accurate idea about the entire deed and the methods involved.

Second response to your questions about the chances of cooperation between the Oromos and Egypt (dispatched on 26th October)

Dear D.,

With a delay of several days, I continue my correspondence about the part of your first two emails that concerns the reasons for which Egypt will never cooperate with the Oromos. 

At this moment, I need to first make two key points.

I. First and Second Colonization: the Oromos and other Africans between the Jesuit Reductions to the Global Enslavement

Judging from your response to my first response to, I realize that you really have no idea about what colonization and colonialism have truly been.

Unfortunately, you cannot liberate any nation, let alone your own, before you duly understand the phenomenon that led to that nation’s (or your own nation’s) enslavement. 

Viewing things only at the material level is the foremost guarantee of your (and others’) failure.

Colonialism is NOT a material phenomenon, except for its most unimportant aspects and dimensions. 

Colonialism is basically a spiritual, cultural, religious, mental, intellectual, artistic, educational, academic, scholarly, social, identitarian, existential crime against the Mankind. The fact that this crime involved also dimensions pertaining to the economy, the military affairs, and the governance of the targeted nations is obvious, but it is far less important than the first mentioned dimensions.

Do not think that I use all these terms with the same connotation as most people worldwide today; so, if one term appears somewhat odd to you, feel free to ask me why I use it and what definition I give to it!

Certainly, the targets of the colonizing powers were different.

So, the Spaniards and the Portuguese had different targets in the late 15th, 16th c. and the early 17th c. than the Dutch, the French and the English in the late 17th c., 18th c., 19th c. and 20th c.

However, it is always erroneous, misleading and pathetic to evaluate things at the material level only.

Example: evidently the Spaniards and the Portuguese killed in the continent of the Mayas, Aztecs and Incas (Fake America – a term that must be abolished) more people than the Dutch, the French and the English massacred humans in Asia, Africa, and Central – Eastern Europe.

But this does not make of the Spaniards and the Portuguese «worse» colonizers (or «more inhuman») than the Dutch, the French and the English.

As a matter of fact, the latter were, truly speaking, incommensurately worse, because they did not kill bodies, but souls — in billions. 

If one fails to understand this reality, not only he will never understand what truly happened during the colonization process, not only he will not liberate any nation, but he will soon face a disastrous end, because of forthcoming developments that are intertwined with the entire 500-year long colonization process, which is still ongoing and which was machinated (by the powers that be, i.e. the secret organizations that are behind the criminal Western European states) -not only for what has already occurred but also and mainly- for what comes next.








As a matter of fact, with the progressive collapse of the Spanish and Portuguese colonial empires (during the late 17th c., 18th c., 19th c. and 20th c. and through Dutch, French, English and US infiltration in both, the former Spanish & Portuguese colonies, and the colonial metropolises, namely Spain and Portugal), the victims of the first phase of colonization underwent a second colonization of typically Dutch, French and English nature (the latest stage of which is American). 

The difference between the two phases of colonization is due to the fact that different secret societies controlled the colonizing countries, namely the Western European kingdoms, which undertook the colonization attempts. The first colonization process was of purely Benedictine — Jesuit (in fact, the Satanic Jesuit Order is a reform or re-arrangement of the Anti-Christian Benedictine Order) machination; the second colonization process was of purely Freemasonic and Zionist machination.

Whereas there is a continuation from the Benedictines to the Jesuits (the secretively Anti-Christian Orders were overwhelmingly rejected by Orthodox Christianity), the Freemasons’ past is related to more ostensibly Anti-Christian Orders, namely the Rosicrucians, the Templars, the Cathars, the Manichaeans, and the Gnostics of the Late Antiquity). Last, the modern Zionists represent mainly the non-Semitic, non-Hebrew, non-Jewish, barbarian tribe of Khazarians (also called ‘Ashkenazi’) whose Kabbalism and Talmudism reflect the most ulcerous Pharisaic hatred against Jesus.

On the other hand, the atheistic, globalist, and anti-‘Eretz Israel’ group of Ashkenazi Zionists represent a form of Late Antiquity Sadducean Judaism at the spiritual-intellectual demonic level, and not at the ethnic-racial level, because the Ashkenazi, contrarily to the Sephardim, are -as I already said- ethnically alien to the historical Jews. All three distinct organizations, Jesuits, Freemasons and Zionists, confront one another in many ways; but it is wrong to envision all three organizations as granite-like entities. There have been several divisions among them (as I already mentioned about the Zionists), and these divisions played certainly a role in many historical developments. However, when it comes to both stages of post-1500 CE colonialism and colonization, all of these organizations were involved, and each of them tried to obtain greater benefit than their rivals.

The two different and successive phases of colonization represent however only different approaches to the end target and result. And the end target of all those involved in the colonial evildoing was the unification of all the people of the world in one ‘global’ state, following the century-long, monstrous project of overwhelming, absolute and irreversible cultural-educational deformation, spiritual-religious alteration, ethnic-national disfigurement, scientific-intellectual distortion. Following the ominous project, all identities and cultures, which had been developed throughout World History across the Earth, will be exterminated and the deformed humanoids, which will be left on Earth, will be subject to special medical care in order to become cyborgs thanks to the evil, so-called Artificial Intelligence technology. When it comes to theJesuits, Freemasons and Zionists,their sole differentiation as regards the end target concerns only the type of cyborg into which they want to transform (and thus exterminate) the Mankind.

Only if one learns and understands well what happened here and there during the two colonization phases, one is able to realize what is nowadays being prepared for the entire Mankind, following the distribution of the latest technological fallacy and falsehood called «mobile telephony», «computer-laptop-tablets», «Internet, MSM and social media», «smart mobiles and 4th-5th-6th G», «artificial intelligence», «IoT», «IoS», and so on. 

Not one Oromo will liberate his fatherland, not one Baluch will achieve true national independence, not one South Azeri will reach self-determination, and not one Berber will free his compatriots from the fake Pan-Arabist cholera of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania, before he studies what monstrous deeds and inhuman tortures the Western countries’ Satanic pseudo-Christians carried out in what is called «Jesuit reductions». About (Missões jesuíticas na América / Pueblo de indios / Riduzioni gesuite / Jesuitenreduktionen / Jezuïeten Verminderingen / Réduction (missions catholiques) / Иезуитские сокращения):Иезуитские_миссии_на_землях_индейцев_гуарани



Una delle prove che i gesuiti portarono al papa per non far distruggere quell’incredibile esperimento di convivenza fra Vecchio e Nuovo che furono le reducciones paraguaiane, e per evitare lo sterminio degli indios e la loro riduzione in schiavitù, fu proprio la capacità degli indigeni di cantare in polifonia e di comporre musica meravigliosa. Niente. di tutto questo è sopravvissuto. Fregio con angeli musicanti dai tratti somatici indios. Rovine di Trinidad, Paraguay, XVII sec. Michela Zucca. Servizi Culturali.
GESUITI, martirio di un religioso in missione in Sud America, trafitto con una lancia da un Indio. Dal volume: ‘Societas Jesu usque ad sanguinis et vi…
Título: COMBATE DE BOTOCUDOS EM MOGI DAS CRUZES Autor: SILVA, OSCAR PEREIRA DA Data: 1920 Técnica: ÓLEO SOBRE TELA Dimensões (a_cm, a_sm X l_cm, l_sm): 110-100-160-150 Coleção:FUNDO MUSEU PAULISTA – FMP Foto: José Rosael-Hélio Nobre-Museu Paulista da USP Acervo: Museu Paulista da USPDomínio Público
Evening light sweeps over the ruins of the Jesuit mission church at Trinidad de Paran‡ (Parana with acute accent on final a), Paraguay, where the bell tower of the site’s first of two churches stands. Scores of Jesuit missions in the area where Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil meet were built in the 17th century and abandoned when the Jesuits were expelled in the 18th century. Ruins of some of these missions still haunt hilltops in the region.
Drawing of a Jesuit mission and parade of Spanish colonial forces by Father Florian Paucke, a Jesuit missionary from Switzerland who lived and worked with the Mocobi tribes of Chaco. | Located in: Zwettl Monastery, Austria. (Photo by �� Bojan Brecelj/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images)


What occurred against the Berbers in NW Africa, against the Somalis, the Oromos and many others in East Africa, against the (Muslim and Christian) Copts in Egypt, against the (Muslim and Christian) Aramaeans in the territories of today’s Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon, against the Dravidians in the Deccan (today’s India’s southern half), against the Baluch in today’s SE Iran, SW Pakistan and South Afghanistan, and against so many other nations in the late 18th c., 19th c., and 20th c. had already happened to millions of unfortunate indigenous nations in the territories of today’s Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Bolivia during the 17th c. and the 18th c.: they were locked into the Jesuit reductions to be re-educated from scratch. This is of course complete disfigurement and comprehensive destruction of a person’s, society’s, and nation’s identity in every aspect. What first occurred in the continent west of the Atlantic was later implemented in Africa and Asia.

To the aforementioned one must add that the various technical differentiations between the second and the first phases of the Western colonization of the entire Earth are merely due to the diverse techniques and tactics, targets and trends associated with Freemasons and the Zionists (when it comes to the second phase of colonization) and with the Jesuits (when it comes to the first phase of colonization). But the monstrosity and the inhumanity of the methods and the evilness of the targets were indeed identical in all of the cases.

II. Renaissance’s Impact on the Second Colonization: the Revenge of Europe’s Barbarians over the descendants of the Oriental Nations that civilized Greece, Rome and Europe

As you have personally a limited experience of life, having become familiar to forms of cultural life, socioeconomic organization, and governance in only two countries (Abyssinia and US) and as you did not study the colonization process in all of its aspects in many different lands (Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the so-called New World), you cannot realize that 

the second phase of colonization was a far more elaborate, more sophisticated, more scrupulous in distortion, and more meticulous in identity-uprooting, in integrity-dismantling, in tradition-destroying, and -worse- in fake-identity-projecting-and-imposing onto the targeted nations.

If this complex colonial approach appears somehow bizarre and difficult to assess and comprehend, one can easily remove the doubts and the uncertainty. The difference in the colonial approach is due to this critical point:

– the lands, nations and cultures targeted for colonization during the second phase of colonization were part of the Ancient History of the colonizers.

This means that the ancestors of those targeted with colonization by the criminal and evil nations of Holland, France and England (and the Freemasons and Zionists who were the ruling forces in those God-damned countries) had interacted in many ways with the ancestors that these evil, anti-Christian nations believed as theirs. 

And this is the original and focal point of the colonial problem. If this sounds confusing for you, I will herewith analyze it extensively. Pretending to be the descendants of the Ancient Romans, the Western Europeans invaded the lands of Nations that the Ancient Greeks and Romans considered superior to them – only to spread barbarism.

The ancestors of the various nations of Iran, the Aramaeans of Mesopotamia, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, the Egyptians, the Eastern Romans (Fake ‘Greeks’), the Illyrians of Albania, the Cushites of Sudan, the Axumites of Abyssinia, the Arabs, the Yemenites, the Somalis of Azania, the Berbers of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco, the Turanians of Eastern Europe, Siberia, Central and NE Asia, the Dravidians and the other nations of South Asia had interacted with the Romans during the Antiquity, but from a position of superiority because, despite their military strength, the Romans were not as civilized as the Iranians, the Aramaeans, the Egyptians, the Cushites, the Phoenicians, and the Berbers. Actually, following its interaction with all the African and Asiatic nations, Rome was civilized by accepting several Ancient Oriental religions, before finally accepting Christianity, which was one more faith that came to Rome from the Orient.

But the ancestors of the Dutch, the French and the English were marginal and uncivilized barbarians during those times, as they constituted the poorest and the most underdeveloped provinces of the Roman Empire.

Later, with the diffusion of Islam and the rise of the Universal Islamic Civilization, the Western European nations felt even more inferior, impoverished, marginal, lower and worthless than their Oriental rivals whom they hated enormously for their superiority in everything. The historical reality was simple: true Christianity was in the Orient (Constantinople, Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria), not in Rome. The center of Islam was also in the Orient, whereas every European region that accepted Islam (the Iberian Peninsula, Sicily, and later Eastern Europe) was immediately rising in everything: Civilization, Spirituality, Wisdom, Knowledge, Sciences, Literature, Architecture, Arts, Wealth and Prosperity.  

The world’s misery and the most execrable barbarism were located only in one place: Northwestern Europe. These facts were well known to the French, the Dutch and the English. They therefore first identified themselves with the Ancient Romans and the Ancient Greeks, considering them as their ‘ancestors’; this was a totally mendacious pretension and a fully preposterous assumption. These Northwestern barbarians had in fact destroyed Christian Rome in 476 CE and they even rejected the imposition of Constantinopolitan Popes on Rome that Emperor Justinian I implemented in 537 CE; only in 752 CE, the Constantinopolitan popes were terminated, and the barbarian Franks stroke an alliance with the secretively anti-Christian, Benedictine-controlled pseudo-popes of Rome. About:

So, when embarking in their world-disastrous colonization projects, the (rancorous against the Islamic World that had controlled the Iberian Peninsula for more than 700 years) Spaniards and Portuguese, and later the French, the Dutch and the English viewed themselves as the descendants of the Ancient Romans. This fallacy is at the origin of all phases of world colonization; it constitutes the nucleus of the Modern West’s pseudo-historical dogma. Posturing as a Roman offspring, they wanted to invade and control all the territories of the Roman Empire, which before 500 years belonged mainly to Ottoman Empire. But instead of accepting Oriental religions, like the Ancient Romans did, the Northwestern European barbarians wanted to diffuse their pseudo-Christian religion and their evil, anti-Christian practices worldwide.

In reality, while pretending to diffuse Christianity worldwide, they spread a form of Satanism which is reflected in today’s collapse of moral standards worldwide. To do this, they needed a fake theory, a counterfeit and irreligious worldview, and a wide array of evil ideas, fake sciences, and historical distortions that would support their unsubstantiated but worldwide dangerous claims; and they truly composed the evil theoretical system that led numerous nations to extinction, caused many massacres and incredible genocides all over the Earth, plunged the colonized peoples to utmost misery, and turned the surface of the Earth into a real Hell.

Before the Western Europeans moved overseas to carry out their evildoing, the Benedictines-Jesuits launched a groundbreaking, anti-human and anti-Christian movement that uprooted the indigenous (European) nations’ identity, dismantled their integrity, destroyed their Christian tradition, and projected/imposed on them a fake identity. This evil movement is now called «Renaissance»:associated with it is also the Satanic Anti-Christian religious fallacy of Protestantism. Viewed spiritually and theologically, Renaissance is the epitome of Satan’s last plan against the Man; this conclusion is valid for all true, still existing religions that have been historically attested on European soil, namely Judaism, Christianity and Islam. 

The Satanic term «Renaissance» fully demonstrates its real nature: if Adam and Eva were created by God and this was the real «naissance» (birth) of the Mankind, who had the right to undertake a «second» birth of the Man (Re-naissance), except Satan himself, the ruler of the Western world?  

The Mankind cannot be reborn and must not be reborn. Rebirth or renaissance is not a need for any human.

But at the same time, the inhuman and evil term -in and by itself- exposes the Satanic nature of the deeds carried out within the spiritual, cultural, academic, educational, artistic, intellectual, mental, behavioral, social, economic, governance, and military contexts.

If Man, as created by God, acted for millennia in the way he did, a reborn fake, Satanic «man» would act as a counterfeit being.

His spirituality would be a counterfeit spirituality.

His culture would be a counterfeit culture. 

His knowledge, science and wisdom would be a counterfeit knowledge, science and wisdom. 

His education would be a counterfeit education.

His art would be a counterfeit art.

His intellect would be a counterfeit intellect.

His mind would be a counterfeit mind.

His behavior would be a counterfeit behavior. 

And consequently, his society, economy, governance and military would be a counterfeit society, economy, governance and military. 

And this is what happened worldwide through the two phases of colonization that ushered us into the Modern World, the two World Wars, the so-called ‘international community’, and the technology-savvy global society.

The Western European nations’ Christian identity, which existed until ca. 1400 CE, was subsequently replaced by the fake identity that the Renaissance elites projected and imposed on the Western European nations. The average people were then taught that they were the descendants and the heirs of the Ancient Romans and Greeks in terms of race, language, culture, art, civilization, spirituality and religion. That was an execrable lie that triggered the World History’s worst bloodshed. 

There were no descendants of the Ancient Romans and Greeks in 1400, except in Sicily, the Balkans, and in Anatolia: the Eastern Romans. Italy had been flooded by various Germanic and other invaders for centuries. The territories of today’s Germany, Holland, France, Belgium, England and Switzerland were Roman provinces but few Roman administrators and military lived among the indigenous nations. The same concerned the Iberian Peninsula where the Reconquista against the Islamic state(s) was about to be completed ca. 1400 CE. All these lands were inhabited by Ostrogoth, Lombard, Visigoth, Frankish, Germanic and other nations that had accepted Christianity, which was basically rejected by the Ancient Romans and the Greeks — and this had caused (during the 4th, the 5th and the 6th centuries) far greater bloodshed than that triggered by the diffusion of Islam later.

In Central, Eastern and Northern Europe, around 1400 CE, Turkic, Slavic and Nordic nations were living, and in those lands, the various indigenous nations were in their majority Muslims; that’s why they were out of the sphere of Western European influence and control, they were unrelated to Renaissance, and they did not participate in the colonization process.

The projection of the fake, Ancient Greek and Roman, identity onto 15th – 16th c. Western Europeans is the long process, which from those days down to our times terminated, step by step, every shred of true Christianity; there are no more Christians nowadays; all those, who say they are, are paranoid liars.The evil champions of the Renaissance started with naked statues, which were totally prohibited in Europe during the Christian times (there are no Dark Ages — that’s a fallacy; the World History’s only Dark Age is the time we are living in), and they ended up with the vicious shames of sodomy, so-called marriages of homosexual ‘couples’, premarital sex, etc., and with the monstrous crimes of abortion, children’s adoption by homosexuals in our days, transgender paranoia, etc.




It would take long to explain why this unfortunate, catastrophic and antihuman development (‘Renaissance’) happened; however, one has to always bear in mind that, in reality, Rome has almost always been a fake Christian city inhabited by the Christian religion’s worst enemies, who survived for many hundreds of years (after 752 CE and the termination of the Constantinopolitan popes), always hiding their true face under a Christian mask. The only truly Christian theological doctrines of the Christian World were represented
a) by the Nestorian Great Church of the Orient (headquartered at Seleucia-Ctesiphon in Central Mesopotamia),

b) by the Monophysitic (Tewahedo) patriarchates of Antioch and Alexandria, and c) by the «Orthodox» patriarchates of Antioch, Jerusalem, Alexandria and Constantinople. 

The principal Anti-Christian forces hidden in post-752 CE Rome were the Origenist monks of the Benedictine Order, who were later transformed (in their major part) into the Societas Jesu, i.e. the Jesuits (in the early 16th c.).

During the first phase of the colonization process, the criminal Western European conquistadores victimized many nations, namely the Aztecs, the Mayas, the Incas and many other great and noble nations of the falsely called ‘New World’, but also numerous nations in Africa and Asia, notably East African and Somali Muslims, Mongols and Dravidians in the so-called ‘India’ (mainly in the coastal regions of the Mughal Empire), Aramaeans in the territories of both, the Ottoman and the Safavid Iranian empires, Omanis, Turanians in Eastern Europe (so-called ‘Russia’) and Siberia, Malay, Filipino and Indonesians in SE Asia, and others.

During the second phase of the colonization process, the criminal Western European conquistadores victimized an even greater number of nations, involving all the aforementioned (the colonization has in reality been an ongoing process down to our times), but also Muslim and Christian Copts in Egypt, Berbers in Algeria, Eastern Romans (re-baptized «Greeks») in the South Balkans, Albanians, Yemenites, Baluchs, Muslim Cushites of the Sudan and many other nations in Asia and Africa.

However, one must always take into consideration the fact that, before victimizing others, the Western Europeans were victimized first by their own criminal rulers.

Colonialism is then a mere exportation of a spiritual and material crime.

III. Second Colonization: Creation of Servile Elites to locally diffuse post-Renaissance Fake Sciences, Historical Revisionism and Self-disdain among Colonized Nations  

The Western Europeans’ fake identity was encrusted in their evil hearts and paranoid minds with

a) an enormous dose of racism,

b) tons of racial arrogance,

c) an unprecedented fallacy about race superiority,

d) an immensely documented (via either distorted historical sources or concealed ancient texts or modern bibliographical forgery) falsehood about their ‘ancestors’ having supposedly been the creators of the Human Civilization, and

e) an enormously poisonous injection of overwhelming disdain for all the others, for any other, and for all those who were not «theirs».

This was normal as a vicious and villainous propaganda process after all; no fallacy and no deception can ever be accepted by peoples and nations without being interrelated with flattery, ego-promotion, and evil sentimentalism based on hatred of the others — something that is tantamount to inhuman self-exaltation after Satan’s fashion. 

These monstrous criminals, the founders of the Renaissance forgery, created all the fake, so-called modern sciences, which do not have the value of

even one millionth of the Medicine of the Ancient Egyptians before 5000 years or 

even on thousandth of the Medicine of the Ancient Cushites of Napata and Meroe or

even on hundredth of the Medicine of your Oromo ancestors before 500 years.

Irrespective of whatever you and many others may say, today’s fake and evil science cannot produce even one mummy after the Ancient Egyptian-Cushitic fashion. This fake, modern science ostensibly destroys the Nature that your own Oromo, Cushitic and Hamitic ancestors preserved as holy since the days of the Flood. At the same time, the fake science of the last centuries gravely harms the physical capacities of every human body.

And if you have any doubt about what I say, go to a museum, find the complete armor of a soldier before 500 years (as I personally checked the armor of the typical Safavid Iranian soldiers in museums and antiquaries when I lived in Iran), and then wear this extremely heavy armor, keep in your hands a shield, a lance for jousting or a sword, and try to run for 40 kilometers in the mountains like a soldier of those days. If you cannot, your lamentable incapacity is the result of your fake Medicine.

The only effect that your fake Medicine has on humans is to weaken, debilitate and sicken them; and, I am sorry (!), also to effeminate them, by detaching them from Nature, by cutting them off the normal landscapes where humans must live and work (in agriculture, cattle-keeping, fisheries or trade/transportation of goods across distances), and by keeping them in unholy and anti-Godly urban centers. 

How many Oromo homosexuals exist among 1000 Oromos living in a village 50 km SE of Adama and how many homosexuals live among 1000 pseudo-human inhabitants of the cursed cities of New York and Washington D.C.?

You know of course that there is no comparison! Why? Cherchez la femme!!

The reason for this degeneration is the disastrous and misleading fabrication of the modern fake sciences, notably Medicine (involving all its branches, and more particularly Neurology, Psychiatry and Psychology that target the interconnection of the soul and the body in humans), Law (that helps only breach Transcendental  Moral and produce immoral regulations), Engineering, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and the rest. And the same happens in, and concerns, every post-Renaissance science; History is a fake History, Law is a lawless Law, and Astronomy is a paranoia starting with the filthy, mendacious clown Copernic. 

Spiritually weaker and morally feebler, the Freemasons and the Zionists of the Renaissance days fell also victims of the Renaissance fabrication of the Benedictines-Jesuits. Terribly deceived, they even thought that they could eventually turn the overall fake cultural-intellectual system to their benefit. However, there is no lie or constructed falsehood that can eventually be beneficial to anyone, except to those, who like the Freemasons and the Zionists, communicate with lower diabolical hierarchies. 

Totally disconnected from any major spiritual level, possessed by lower demons (as it is evidenced by the contracts that they sign with them in their evil lodges), and determined to push the Jesuits out of the control of this world (but ignoring how vain this attempt would be over the centuries), the Freemasonic and Zionist elites of 17th c. Holland, England and France embarked on an enormous effort of writing down every existing material detail in the most scrutinized possible form and all this in total distortion of the reality.

That’s why modern sciences are so much more verbose than the Ancient Sciences. Compare a modern text related to the academic discipline of Natural Sciences with an ancient Assyrian or Egyptian text written before 3500 years about a similar topic! The old texts were tiny portions of today’s texts. But, on the contrary, the knowledge was higher and the wisdom incalculably superior, because the ancient wise elders, the hierophants, and the high priests knew that the Truth is never said. It is only enacted. Truth in human action is only the practice of what the Ancient Romans used to call ‘Divina Studia’; this is a spiritual activity, not a mental-material activity. 

This formation of the Freemasonic-Zionist scholarly establishment led to enormous corpuses of detailed description like the Hortus Malabaricus by the Dutch and the ominous La Description de l’Égypte by the French. These attempts were the most illustrious ones among many other similar but lesser efforts. In this manner, entire countries were comprehensively robbed and taken away. 

The decayed local inhabitants did not even understand what happened to them.

Soon, new local elites (in Egypt, Greece, Algeria, Aden, and other provinces of the Ottoman Empire, but also in 19th c. colonized India, Central Asia, Iran and elsewhere) started being formed by indigenous anthropomorphic monkeys, who wanted to exchange their servility, their submissiveness, and their docility with material benefit, and social promotion in their ‘new’ but fake country, which had however already ceased to exist, since its real natural wealth and technical manmade magnificence had been stripped by the Western colonial Orientalist gangsters. Even the filthiest animal has a certain degree of dignity and a sense of self-respect that is inherent with the instinct of self-preservation; but these local elites did not have any.

This development, observed already in the early Dutch, French, English and Russian colonies and attested later in almost all the territories that were directly or indirectly colonized, brought about the new pseudo-human that the Benedictine-Jesuit Renaissance-forgers had promised through use of the term ‘Renaissance’.

Demented local elites of ignorant and besotted apes and parrots, able to imitate their Western masters and to repeat what their colonial lords ordered them, accepted to play the role of subordinate, one-use charlatans and clowns, who believed all the historical lies that their colonial teachers told them about the Greek-Roman civilization and its supposedly central position in World History. 

The states that emanated from the colonial detachment of the Ottoman are all stillborn babies damned in the Life of the Dead; they are fake states of no-nations, no-humans, no-living beings. They have no self-respect, no dignity, and no instinct of self-preservation. And only Kemal Ataturk’s Turkey made the difference.

I explained the topic in this article:




About the total impossibility of Modern ‘Egypt’ to first duly understand and then properly defend its ‘national’ interests, identifying opportunities and alliances, I will expand in my response’s next part. However, it would be an oxymoron to expect anything different; how can a non-nation possibly understand its hypothetical, ‘national’ interests?  

Best regards,



Download the article in Word doc:





RED-SKINNED RAMSES III AND ISIS, HOLY SYMBOL OF THE ANCIENT EGYPTIAN HELIOPOLITAN DOGMA (Isis’ right hand strengthens the Pharaoh’s electric fluids by transferring power to his nape; Isis’ left hand consolidates the Pharaoh’s magnetic fluids by attaching his solar plexus to her. / Ramses III raises his right hand to take an oath and connect with the divine electric fluids; by his left hand, he connects himself with Isis’ lumbar spine, i.e. the emanation of the divine magnetic fluids.)


Note: To read details about the pictures, download them!


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