Intellectual Colonialism in Egypt: How Egyptian Fake Universities & Obsolete Education destroy Cairo’s Chances to ally with Oromos & Sudan’s Arabic-speaking Cushites – Part III

With this article, I continue the publication of my long response to a US-based Oromo scholar, intellectual and activist, who asked my opinion about the possibility of the Oromo liberation movements to cooperate systematically with the government of Egypt on the basis of a plan providing for the liberation of Biyya Oromo and for the cancellation of the disastrous dam built on the Blue Nile in Benishangul province (Abyssinia, Fake Ethiopia). The first two articles are here:

Oromos, Egypt, the Nile, Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia), and the True Essence of Colonialism – Part I

The Enemies of Oromos & their Deeds: First & Second Colonization, Jesuit Reductions, Renaissance, and the Historical Revisionism of Racist Colonials – Part II

In this -third- part, I offer an insight into the catastrophic, impermissible and obscurantist universities of Egypt where the quasi-totality of African civilizations is ignored whereas every historical presentation, course, manual, lecture and seminar reproduces the racist, Orientalist Western European and North American dogma, its Anti-African biases, and the associated bibliography. The ignorance is then spread from the educational-academic level to that of the state and the administration with calamitous results.

This is very important for the Oromos to understand because if a country’s universities do not properly study its own past and its closest neighbor’s history, it is normal that the said country will be totally unaware of other historical nations with they could set up an alliance. Mutual knowledge comes first; bilateral cooperation in terms of infrastructure and interdependence follows; and political alliance comes at last as a coronation of the bilateral relationship. This is the correct and ‘logical’ order of the stages of relationship between two normal states.

If one compares in detail the bilateral relationship between Turkey and Iran, and then attempts to evaluate the Egyptian-Sudanese relationship, one will be astonished with the unsubstantiated, frivolous, superficial and inconsistent nature of the latter. Then, if Egypt is not normally connected with Sudan, if Egyptian universities have no clue of the History, Archaeology, Linguistics, Ethnography, History of Religions, Literature, History of Art, and Architecture of Sudan (all historical period included), how can Egypt know first and then cooperate with the Oromos?


Kemet (Egypt), Cush (Ethiopia: Sudan), Napata, Meroe written in Hieroglyphics


The paradoxical situation that I will describe (and which every Oromo, particularly those based in Egypt, can crosscheck) must sound as an alarming warning to all Oromos. This is how “independent” states can be if they are “liberated” with the help of other states, and more particularly that of the colonial Western European and North American administrations.

Third response to your questions about the chances of cooperation between the Oromos and Egypt (dispatched on 4th November 2020)

Dear D.,

Hope you are doing well!

I believe that in the first part, I gave you an introductory approach and specific details about facts and related efforts for contact and cooperation; and in the second part, I presented the true background, nature, essence and reality of the colonization process worldwide and (to a limited extent) in Egypt.

The present, third, part will be a very simple response to your questions and points. But it will be sufficiently documented with many descriptions of things missing, of troublesome situations existing, and of social, educational, academic, intellectual, and military-political inadequacies that prevail in Egypt.

And in the last, fourth, part, I will present historically (1798-2020) and in detail the impossibility of the fabricated, failed state, technical entity «Egypt» to function as a normal state.

In fact, what you suggest and ask about simply cannot happen. It is technically impossible. One could easily provide you with a negative response and explain everything in very few words; you ask “Why wouldn’t Egypt support our struggle?”. How about an answer like this: «because Egypt does not have scholars, research fellows, academics, intellectuals, public sector employees, military, diplomats, politicians and statesmen having the level of their German, Italian or Russian counterparts»? Just 28 words are enough; however, these few, truthful words do not fully explain the situation, although they describe it very accurately, in-depth and comprehensively.

It is now time for me to recall some of your already aforementioned questions and statements! You ask the following:

1- Why wouldn’t Egypt support our struggle?

The answer is this: because Egypt does not know you, and because there is not one Egyptian specialist in Somali, Oromo, Afar, Sidama, Amhara, Tigray, let alone Axum and Ge’ez. 

If you ask an academic (specializing in History, Political Science, and International Relations), a politician, a military (lieutenant-general level) and a statesman in Egypt «have you heard about the Oromo?», I am sorry but the most probable answer that you would get would be: «what is this? A new Hungarian specialty, after Goulash?»

But why should one ask today’s uneducated Egyptian elite about Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia)?

Already there are no Egyptian historians and archaeologists specializing in Ancient Sudan, which is -as you know- the true «Ethiopia», i.e. Ancient Cush.

I. Egypt & Sudan: a Superficial Relationship based in Mutual Ignorance, Lack of Reciprocal Academic Studies, and Absence of Shared Infrastructure

Despite the enormous, millennia long interconnection of the two civilizations that shared many common elements of spirituality, religion, mysticism, intellectual-academic life, worldview and world perception-conceptualization, writing, literature, art, architecture, socio-economic organization, and divine governance (there is no such thing as «politics»; it is a modern fallacy projected onto historical periods by colonial Orientalists and Africanists), the Ancient, Christian and Islamic History of Sudan is not taught in any Egyptian university. This is not normal. It bears witness to absolute ignorance; but these are the colonial orders that serve as basis of governmental policies in both pseudo-countries that are in fact remotely-ruled colonies of France, England, USA, Israel, Holland, Canada and Australia.

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics was the only language and writing system used in Ancient Sudan for more than 2000 years (before the introduction of the Ancient Meroitic writing); there are many Ancient Egyptian monuments in Ancient Sudan (which was many times integral part of Pharaonic Egypt); there are many Ancient Cushitic / Sudanese monuments with inscriptions in Egyptian hieroglyphics in Sudan; and there are several Egyptian Egyptologists, but none of them specialize in Ancient Sudan, let alone undertook research or conducted a seminar about Ancient Sudan in an Egyptian university.  Ancient Cush (Sudan) remains thus totally unknown to Egyptians, be they students of the faculties of Humanities or average people.

Despite the fact that nowadays the two countries have the same official language (the so-called Modern Arabic), there is not one Egyptian archaeologist to have excavated in Sudan or to have taught anything related to Sudanese Antiquities in an Egyptian university; you certainly understand that, if one of the otherwise worthless and useless Egyptian universities happened once to invite for semester a Western Egyptologist as visiting professor (in which case the unfortunate Egyptian students will not have to study his seminar and pass the related exams), and if this scholar gave a seminar about Kerma, Napata, Meroe, Mussawarat as-Sufra or Naqa and the local antiquities, we cannot take this event as a «proof» about teaching in Egypt topics related to the Ancient History and Archaeology of Sudan. This is a shame; it is as if Ancient Roman History and Archaeology are not taught in Austrian or Croatian or French universities. It is unthinkable, but this misery is the reality of today’s Egypt the idiotic upper middle class of which is mentally incapacitated to possibly assess.


Archaeological sites and monuments that constitute the Cultural and National Heritage of all African Cushites of Eastern Africa, notably the Oromos, the Sidamas, the Kaffas, etc., and the Arabic-speaking Cushites of today’s central provinces of Sudan

Kerma (Kerma Deffufa)

In der Mitte die Deffufa, links darüber die runde überdachte Versammlungsstätte

Napata – today’s Karima and Jebel Barkal, the Holy Mountain of Amun

Meroe (Bagrawiyah)

Mussawarat as Sufra




There are indeed several foreign archeological missions in Sudan: Swiss, German, Polish, French, etc. But there is no Egyptian archeological mission in Sudan. The filthy pseudo-scholars and bogus-professors of the trashy Egyptian universities cannot understand how the world functions, and -even worse- they do not want to learn how to cope with the civilized countries. In fact, 90% of the academic staff members of the Egyptian universities’ faculties of Humanities are uneducated and besotted cretins, who repeat the same useless falsehood that they had been taught few decades earlier. They would never be hired in other countries’ universities except in case of a political arrangement or deal.

I must now be sarcastic with what I already wrote, and for a good reason! How can one expect two neighboring countries, which share so long borders (ca. 1275 km!) and have had an apparently close political relationship for so long, ………..

……… to know one another at the historical-scholarly, academic-educational, and intellectual-cultural levels,

…….. to develop research cooperation and academic inter-exchanges, and 

——– to attain a high level of mutual knowledge, 

when these two countries do not even have at least two railway lines linking their two capitals, one through the Red Sea coast to Kessala and Khartoum and another through the Nile valley to Darfur, Kordofan and Khartoum?

Already, there is no proper highway linking Cairo to Khartoum.Even low quality asphalt roads in Sudan are a novelty. Highways in Egypt are a luxurious concept reserved for the northern part of the country; the Egyptian ‘South’ (As-Sa’id) is socio-economically distinct from the northern part of the country and markedly under-developed ( As a matter of fact, there is no proper highway in Egypt south of Assiut (Asyut), which is located 350 km south of Cairo. But Aswan is at 860 km south of Cairo, Abu Simbel is at 1130 south of Cairo, and the Egyptian-Sudanese border is at 1180 km south of Cairo. 

Despite its many tourist resorts, Egypt does not have a highway alongside the very long Red Sea coast. The road linking Suez to Hurghada, Safaga, Qoseir, Mersa Alam, Ras Banas and Berenice, Shalateen and Halaib is of a type that I would call «typical provincial road in 1960s’ Greece and Turkey». For ca. 1025 km (Suez-Hurghada: 327 km; Hurghada-Shalateen: 533 km; Shalateen-Halaib: 165 km), one needs more than 15 hours of trip under normal and safe travel conditions. Of course, you may wish to ask me how come they developed Tourism there under such circumstances; well, the answer is simple! There are airports in several of these resorts and charter flights land there from Europe and elsewhere. 

Everything is perversely-conceived, clumsily implemented, and ill-fated in Egypt; in my article (written in the days of so-called ‘Arab Spring’ upheaval, when the ailing Mubarak administration blocked the Internet: 28/1/2011-2/2/2011) about the forthcoming end of the Mubarak regime, I gave Tourism as the example-economic sector of absolute failure of the regime; this is shocking, if you take into consideration that both, the fake news published in all major (but worthless) Egyptian newspapers and the viciously mendacious reports available in pro-Egyptian newspapers of the Western countries, always presented Tourism as the Egyptian economy’s most successful sector. You can find how pathetic was the silly, demented and ignorant Egyptian dictatorial regime’s approach to Tourism in the link below; what is even worse is the fact the brainless Egyptian elites are incorrigible. They simply cannot understand how mistaken their approach was and how they can improve:

If the local elite’s and ruling class’ failure to think, plan and act properly as regards their National Tourism Development was so immense and colossal in Egypt, how do you want the local government and academic-educational establishment to possibly approach normally and correctly, pertinently and effectively sectors like education, research, academic collaboration — either for the country itself or for the neighboring countries? 

Then, any discussion at the level of foreign policy is ridiculous, because no country can have a well-structured info & data background, and a knowledgeable group of interacting scholars, specialized journalists, advisers, military, analysts, pundits, and diplomats without having first the necessary academic background. 

It is as simple as that: you don’t study Sudan; you don’t know Sudan. Then, you have no foreign policy for Sudan. Or if you want it more exactly, your foreign policy for Sudan is merely a superficial attempt and a potential failure. Change now the name of Sudan with that of another country, and then try to do the same for all the countries of the world! In this manner, you will get a clear idea about the uselessness of the so-called «Egyptian state». In reality, it is a colonially setup farcical caricature.

But even the discussion about Egypt’s obscurantist and content-empty universities and the lack of any knowledge on Sudan sounds like a joke in the light of an even more tragic reality that prevails in Egypt. 

This fact is best expressed in the following question:

How can Egyptians study, learn about, and know Sudan sufficiently {so that they first conceptualize the Egyptian-Sudanese relationship within a context amply beneficial for Egypt, second deepen and widen the bilateral relationship across the board, i.e. in all sectors of relations, and third (last) form an effective Egyptian foreign policy for Sudan}, since the Egyptians already do not know themselves and their country in its true historical, ethno-linguistic, and religious dimensions?

Since you are an Oromo, do you know Prof. Asafa Dibaba? Have you read his texts, articles and books? Have you an idea about the research work that he guides young Oromo students to undertake in order to preserve and analyze oral literature, cultural life and traditions, the wealth of the Oromo folklore, and the linguistic treasure of Afaan Oromo? I guess yes! And there are other Oromo scholars in that field too, despite the undeniable fact that, although you are a 40+ million people nation, you don’t have an independent state to govern as per your standards. But….

Do you think that there is one Egyptian able to comprehend, assess, represent and describe the Egyptian culture (or rather the distortion and the lack thereof) as deeply, highly and widely as Prof. Dibaba does with respect to the Oromo culture? Quite unfortunately, there is none.

There has never been in Egypt a proper study (let alone university department) on the Ancient Egyptian and Coptic linguistic impact on the modern dialect that the Egyptians speak.

There has never been in Egypt a proper study (let alone university department) on the Ancient Egyptian and Coptic cultural and religious impact on the modern Egyptians’ traditions, customs, folklore, beliefs and faith.

Egypt’s tragically irreversible and abominably miserable situation hinges on the following two points:

A) Already Egyptian universities’ faculties of Humanities and departments of History ignore the 5+ millennia long Egyptian History for about half of its duration. 

B) Furthermore, Egyptian universities’ faculties of Humanities and departments of History, Literature, Ethnography, Culturology, History of Religions, and Linguistics (if they exist) ignore Egypt itself and the majority of the country’s ethno-linguistic and religious components.

What do I mean? I will first discuss point A.

II. Almost half the History of Egypt is absent from today’s Egyptian universities

Answer if you can the following academic question:

Which is the Egyptian university that ever offered courses or the Egyptian scholar who ever conducted seminars about …? 

a- the 25th (called «Ethiopian», i.e. Cushitic, Sudanese) dynasty?


25th Cushitic (Ethiopian, so Non-Abyssinian) Dynasty of Egypt: Shabaka, Shabataka (Shebitko), Taharqa

Taharqa and Thebes gods at Kawa temple

Taharqa column Karnak


Taharqa shrine Ashmolean Museum


b- the 26th (called «Libyan», i.e. Berber, Hamitic) dynasty?

Psamtek (Psammetichus) I, major pharaoh of the 26th Berber ‘Libyan’ dynasty

Psamtek II, the pharaoh who undertook a military expedition (with Carian and Greek missionaries) down to Napata and destroyed the Cushitic capital.


Psamtek II’s military expedition to Napata left traces (graffiti) in Abu Simbel

Potasimto, the Carian head of foreign mercenaries at the service of Psamtek II


c- the Assyrian occupation of Egypt (670-630 BCE), based on Assyrian cuneiform and Egyptian hieroglyphic texts?

d- the Iranian occupations of Egypt (525-404 BCE and 343-332 BCE), based on Iranian (Old Achaemenid), Egyptian hieroglyphic, and Ancient Greek texts?


Following the invasion of Egypt by the Iranian Achaemenid Emperor Cambyses (525 BCE), Darius I the Great ruled the country as a pharaoh and re-opened the Old Suez Canal, leaving a stela with a quadrilingual inscription (in Egyptian Hieroglyphics, Cuneiform Babylonian, Elamite and Old Achaemenid) on this occasion.


Darius the Great’s Suez Inscriptions: Birth Certificate of the Silk Roads


e- the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt (305-30 BCE), based on Ancient Greek and Egyptian hieroglyphic and demotic texts?

f- the Roman occupation of Egypt (30 BCE — 642 CE), based on Latin, Ancient Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphic and demotic, and Coptic texts?


Egypt, Dendara, relief on temple wall depicting Cleopatra and Caesarion

Cleopatra and Caesarion depicted on the wall of the Hathor Temple at Denderah

Octavian Augustus depicted on the wall of the Mandulis Temple at Kalabsha (Talmis)


g- the diffusion of Ancient Egyptian spirituality, mysticism, religions, mythologies, worldview, messianic soteriology, apocalyptic eschatology, art and architecture in Greece, Rome, the Roman Empire, and the entire European continent?

The last topic (g) is vast and, more importantly, it concerns -not only Egypt but- the entire Black Continent. It bears witness to unique, overwhelming and cataclysmic African and Oriental impact on the formation of the Western civilization. As such, it does matter equally for Egyptians, Oromos, Somalis, Luo, Berbers, Hausa, Igbo, Sudanese, Yoruba, Bantu and Khoisan Africans.

Only for this topic, Egypt should have established 15 research centers and university departments across the country, financed the courses, the publications, the academic travels, explorations and excavations of at least 1000 specialists, who –in addition to their academic tasks- should have popularized the topic in open lectures from China to Argentina to South Africa and from Indonesia to Russia to Morocco.

Egyptian archaeologists and Egyptologists should explore Europe and excavate Ancient Egyptian temples in England, Spain, Hungary, Ukraine, Greece and other lands where the Ancient Egyptian spirituality, wisdom, world conceptualization, religion, mysteries, cults, philosophy, writing and language radiated and impacted the local barbarians, who became civilized only thanks to Isis, Osiris, Horus, Anubis and a multitude of Ancient Egyptian concepts that later gave form and contents to Catholic Christianity, i.e. another Oriental religion that was diffused in Europe. 

As a matter of fact, during the period 1st c. BCE — 4th c. CE, hundreds of Egyptian temples were built across Europe, Italy, Greece (from Ukraine to Portugal and from Britain to the Balkans) and in Rome itself, the capital of the Roman Empire; all the people became fascinated with and attracted by the Egyptian priests, who traveled there, because at those days the territories of today’s Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, Holland, England, Portugal, Morocco and many other countries belonged to the same state, i.e. the Roman Empire.

The incomparable Egyptian sacerdotal and spiritual superiority over the Greek, Roman and European traditions reduced the Ancient Greek, Roman and European priests to impotency, marginality and worthlessness at the eyes of the Greeks, the Romans and the Europeans. So overwhelming the diffusion of Egyptian cults and beliefs in Greece, Rome and Europe was that the profane, impious and blasphemous concepts of “politics”, “theater”, “philosophy”, and “democracy” were completely disregarded and abandoned as barbaric concepts compared to the holiness of the Egyptian mysteries, messianic eschatology, and apocalyptic soteriology. That’s why Roman laws were issued to prevent the diffusion and the practice of Egyptian cults (of Isis, Osiris, Horus, Ra, Anubis, Sarapis and other Egyptian representations of the Divine). 


The diffusion of Isis’ cults, mysteries, theology, cosmogony and messianic eschatology across the Mediterranean and the Roman Empire turned the Isis Temple at the Island of Philae (5 km south of Aswan) into a unique and unprecedented holy shrine across the then known world, because pilgrims from Europe, Asia and Africa were traveling to worship Isis there.

Temple of Isis at Delos, Aegean Sea

Temple of Isis at Pompeii

Temple of Isis and Serapis at Rome

Temple of Isis in Hungary (reconstruction)

Fresco depicting Osiris’ sarcophagus from the Iseum (Temple of Isis) at Pompeii

Roman statue of Isis

The location of Isis Temple in Roman Lutetia (today’s Paris)

The Temple of Isis at the Island of Philae, 5 km south of Aswan

Graffiti of Greek and Roman pilgrims and adorers of Isis on the walls of the Temple at Philae

Isis Temple at Philae, visited in 1839 by the Scottish painter David Roberts


The most important Ancient Greek intellectuals, namely Plutarch (the high priest of Delphi, Ancient Greece’s most venerated temple) wrote extensively about the cults and the practices of the Greek believers of Isis. Ancient Greeks and Romans traveled from their homes to the holiest temple of Isis at the island of Philae (5 km south of Aswan in Upper Egypt, i.e. no less than 1080 km south of Alexandria) for their lives’ foremost pilgrimage in the region of the First Cataract of the Nile and they wrote brief inscriptions on the walls of the holy temple to immortalize their faith and document their dedication.

Yet, of all this monumental documentation not one Egyptian pseudo-scholar and bogus-intellectual, fake professor, uneducated sheikh or ignorant imam knows anything today. Not one specialist, not one Egyptian Egyptologist has the slightest idea about all these vast and determinant pages of Egyptian and World History; and subsequently not one among them teaches or can teach this subject to the so-called students of the Egyptian ‘universities’. Not one book is written in Arabic about all this, nothing is presented in an Egyptian magazine, nothing is discussed in radio and TV stations across Egypt, and of course, not one manual of History writes anything about the aforementioned. 

This is how today’s fake Egyptians are disconnected from their true past, being totally unaware of their ancestors’ impact on Greeks, Romans and Europeans. And this is the shameful way today’s fake Egyptians have been adapted to the bogus-historical dogma and the distortions diffused by the villainous Post-Renaissance European colonial academics, thus compromising their national identity, cultural continuity, and moral integrity.

Since today’s pathetic Egyptians do not know anything about all this, they are unable to diffuse this knowledge to all the rest of the Africans, who would then start to learn about the long and great period of African influence and Hamitic/Cushitic cultural-religious-spiritual impact on the entire European continent. That’s why Modern Egyptians’ educational-academic-intellectual-cultural submission to their colonizers, i.e. the barbarians of France, England and America has caused a double harm, first to Egypt itself as a nation, and second to Africa in its totality.

This situation is of course entirely due to colonial interference in, impact on, and guidance of, the pathetic Egyptian regime (first pseudo-royal: 1798-1952; and then dictatorial, pseudo-republican: 1952-2021). There has never been one Modern Egyptian able to reject the Western colonial fallacy and pseudo-historical dogma of Greco-Romano-centrism.

By controlling Egypt (for 223 years), the three main colonial powers (France, England and America) have at the same time controlled the entire Africa. This means that there are many layers of colonial control over Africa and that they are not easily detectable, let alone visible.

Now, I continue the brief list of critical examples, i.e. points that have never been taught in Egypt’s fake universities, popularized by the Egyptian publishing houses, and diffused by the country’s mass media. So, I will repeat the original question, but I will advance with the enumeration of points.

Answer if you can the following academic question:

Which is the Egyptian university that ever offered courses or the Egyptian scholar who ever conducted seminars about …? 

h- the Periplus of the Red Sea (also known as the Periplus of the Erythraean Sea), which is the World History’s most informative text (dating back to ca. 70 CE) about the History of the Silk-, Spice- and Perfume-Routes and in general about the trade among the Roman Empire, Meroe, Axum, Iran, Yemen, different states of South and Southeast Asia, East Africa, and China? 

This Ancient Greek text was written by an Egyptian Alexandrian captain and merchant, who traveled across the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean extensively during the 1st CE. The text highlights the position of Egypt (although the land was then a mere Roman province) worldwide, but today’s Egyptians must know nothing about this.

i- the Gnostic religious, spiritual, mystical, cosmological and theological systems, and more particularly Hermetism (or Hermeticism), that were elaborated in Egypt during the Ptolemaic and Roman times and then spread across the Mediterranean and the entire Roman Empire? Hermetism, 700 years before Prophet Muhammad, declared the concept of prisca theologia, i.e. that irrespective of the existence of different religions, the truth faith, spirituality and divine studies are only one, and all the rest constitute either deformations or mistakes. Hermetism is the religion of Hermes Trismegistus to whom the Hermetic texts have been attributed; in the first tractate (Poimandres), the revelation of God is offered in dialogical form. Hermes Trismegistus’ impact on Islam was cataclysmic, because the Corpus Hermeticum was translated to Arabic and thence to other languages, thus becoming the epicenter of Islamic Spirituality. Hermes Trismegistus’ Emerald Tablet was translated – for the study of none else than the Abbasid Emperor Harun al-Rashid, the greatest caliph of all times – by none other than Jabir ibn Hayyan, one of the greatest scholars of the Islamic World. The entire works of Hermes Trismegistus were viewed as sacred texts and many Muslims identified him with the Prophet Idris, who is mentioned in the Quran. The fact is the Hermetism was born in Egypt and it constitutes one of the most illustrious pages of the Egyptian History; however, the pathetic Egyptian universities prevent the study and the popularization of the subject only to defend the theological forgery of the pseudo-Sunni Al Azhar university.


Gnostic amulet with the initials I, A, O

Hermetic books in Latin translation

Hermetic texts translated in Arabic before more than 1200 years – totally unknown to today’s useless Egyptian universities

Djawty – Thot: the Ancient Egyptian concept of Wisdom of God, at the origin of the Gnostic perception of the Only God Poimandres of Hermes Trismegistus.

Hermes Trismegistus represented in the Christian Catholic Cathedral of Sienna


This topic is also vast and the country would certainly need 100 Egyptian specialists to describe, analyze and highlight the Gnosticisms of the Late Antiquity. Even more importantly, the famous Manuscripts of Nag Hammadi should be duly and properly described in the manuals of the Egyptian Secondary Education because for Egypt’s national interests, they are more important than the Quran.

Truly, why are the Dead Sea Scrolls featured in Israel’s Secondary Education historical manuals, whereas the Manuscripts of Nag Hammadi are not even mentioned in Egypt’s Secondary Education historical manuals? Most probably, because Israel is not a failed state like Egypt, and many Israeli academics are worldwide acknowledged and acclaimed, but Egypt’s pseudo-academics and bogus-professors are hiding in order not to let others realize their ignorance, servility toward the Western colonials, and Islamist obscurantism!

j- the scholars who lived and worked in the Library of Alexandria, whose texts or fragments of works have been saved until our days?

As a matter of fact, Eratosthenes belongs to Ancient Egyptian, Libyan and African History more than to Ancient Greek or Roman History; he was a Hamitic Berber originating from Cyrene (near Shahhat, ca. 25 km east of Bayda in today’s NE Libya’s coast) and became the chief librarian at the Library of Alexandria. He wrote in Ancient Greek to diffuse his texts and studies among the ignorant Greek colons across the Orient; but the academic-scientific foundations and the sources of his studies were exclusively Ancient Egyptian and his focus of interest was Egypt. In fact, historical works written on Egyptian soil, even if they are written in other languages (Aramaic, Achaemenid Iranian, Hebrew, Greek, Latin or Arabic) are still part of the historical-cultural Egyptian Heritage. There cannot be Egyptian historical manuals of the Secondary Education that do not mention the most famous chief librarian at the Library of Alexandria.

Map of the world as per Eratosthenes’s texts (made by Christian monks and copyists during the Christian times)

k- Ptolemy the Geographer, the Antiquity’s most famous geographer, who was an Egyptian and wrote (in Ancient Greek) the greatest topographical-geographical treatise of pre-Islamic times (which was later translated into Arabic as Almagest and was referred to by all the Islamic times’ scholars, geographers, astronomers-astrologers and other erudite polymaths). Not only there was never a seminar in an Egyptian university about Ptolemy the Geographer (whose Geography is a lengthy text that states names and coordinates of all the locations of the then known world), but, as it was already attested in many other cases, the ignorant Egyptian pseudo-professors do not react to the colonial fallacy as per which Ptolemy the Geographer was a Greek, whereas he was evidently an Alexandrian Egyptian. 

Map of the world as Ptolemy’s Geography (made by Eastern Roman monks and copyists, possibly Maximus Planudes, during the Christian times)

l- Manichaeism (Mani may have been a 3rd c. CE Iranian who wrote in Aramaic and in Pahlavi Iranian) but at the end of the 3rd c. CE the majority of Alexandria’s population was Manichaean and followed the religion of Mani. Manichaeism was the World History’s first religion to spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific; Mani’s dogma influenced Christianity, Islam and all the secret societies of the modern Western world. Fathers of the Catholic Church and major Islamic tariqas (schools of spirituality) were impact by cosmological, eschatological and moral concepts, as well as spiritual practices of Manichaeism.

I could add several other topics, but the above is quite indicative. For a country with History starting around 3000 BCE, if the period from 1200 BCE to 642 CE is not mentioned in the historical manuals of the Secondary Education at all, not studied in any university department, not popularized by the publishing houses, and not discussed in the mass media constantly, an enormous gap is produced only at the detriment of the entire nation. Even worse problems arise if the universities of a country do not study systematically the country’s religious minorities and ethno-linguistic groups that are –all- objects of study in other countries’ universities. I will now discuss point B.

III. Most of Egypt’s ethno-linguistic and religious components are absent from today’s Egyptian universities

Egypt today consists of

1- Sinai Bedouins,

2- Berbers of the country’s NW confines (Siwa, Mersa Matrouh, Salloum),

3- Nubians of the South (two distinct tribes and languages, namely Kinzi and Fidjeki (Fiadidja) / and and — with plenty of colonial misinformation, of course!),

4- Beja of the SE confines (Wadi Allaqi, Ras Banas, Shalateen, Halaib),

5- Copts (Christians),

6- Shia Muslims and

7- Sunni Muslims.

This makes seven different ethno-religious entities. I don’t mention minor groups like the Bahai and others.

I will not speak about oppression and persecution, which exist widely and profoundly, but are not the direct result of governmental decision-making. But I will ask you a simple question:

– Tell me! How many ministers in Egypt were Nubians, and how many three stars generals were Copts?

The answer is simple:

– None!

In fact, Egypt is a pseudo-Islamic, ‘Sunni’ obscurantist country where people hate to learn, let alone study, the ‘other’. But do not get me wrong! Saying the above, I am not referring to the level of social authorities, state organizations, and the Egyptian government. Why? Because — although it sounds bizarre to say it — this is less important than what truly happens in Egypt. And the problem is deeply social; it starts from the average people; there is a suicidal ignorance of the ‘other’, a mutually self-inflicted darkness, and a reciprocally self-imposed hatred of knowledge about one another. Before accusing the government, in Egypt one must accuse the people for what happens. It is not a situation imposed by the government.

The paranoid situation is as simple as that: the ignorant, demented Sunni pseudo-Muslims turned their abject poverty and miserable life into an unprecedentedly enormous, toxic odium, which sustains them not in real life, but in a non-life that they want to prolong from generation to generation. I speak for outright majority of the population, so -you understand- the exceptions only reconfirm the rule.

The average Sunni Egyptians do not want to even know details about the Shia Egyptians, (at least 25% of the Egyptian Muslims), the Copts, the Nubians, and the other minorities of Egypt. As characters, they may be kind, friendly, sociable and helpful, but when the topic of mutual knowledge and understanding among the country’s ethno-linguistic and religious groups/minorities comes, then all these average, common, kind and friendly people become venomous enemies who try to repel any contact with the ‘other’, let alone to suggestion of attempt to learn about the other’s faith, language, traditions and practices.

There is no governmental oppression in Egypt; the country does not consist in a political dictatorship. It is a social tyranny, which is even imposed on the government, which is intimated to turn against it. The uneducated Sunni mob that follows the brainless and clueless, pseudo-Muslim sheikhs and imams constitutes a particular case of not centrally controlled, popular self-tyranny of monstrously and inhumanly imposed ignorance.

As I already said, there is also a Bahai religious minority in Egypt. So, ask if you please a Muslim, a Nubian or a Copt in Egypt about what the Bahais believe and what the Bahai dogma is all about!

Nice joke! They know nothing! Of course, I don’t demand from average people the analysis of an expert in History of Religions; but since they live next to one another, they must know what their differences are – at least in brief. But first, they don’t know, and second -which is evil and deeply anti-Islamic-, they don’t want to learn.

And this is the full proof of their total dissociation from Islam, because Islam imposes knowledge at the beginning of everything.

Do you think that any of these ethno-religious groups are given due respect, study, research and educational presentation in Egypt? Not at all!

At the university level, the Shekacho Nation may eventually be a topic of study in Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia), but the Copts, the Nubians, the Bejas, the Berbers or the illustrious ‘Shia’ Islamic past (the Fatimid dynasty) are never studied in Egypt. For the country’s fake universities, the absence of a Department of Coptic Language, Literature, History, Archaeology, Art History, and Theology is tantamount to the absence of a Department of Italian Language, Literature, History, Archaeology, and Art History from the universities of Switzerland. This is unthinkable.

In Egypt’s fake universities, there is not a single Department of Beja Studies and there is not one Egyptian specialist, linguist, ethnographer, historian, philologist, archaeologist or culturologist, who ever studied the Beja, a Cushitic nation that lives in territories of three countries, namely Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea, alongside the Red Sea Coast. Not one Egyptian bothered to learn their language and dialects, their culture and traditions, their folklore and oral literature. Even worse, the average Egyptians are so uneducated, ignorant and dark that in their outright majority they never heard the name of that minority.

And, to add insult to injury, when someone speaks to average Egyptians about the existence of the Beja on Egyptian soil, the most common attitude of the average Egyptians is that they do not want to even learn few basic points about the Beja. This is due to the darkness of their fake Islam and to their uneducated, evil and cursed sheikhs, who diffuse among the average people a fallacious doctrine, presenting it as the ‘truth’. And as per the prescriptions of that doctrine, ‘Muslims’ (i.e. what these fake sheikhs idiotically believe that a Muslim is!) have to ignore and isolate the ‘other’ and focus on themselves and their ‘tradition’.

It will depict Egypt as a farcical caricature, but I must say it! Do not imagine that the Beja people in Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea preserve their traditional African religion, which had many affinities with the Ancient Egyptian and Cushitic religions and spirituality! The Beja are Muslims! However, I am sure that you heard something about Darfur. All the people who live in Darfur and the Furi Nation are Muslims; but they were massacred by the criminal Janjaweed pseudo-Muslims of Khartoum, namely all those evil gangsters who believe the Fake Islam of the pseudo-universities of Al Azhar (Cairo), Medina and Mecca.   

Similarly, there is no Department of Nubian Studies in an Egyptian ‘university’ and there is not one Egyptian specialist, linguist, ethnographer, historian, philologist, archaeologist, culturologist, who studied the Nubians, their language and dialects, their culture and traditions, their folklore and oral literature. Nubians live in large parts of Egypt and the Sudan. From Edfu (Egypt) to Ad Dabbah (Sudan), Nubians live alongside the Nile for no less than 1000 km. Despite the significant use of Nubians that the Egyptian state makes within the context of Tourism, no further interest is shown to them. They have no schools in Nubian language and they are thus exposed to the Arabization policies pursued by the Cairo governments; this is the epitome of colonial servility toward the colonial masters and at the same time, it demonstrates the true nature of Modern Egypt: an Anglo-French-US colony that exists only to implement locally the policies ordered by the evil colonial metropolises.

It is there time to ask a logical question:

– Since the Egyptian universities and all the other state authorities and educational / research organizations never developed study programs or research projects and never organized academic courses or seminars about the Nubians, who constitute an important component of their own country, how can one possibly expect the disreputable pseudo-universities of that colonized territory, which is named ‘Egypt’ and is given a fanciful but truly meaningless seat at the UN General Assembly, to possibly develop an interest in studying other African nations that are located in neighboring countries like Sudan, Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia), Kenya, Uganda, etc.?

There was never a university department in Egypt to promote the study of, and the research about, the Sudanese Nuba, Berta, Anyuak, Nuer, and Dinka, the Kenyan-Ugandan Luo, and any other Nilo-Saharan nation in any sense (and I am referring particularly to Nilo-Saharan nations here, because the Nubians are one of them).

After all the aforementioned points, no one can possibly expect to find in Egypt people who are able to realize that 

a-  the fake theological doctrine that their ignorant sheikhs and imams ‘study’ has nothing to do with the true, historical Islam as documented on the basis of innumerable written sources,

b- the Berbers of NW Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania have far greater value than any worthless indoctrination either with political ideologies (like Pan-Arabism/Arab Nationalism) or via theological doctrines (such as Political Islam and Salafism), and

c- the Berbers must therefore become the great topic of due exploration, research, university study, publications, academic-educational concern, and average public interest (promoted through publications of books, references in the mass media, and movies).

For many people worldwide it will look unbelievable, but it is true! Although more than 10% of today’s Egyptians are Copts, there is not a single Department of Coptic History, Language, Literature, Linguistics, Art History, Culturology or History of Religion in an Egyptian University whereby all topics pertaining to Copts, their faith, culture and civilization to be properly studied and explored.

On the contrary, a counterfeit pseudo-university named Al Azhar (that you should call «one of the world’s most dangerous bogus-academic venues») diffuses obsolete and childish methods of study, academic forgery, intellectual pestilence, and unlimited theological disrespect for the ‘other’; the real purpose of ‘studying’ the major religions of today’s world in that bogus-university is to ‘prove’ that the other religions are ‘wrong’ and that the various mythologies are ‘material for children’s books’. In fact, today’s Al Azhar -which has absolutely nothing in common with the historical Al Azhar university before 700 years (no continuity and no comparison)- promotes incomprehensibility to the supreme stage of ‘science’, knowledge and wisdom.

Do you know how the pseudo-professors of Egypt’s Al Azhar «teach» Hindu religion? By reading modern English bibliography for the general public and by stupidly «evaluating» Hindu Mythology through their already rotten and inane pseudo-Islamic viewpoint! They are so fake and ridiculous that they don’t learn first the languages (ancient or modern) in which the basic sacred texts and historical theological dissertations have been written. This ‘darkness’ is taught as ‘science’ in Egypt where not one university offers graduate and postgraduate curriculum in Sanskrit and Prakrit Literature.

These useless pseudo-professors, who are paid with the taxes of the average Egyptians in order to perpetuate the ignorance and the darkness nationwide, thus continuing the vicious circle of pseudo-science and bogus-education, cannot understand symbols, myths, epics, transcendental wisdom, mysticism, spirituality, esotericism, codified terminology, semiotics, and a plethora of other key notions. Consequently, they think that the ancient mythologies, cosmogonies and messianic apocalypses (from Sumer, Elam, Akkad, Assyria and Babylon to the Hittites, the Phoenicians, the Egyptians, the Iranians, the Turanian Tengrists, the Dravidians, and others), which constitute the Mankind’s greatest and closest (but also the most difficult to interpret) approach to the Divine World, are merely fairy tales for children.

In fact, Al Azhar represents the epicenter of intellectual contamination and covered Islamic terrorism, because the vitriolic paranoia that they teach constitutes the very foundation of anti-Islamic Islamism. Since 1801, they have therefore usurped the fair name of the historical Al Azhar medresa, which before 1000 or 500 years was a splendid center of wisdom, science, spirituality, knowledge, exploration and research.

At this point, you may want to ask what made the difference between Al Azhar’s illustrious academic past and execrable educational present. The response is relatively simple: two significant historical developments produced disastrous results, namely

a) the decadence of the Islamic World, which is due to the gradual prevalence of pseudo-Islamic, ignorant theologians like Ahmed ibn Hanbal and Ahmed ibn Taimiyyah, and

b) the colonization of the Ottoman province of Misir (Egypt), starting with Napoleon and his idiotic puppet, Muhammad Ali, who was a treacherous soldier gullible enough to believe the lies of the French and the English, who promised him for several  decades that they would help him become the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

The tragi-comical situation in Egypt’s fake universities is still far worse than what someone can imagine as the world’s most degenerate conceptualization and most desperate materialization of ‘learning center’. The demented Egyptian ‘academics’ have set up departments of English Literature in their clownish universities, but there is not a single Department of Coptic Language, Literature, Theology, Art History and History.

The problem is essentially double: first, such departments must be organized and made available; second, and more importantly, once made available, these departments must attended by Egyptian students under following proportions: 10% Copts and 90% Muslims (i.e. corresponding to the nationwide percentage of both religions’ followers in Egypt). Otherwise, they would be nationally useless and academically-educationally mediocre.

What today’s average Egyptians cannot understand (and this is the reason of every governmental failure) is that the following is a perfect example of normal academic life (in two sides):

– an Egyptian Muslim professor of Coptic Grammar, correcting a Copt student and teaching him the details of the Copts’ holy language (Copts believe that Coptic, which is the continuation of Ancient Egyptian language written in Greek characters, is the very Angelic Language, the Only Holy among all human languages), and

– an Egyptian Copt professor of Islamic Hadith, correcting a Muslim student and teaching him the details of the chain of preservation (isnad) of a specific hadith.

To become educationally and academically normal, an Egyptian Muslim must accept the aforementioned example as a reality (for the Copts), learn it, explore it, pass a Ph.D. in this field, and then teach related topics at the academic level, pretty much like many Christian Orthodox Russian professors became top specialists in Tatar, Kazakh, Circassian, Chechen and other languages, and in the literature, the culture, the archaeology, and the History of Russia’s Muslim nations. And the same is also valid for the Egyptian Copt (the other side of the example).

IV. Victims of Academic-Educational-Intellectual-Cultural Colonialism, today’s Egyptians do not learn their own History, while also ignoring Islamic History and Civilization

Critical periods of Egyptian History, notably the Christian and Islamic times, are extensively documented within major historical works on national importance for today’s Egypt, namely the Coptic Chronicle of Nikiu and the Chronicle of Severus ibn al Muqaffa, which is also known as History of the Patriarchs of Alexandria, but not one Egyptian knows a word about them — except of course the Copts.

But the Copts are forced to learn about their past, which is Egypt’s past (whereas the lives of Prophet Muhammad’s companions are not), in church seminars that are conducted under terrible worry and real fear, and with the repressive feeling that clandestine activities are being conducted in this manner! About:

Still, these Coptic Chronicles testify to many critical historical points of Egypt’s History during the Christian and Islamic times, and if the texts were duly mentioned in the Egyptian Secondary Education and adequately revealed in public, they would generate great sensation, thus fully impacting the country’s pathetic foreign policy, ludicrous stance in international relations, ill-fated approach toward African countries, and overall orientation. Today’s ignorant and idiotic Egyptians’ ‘common sense’ would appear to them in its exact dimensions and nature: nonsensical.

There are even translations of these Coptic Chronicles in Western languages, but none in Modern Arabic; even worse, there are no modern Egyptian authors to have published about, commented on, and referred to these texts. On the contrary, there is an effort to keep the texts concealed and the Egyptians unaware of these historical sources and plunged in the fallacies that the gangsters of the Western embassies and consulates in Egypt diffuse. This shows how correct I am in my analysis.

If these texts were made publicly known, they would trigger several socio-political surprises (that the Western diplomats want to permanently avert):

– the anti-Western Muslims would be tremendously satisfied and they would start respecting and revering the true, historical Christianity, due to the Christian Coptic rejection of the West’s pseudo-Christian dogma and Fake Jesus; and

– the pro-Western Copts and the pro-Western Muslims would be dissatisfied because their immoral, debased and paranoid admiration of the West would prove to be a suicidal act that deforms Kemet’s/Masr’s true historical identity and religious integrity and consists in a shame for today’s Egyptian society.

Of course, even more displeased would be the colonial elites of France, England, Vatican, USA, etc., because many of their lies would be exposed to historical truth. It is therefore high time to ask the following question:

– who wants to keep this historical documentation unknown to today’s Egyptians?

The answer is simple: the colonial gangsters and their local puppets, e.g. the pro-Western (or westernized) Egyptians and the Islamists; despite their apparent opposition, these two groups are emphatically identical (like the two sides of the same coin), because they form the two parts of the fake debate that the colonial gangsters installed in Egypt (similarly with what they did in all of their other colonies) in order to

a) remove the local interest from whatever helps Egyptians achieve self-awareness, national identity formulation, proper nation-building, and cultural integrity retention, and

b) divert the local interest toward nonexistent or fake issues that pull Egypt down to the swamp of ignorance and self-destruction.

Another very simple example: every average Egyptian knows about the famous Coptic family of businessmen named Sawiris; but nobody among them knows that Sawiris is merely the Arabic deformation of the Coptic name Severus, which is Latin of origin.

Why do this darkness and this deep ignorance exist? 

Because the Egyptians never became a nation; they never achieved self-awareness, self-knowledge and self-identification. These developments were due to the fact that they were the target of the French, English and American colonial gangsters of whom I spoke in previous parts of my correspondence, and the Egyptians did not realize the subtle forms of academic-educational-intellectual-cultural colonialism and they did not timely and properly react against them. This monstrous disfigurement of the local population’s identity was in reality the epicenter of the colonization process in Egypt. 

Since extreme ignorance, barbarism, idiocy and misery prevail in today’s Egypt, how can one expect them to set up a Department of Linguistics in which to explore the cataclysmic influence of the Coptic language on the modern language and dialects that the Egyptians speak, calling them Modern or Common Arabic? In fact, their dialects constitute a mixed form of language, not ‘Arabic’. If one wishes to know why today’s Egyptians do not study, do not want to study, and even are not allowed (by their colonial masters) to study the tremendous impact of Coptic on their modern dialects, the answer will be very simple.

Because in this case the colonially fabricated, diffused and imposed myth of Pan-Arabism would collapse automatically! And this falsehood of Pan-Arabism is not the Egyptians’ or others’ invention or fabrication; it is the vicious distortion of History undertaken by the French academia since the time of Napoleon.

This is the colonial felony by which the local population remained always a mentally, behaviorally, educationally, intellectually, academically and culturally handicapped populace, an invalid mass of totally incapacitated pseudo-Egyptians, who cannot understand what happened to them, let alone how and by what evildoing they were reduced to such extreme misery and abysmal debilitation.

So, what is today’s ‘Egypt’ after all?

Merely a failed technical entity, a non-nation, and a nonexistent state that propagates the self-destructive falsehood (that was created by that populace’s worst enemies, i.e. their colonial masters) as per which the Egyptians are «Arab»; that’s why their otherwise shameful state is called Jumhuriyah Masr al-Arabiyah, which literally means «Republic of the Arab Masr».

But in reality, not a drop of Arab blood flows in the veins of the Egyptians. Unless they overthrow this fallacy and they find their true identity, they will never function normally as a nation, as a state, and as a people. 

So, you understand that all this generates an explosive social situation. It is so dramatic and calamitous that an Oromo can understand it quite well through the next two sentences: 

– An Amhara or Tigray knows an Oromo (and vice versa) better than a Muslim Egyptian knows a Copt (and vice versa).

– A Waaqeffatta Oromo knows about Tewahedo Christianity and a Tigray, an Amhara and a Gurage know about Waaqeffanna more than a Muslim Egyptian knows about Coptic Monophysitic Christianity and a Copt knows about Islam. 

If such is the execrable ignorance and the prevailing darkness that prevail among Egypt’s fake educational, academic, intellectual, journalistic and scientific circles, how do you expect Egyptians to possible know or study Sudan, Libya and then become acquainted with what happened in the past and what currently happens in other lands like Abyssinia, Somalia, Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania, etc.?

The same ignorance and the same darkness are also attested in Egypt’s fake educational, academic, intellectual, journalistic and scientific circles, when it comes to Islam and the Islamic civilization. Do not be surprised!

By the way, many times, all my Egyptian friends have heard vividly angry words of denunciation and rejection from me, because I repeatedly had animated discussions with them, during which I totally dismissed their idea and imagination that «they are Muslims». They truly know nothing of Islam.

All they know about Islam is an array of unnecessary narratives about the life of Prophet Muhammad, his wives, his relatives and all the details that are totally irrelevant to the Spirituality that Prophet Muhammad embodied, to the Moral Principles that he preached, and the Life Paradigm that he taught throughout his life. They fail to perceive Islam as an array of spiritual and moral principles to which they must adjust all of their acts; then the end result of this nonsense is that there are too many words in their unwise mouths, too little knowledge in their empty minds, and too much evilness in their deeds, which are in total contradiction with their hypocritical words.

I must admit that this situation does not concern only the Egyptian Muslims, but many other nations from Morocco to Indonesia; however, since we examine now what the Oromos can expect from Egypt, it is worthy discussing the phenomenon to some extent with focus on Egypt. 

Even worse, Egyptian Muslims are engulfed in an extremely false delusion of Islam, which derives from their focus on useless narratives, and they have difficulty to accurately discern the reality and to understand me and what I say and mean. I will therefore give you some details:  

Not only has no Egyptian known about the following topics -which are critical for a proper, pertinent knowledge of Islam-, not only there is no mention of the topics below in the Secondary Education manuals in Egypt, but also there is no department or faculty in an Egyptian ‘university’ that offers curricula on these topics:

a- the great historical mosques and madrasas of Isfahan, Mashhad (Iran), Samarqand, Bukhara, Khiva (Uzbekistan), Herat (Afghanistan), Moltan, Lahore (Pakistan), Delhi, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Srinagar, Lucknow, Agra, Mumbai (India), An-Najaf, Kerbala, Samarrah (Iraq), Sivas, Kayseri, Istanbul, Bursa, Erzerum (Turkey), Kairouan (Tunisia), Marrakesh (Morocco), Jenne Jeno (Mali), Jiblah (Yemen), Kazan, Astrakhan, Kasimov, Ufa, Derbent (Russia), Kashgar, Turfan, Yarkand, Hotan (Eastern Turkestan, Sinkiang) Xi’an (China), etc.;

b- the great Islamic monuments (palaces, caravanserais, castles, defensive walls, imperial tombs, etc.) in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan, Bosnia, Albania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, Senegal, Nigeria and elsewhere;

c- the great Islamic observatories of Maragheh (Iran, 13th c.) and Samarqand (Uzbekistan, 15th c.) that were those times’ most advanced learned centers in Astronomy and Astrology worldwide;

d- the art of the Iranian, Turkic-Central Asiatic, and Mughal book, miniatures and painting;

e- anything substantive as regards the Islamic sciences from their establishment (mainly in late 7th c.-early 8th c.) until the 16th c.; this fact has a calamitous result because over the past two centuries colonial academics and experts totally altered the contents of the Islamic sciences fully misinterpreting them;

{Even worse, dozens of thousands of Islamic times’ scientific manuscripts are kept hidden and deliberately unstudied in Western libraries and museums, because the systems and the methods of the Islamic sciences (which were the continuation, the extension and the amelioration of the Ancient Oriental, Sumerian, Assyrian-Babylonian, Egyptian, Aramaean, Turanian and Iranian, sciences) stand in total opposition to the Modern Western sciences, therefore rejecting the fallacious results, conclusions, assumptions, and distortions of the modern Western academic-scientific establishment.} 

f- all the Islamic times’ spiritual masters, mystics, sages, erudite scholars, alchemists, polymaths, explorers, thinkers, philosophers, epic poets, historians, linguists, natural scientists, astronomers, and authors; the very few Islamic times’ scholars and intellectuals who are familiar to today’s Egyptians are known only as names; their works are not read, their contents are not mentioned in high school courses, and there are no university seminars about them; great Islamic spiritual movements that determined the historical developments in large parts of the Islamic world are totally unknown in Egypt; 

g- the Islamic History of almost all the Islamic realms is totally unknown to the Egyptians and scrupulously kept out of both, the Secondary Education historical manuals and the university course paperbacks; absolutely nothing is known to the Egyptians about the History of Islamic Times from Andalusia to the Khanate of Siberia, from Abbasid Baghdad to the great Islamic empires of the 16th-18th c. (Ottoman Caliphate, Safavid Iran, Mughal Empire of South Asia), and from the East African Somali and Bantu sultanates to the Hausa Kingdom of Zaria where the warrior Queen Amina — only before 400 hundred years — was leading her troops at the battlefield, drawing her sword while engaging in frontal battles with the armies of the enemies (; you understand of course that, when ignorant pseudo-Muslim sheikhs and imams ‘teach’ the stupidity that a Muslim woman must wear ‘hejab’, they cannot possibly want people to know about the illustrious Muslim queen of West Africa. Knowledge of true History destroys their evil, pseudo-Islamic doctrines.).

V. Ignorance-based Pseudo-religion of today’s Egyptians and their Political Manipulation by the Colonial Powers 

Actually, this ignorance about the true, historical Islam, which characterizes today’s Muslims, is the main reason for the appearance of Islamic terrorism, extremism, and radicalism, which is condemned by all hypocritical pseudo-authorities of today’s fake Islam, but as phenomenon it survives and expands. The fallacious pseudo-Islamic teachings of all fake Islamic universities worldwide teach tyrannically a fake Islam that never existed and they systematically do not teach and try to erase the true, historical Islam, as it is documented in all the historical sources. They want to impose their debased theological doctrine as ‘Islam’, deleting the true, well-documented History of Islamic World.

The ensuing result is today’s very tragic reality; in fact there is no theoretical, theological, ideological, and – more importantly – behavioral difference between

a) all the average (and fake) Muslims in Egypt and elsewhere across the Muslim world, and

b) the Islamic terrorist groups. 

Simply, the former denounce, and are ordered by their hypocritical pseudo-sheikhs and bogus-imams to denounce the terrorists’ acts. But the beliefs of the former are identical – for at least ca. 95%-99% – with the ideas of the latter. I can tell you what! Prepare an entire team ready to undertake a major research project as per the steps below:

I- First, visit 500 Islamic terrorists and extremists in the jails where they are imprisoned and write down their responses to 100 questions about key points pertaining to Islam and to the correct behavior of a Muslim in daily life!

II- Then, keep their responses (500 in total) aside (500 persons’ responses to 100 questions)! 

III- Second, undertake an even longer and wider investigation! Go to 50 different Muslim countries and in each of them interrogate 1000 average people that you will pay for their time to respond to the same 100 questions about key points pertaining to Islam and to the correct behavior of a Muslim in daily life.

IV- You will thus collect 50000 responses (50000 persons’ responses to 100 questions).

V- then, spend time to compare the 50000 responses of the «average Muslims» with the 500 responses of the imprisoned Islamic terrorists and extremists!

Your conclusion will be that the two groups of interviewees offer absolutely identical responses as regards the Questionnaire (the 100 key points pertaining to Islam); I can guarantee this to you, so that you save time and money! However, if a research center does truly undertake a research project like that, the analytical publication of the results will terminate once for all the calamitous delusion imposed by evil politicians, military, pseudo-academics, bogus-intellectuals and the world’s vicious mainstream media on this critical topic. To describe the situation in a most accurate and very brief manner, I will only point out the following:

The average (and fake) Muslims in Egypt and elsewhere across the Muslim world, and the Islamic terrorist groups, if truly examined as regards their beliefs, ideas, convictions, attitudes and behaviors, will prove to be communicating vessels.

However, if all the Muslims in Egypt and elsewhere knew the true History of Islam, i.e. the true historical Islam, they would know that in Islamic Andalusia (Iberian Peninsula) — that the Islamic terrorists, extremists, and fundamentalists, as well as an enormous number of average Muslims want to convert to Islam by force in the near future — there were male prostitutes for women wishing to satisfy their needs.

This is the true Islam, as lived and practiced across the centuries, when Muslims excelled in sciences, arts, letters, spirituality and intellectual explorations; I don’t say that this situation is correct or wrong. I say that every true civilization has its heights and its depths, but no civilization comes out of the execrable theology, the pseudo-doctrine of today’s imams, and the political ideology of their followers, which are only some of the byproducts of the phenomenon of intellectual-academic-cultural colonialism. These degenerate imams and the besotted political leaders of today’s Muslim world do not represent any continuity of the pre-colonial Islamic societies; they do not originate from Timur, Babur, Ismail Safavi, or Selim I (to name some outstanding Muslim emperors). Today’s Muslim world’s theological, ideological and political heads originate – without even understanding it – from their French, English and American colonial masters, who through sophisticated machinations drove them to the barbarism and the ignorance in which they find themselves.

Again, I must beg you not to misunderstand me! I don’t mean that prostitution and free sex are the guarantee of spiritual, intellectual, scientific, artistic and academic progress and advance! No! Not all! But the underlying factors of the empires in which Islamic spirituality, art, literature, sciences and intellectual life excelled were 

a) freedom of imagination, spirituality, learning, knowledge, creativity, action and exploration («there is no compulsion in religion»; Quran, Al-Baqara, 256);

b) focus on the important and indifference for the unimportant — which is an indispensable precondition for every genius, creativity, and success in the spiritual, intellectual and material life; 

c) perception of spirituality and religion as principles and as divine ideas, as fundamental concepts and as a divine invitation to each individual, calling for human perfection — which have nothing to do with silly and ignorant theologians’ interference in the lives of others;

d) passion for, and dedication to, the virtue, the truth, and the search for truth in parallel with full abnegation of convenient «language» that takes into account filthy, material, personal, social or royal interests;

e) absolute disrespect for material interests, disregard for pathetic compromises, lack of conventional attitude, absence of conformism, rejection of every type of sectarian mentality, and refusal of trivial bargaining meant to accommodate interests by finding justifications and pretexts; and

f) total readiness to die for values, virtue and faith, which is tantamount to overwhelming condemnation of the fallacy that «material life» consists in a value (at this point, it has to be reminded that the aforementioned condemnation is attested in every historical society, civilization, culture and religion). 

Amongst others, Ibn Hazm, one of the Islamic Golden Era’s greatest moralists, erudite scholars, polymaths and philosophers, lived too in Islamic Andalusia. Contrarily to today’s racist, misogynist, pseudo-Muslim theologians, trashy muftis, and bogus-imams, Ibn Hazm specified that there could be, there may have been or there were female prophets.’s_theory_of_prophecy_of_women_Literalism_logic_and_perfection

See also my relatively brief article:

In Andalusia, there was even discussion about another, forthcoming revelation (another holy book after the Quran) after the End of Time. 

The tragic ignorance of Islamic History by the Egyptian Muslims (and by most of the Muslims worldwide) is the reason for which they believe all the pathetic lies that are diffused by the worthless and illiterate pseudo-sheikhs and theologians. The idiotic rejection of the idea that women can be hereditary or non-hereditary heads of state is contradicted by the historical truth of many Islamic queens. By this, I don’t mean royal consorts, but the sole rulers of their realms, i.e. they exercised full governance. Queen Arwa as Sulayhi of Yemen is an example that goes back to the 11th-12th c. (  

Even worse, this extreme ignorance of the real, historical Islam condemns the Egyptians and other Muslims to completely accept and believe deceitful schemes of political nature that the colonial powers are able to mount every now and then.

Ignorant Egyptians (of all levels form the lowest to the top, universities included) do not know that the entire territory of Russia and Siberia was for many long centuries an Islamic land and that many Muslims of different nations live in Russia today; nothing related to their history, language, literature and culture is known in Egypt. Consequently, Egyptians are unable to enter into contact with them or to shape a foreign policy that takes into account this reality.

Similarly, ignorant Egyptians know nothing about the early 16th. c. great Somali Emperor Ahmed ibn Ibrahim Gurey, who is viciously reduced to merely an «imam» by colonial gangsters and forgers whose distortive presentations are mentioned in the fallacious Wikipedia. Ahmed ibn Ibrahim invaded the entire Abyssinia and dispersed the Amhara pseudo-kingdom’s barbarian soldiers, only to be prevented by the colonial Portuguese from permanently consolidating his victory forever. Yet, the main historical source for the events that took place in the early 16th c. Horn of Africa region is written in Arabic by the great Yemenite historian Shehab al din Ahmad (Futuh al Habasha / the Conquest of Abyssinia). This book is de facto more important than any Islamic theological literature for any African Muslim and for any African in general, because it constitutes the first page of the 5-century long anti-colonial struggle of the Black Continent. Egypt’s idiotic and useless sheikhs and muftis want the average Egyptians to be unaware of one of Africa’s and Islam’s most glorious moments and to know only the nonsensical theological doctrine that they present to them as «Islam», so that the Egyptians are thus permanently held captives as colonial slaves of the Satanic West.

And how could the Egyptians know about this historical text (the Conquest of Abyssinia), since not one Egyptian high school pupil has ever had a historical manual that included excerpts from Tabari’s History of the Prophets and the Kings – which would be indispensable for them so that they are taken seriously as Muslims? 

Tabari is the Islamic World’s greatest historian and one of the leading theologians and jurisprudential authorities; his Tarikh al Rusul wa al Muluk covers the pre-Islamic History of the Orient and the Islamic History until the early 10th c. and

To be sincere and truthful, things are simple at the level of Secondary Education. In Italian high schools, Italian pupils read (in Modern Italian translation), within the context of their courses about the History of Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire

excerpts from Caesar, Seneca, Tacitus and other historical texts written in Latin. In Greek high schools, Greek pupils read, within the context of their courses about the History of Ancient Greece, excerpts from Herodotus, Thucydides and other Ancient Greek historians (in Modern Greek translation).

But in Egyptian high schools, Egyptian pupils do not read, within the context of their courses about the History of Ancient Egypt, the History of Roman & Coptic Egypt, and the History of Egypt during Islamic times, any excerpts from Ancient Egyptian, Coptic and Arabic historical texts (in Modern Arabic translations). This is what makes the chaotic difference between Italy and Egypt at the educational, academic, intellectual and subsequently political levels.

This ignorance results in total disconnection of the Egyptians (of all social levels) from other Muslim countries, from the Christian world, and from the rest of Africa, Asia and Europe. This happens only to the great benefit of the colonial powers that deployed a great part of effort over the past 223 years in order to achieve this –so catastrophic for Egypt- situation. This is the true, deep and lethal colonialism.




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