Egyptians: Deaf to the Oromo Insurrection against Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) and Blind to Abyssinian Prophecies about Egypt’s Annihilation – Part IV

With the present article, I continue the publication of my long response to a US-based Oromo scholar, intellectual and activist, who asked my opinion about the possibility of the Oromo liberation movements to cooperate systematically with the government of Egypt on the basis of a plan providing for the liberation of Biyya Oromo and for the cancellation of the disastrous dam built on the Blue Nile in Benishangul province (Abyssinia, Fake Ethiopia). The first three articles are here:

Oromos, Egypt, the Nile, Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia), and the True Essence of Colonialism – Part I

The Enemies of Oromos & their Deeds: First & Second Colonization, Jesuit Reductions, Renaissance, and the Historical Revisionism of Racist Colonials – Part II

Intellectual Colonialism in Egypt: How Egyptian Fake Universities & Obsolete Education destroy Cairo’s Chances to ally with Oromos & Sudan’s Arabic-speaking Cushites – Part III

In this -fourth- part, I give examples of what can be expected from Egypt’s corrupt journalistic, academic and political establishments, even in the case a comprehensive and enormous preparatory work is undertaken by Cairo-based Oromos and their Egyptian friends in order to popularize topics that would make the average Egyptians and their academic, intellectual, journalistic, political and military elites conscious of

a) Abyssinia’s colonial, tribal and dangerous nature,

b) the invasions of numerous, Muslim or not, African kingdoms that the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians carried out over a period of 100 years (1850-1950) with the ostensible help of the English, the French and the Americans,

c) the genocides perpetrated for more than 170 years by the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians against the subjugated nations of the aforementioned destroyed African kingdoms,

d) the ongoing, terrible oppression and persecution of these subjugated nations in Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia),

e) Amhara and Tigray Abyssinians’ hereditary anti-Egyptian hatred and anti-Islamic odium, and

f) the existing apocalyptic prophecies pertaining to the destruction of the present states of Egypt and Sudan and to the establishment of common borders between a state based in Jerusalem (at the time these Abyssinian prophecies were formulated there was no state of Israel in Palestine) and another headquartered in Abyssinia.

The ignorance and the obscurantism prevailing across Egypt’s universities and educational system in general prevents the Egyptians (average people, elites and governments) from even knowing about real threats against their own existence. This is the disastrous level of colonial dependence and utilization that the colonial powers implemented in Egypt over the past two centuries.

I- Oromos and other African Persecuted Nations must know the Dire Reality of Egyptian Politics

The text below is the continuation and the completion of my third response about the chances of cooperation between the Oromos and Egypt; the earlier part of that response can be found in the last of the aforementioned three already published articles.

My Conclusions about the Egyptian Government’s Stance toward the Oromos

When the scientific-academic-educational basics of info, knowledge and in-depth understanding (that are described in the last of the aforementioned three already published articles) are missing from the administration of a country, that country is nonexistent, the state is failed, the indigenous people is a mass of ignorant, idiotic, and pathetic beings, and the local government is entirely enslaved to the few, influential ambassadors of the colonial powers and obedient to their dictates. 

Even if one influential Egyptian academic or journalist (earlier and repeatedly contacted by a group of well informed and perfectly prepared Oromos and Egyptians) spoke to Mubarak in 2010 about the Oromos and about the chance of an Egyptian-Oromo synergy, then Mubarak’s Foreign Minister, Chief of Intelligence, top army generals, and his own national security advisor would be asked by him about it, and they would respond to him, saying that they never heard that name (namely the Oromos). In the best case scenario of an ‘informed’ Egyptian magistrate, he would say that “these people are one of the local tribes”. Nothing more!

Then, Mubarak would speak on a convenient circumstance with some of the world’s most powerful countries’ ambassadors. Of course, you can be sure that the German, French, Italian, Russian, American, Chinese, Japanese and English ambassadors in Cairo are very well informed about the Oromos and all the other subjugated nations of Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia). But what would all these ambassadors (who represent national interests that are evidently opposed to one another) say to Mubarak?

Most probably they would all advise him to stay far from the area and to abstain from any involvement. And they would be quite right; and I say this with respect to Egypt’s interests. Do you know why? Because they all would know – in nauseating details – the aforementioned description (in the last of the aforementioned three articles) of Egypt’s total ignorance on the matter! All the ambassadors of the world’s major countries in Egypt have an accurate understanding of the country’s total deprivation of substantive knowledge and scholarly background on the related topics. Plus, all of them know that the above mentioned description of Egypt’s total incapacitation as state had been the result of policies pursued for long by countries represented by some of those ambassadors. I mean that Germany, Russia, and Italy know very well how England and France (and at a later stage America) made of Egypt a dysfunctional pseudo-state that exists only to be used as a tool by France and England.

These realities are not of course at the general public level; there prevails the hypocrisy of the gangsters who run the mainstream media and the criminal CEOs of the notorious social media of tyranny, darkness and slavery, e.g. the likes of Twitter and Facebook. So, you must question yourself! Do you really understand the reality of today’s politics or are you an idiot who thinks that the truth is what one person hears from the Satanic BBC, what someone watches on demoniacal Al-Jazeera, and what any gullible victim reads on Al Ahram, WP, NYT, WSJ, LAT or any other trashy newspaper?

The only truth in 19th–20th–21st c. Egyptian politics is this: 

1- The opinions of an influential Egyptian academic or journalist for Mubarak (or any other president, king or khedawi/viceory) count at the level of decimals;

2- The opinions of a minister, a top military or intelligence, and a national security advisor count at the level of units;

3- The opinions of small or average regional countries’ ambassadors, ministers, prime ministers and heads of state count at the level of tens; 

4- The opinions of regionally and worldwide influential countries’ ambassadors, ministers, prime ministers and heads of state count at the level of hundreds; and

5- The opinion of ambassadors, ministers, prime ministers and heads of state of the world’s 10 most powerful countries counts at the level of thousands or millions.

So my conclusion can be summarized in the following question:

– What do you think that you can achieve after an enormous, 6-to-12-months lasting, effort to prepare, educate, inform and awake one or ten or twenty among Egypt’s most influential Egyptian academics or journalists?

Assume that, following a great effort in publication, diffusion, debate, meetings, and data sharing, 20 important Egyptian academics and 20 influential Egyptian journalists, being well-informed about everything pertaining to the Oromos and the other subjugated nations of Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia), try to reach out to their government. One of the possible persons to whom they may wish to speak will be the Egyptian president’s national security advisor? Haha! 

Do you know the level and the mentality of those guys? You will be shocked.

Right now, President Abdel Fattah el Sisi’s national security advisor is a highly revered (only in Egypt, of course) figure! A woman! Ms. Faiza Abou el Naga:

To whom or to what do you think she owes her current position? Do you believe that she was selected because of her studies, researches, experience, and excellence on the matter? No! No way!

This woman owes her political career to the fact that she belongs to one of the few influential families, which directly or indirectly rule Egypt, weighing on the archaic decision-making process. Many called Mubarak a tyrant and many call now el Sisi a dictator, but that’s rubbish. The people who diffuse these ideas either do not have a clue or make the propaganda that others ordered them to carry out. Egypt’s presidents and prime ministers take their decisions after consulting and getting the approval of the most important and the most representative members of the country’s elites. The country’s population is not involved in the process; that’s true. But were the Americans asked for major US decisions like the War on Islamic Terrorism? In reality, Egypt is an oligarchy plunged in ignorance, obscurantism and darkness, and that’s the problem, because other oligarchies are based on accurate info and solid data.

However, that woman, Faiza Abou el Naga, had a notorious past as Minister of Planning and International Cooperation in Dr. Nazif’s government that was swept away by the Tahrir 2011 events. This was a pseudo-ministry invented only to make the ministers rich; her job was to strike various deals with different governments worldwide, to bring foreign direct investment in Egypt, and in the process to become significantly richer by accumulating high percentages of commission. To keep being a dangerous rodent for Egypt’s national wealth, this villainous and ugly figure kept working for the Islamists for a while, since the only condition she demanded was not to be forced to wear a niqab (to which the Egyptian Islamists agreed). She abandoned them early however to make sure that she would be in the next government that her family and some others were preparing (by ordering an idiotic general to overthrow the equally idiotic and absolutely disastrous, pseudo-politician and bogus-statesman Morsi). That’s why el Sisi rewarded her with this position! What an achievement!

For some time, the cretinous, pathetic and toxic Ms. Faiza Abou el Naga was asked to appease the Abyssinian governments with respect to their great desire to build the almost completed dam in Benishangul!!! 

Not only she (and all the other governmental authorities) did not know anything the colonial and criminal nature of Abyssinia, but (even worse) she also thought that she could convince the Tigray and Amhara gangsters to abandon their ambition and target in order to get better financial perspectives by collaborating with Egypt. Read this:  

II- Cairo has no Idea about the Abyssinians’ Deep-seated Hatred of Egyptians and Desire to exterminate Egypt  

That’s absolutely moronic! This approach is not only nonsensical (and you, as an Oromo, can perfectly well understand this), but also absolutely revelatory of the total Egyptian ignorance about the real and hidden intentions of the Amhara and the Tigray Abyssinians toward Egypt. I guess you know the topic; I have mentioned it in several articles of mine, although I never exhausted the topic. Read here:

Other articles of mine about the topic are the following:

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Biblical Ethiopia (Sudan), Prophecies about the Nile and Egypt, Abyssinian Forgery and the Oromos V / 11-7-2010

Unfortunately, at this moment, these articles are not available online; as I told you, I did not have the time to re-upload even one third (1/3) of my online articles that were published in the period 2004-2014. Some indications about these five aforementioned articles you can find here: and also in a libel against me, which was published by an Amhara gangster: 

So, the idiotic and ignorant Ms. Faiza Abou el Naga has no idea about the Abyssinian prophecy widely propagated widely among Abyssinians at the time of Tewodros II

( This propagandistic Abyssinian prophecy has its roots in hateful, anti-Islamic traditions related to the historical forgery of Kebra Negast and to other related distortions of eschatological character. According to them, in the period immediately preceding the End Times, a greatly expanded ‘kingdom’, located in NE Africa and identified with Abyssinia by the historical forgers and interpreters of the ‘prophecy’, would share borders with a kingdom that would then have capital at Jerusalem. 

This means, as you can understand, that if someone places the prophecy contents within today’s international context, the so-called Abyssinian ‘prophecy’ heralds the disappearance of Egypt and the Sudan. 

In fact, this (: the obliteration of Egypt’s and Sudan’s population and the disappearance of these two pseudo-states) is the only reason for which the Abyssinians wanted to build the Blue Nile dam; it is not built in order to bring prosperity to the subjugated nations of Abyssinia, because the Abyssinians hate all these nations and keep tyrannizing them under all types of regimes: pseudo-monarchical, Third World communist, and bogus-republican. Even more importantly, the hidden intensions of the evil Amhara and Tigray gangsters, who rule Abyssinia, are not even to threaten and blackmail Cairo with famine due to the reduced volume of waters.

The real target is that, following the erection of enormous dams in the region between the borders between Sudan and Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) and Egypt’s southern part of territory (which causes a dangerous situation for the entire geomorphology of those lands), an enormous earthquake will occur with devastating impact and catastrophic results also involving the total collapse of one of those dams and the formation of an unprecedented Nile tsunami. This is expected to erase the total population of the Valley of the Nile, rendering Egypt and the North of the Sudan an uninhabited land for 40 years.

Of course, I do not mean that this Abyssinian prophecy is a «true», a «real» prophecy! Not at all! But this is not important; the true reality is meaningless to the evil gangsters, who try to change it. This so-called prophecy is an old part of the evil Abyssinian propaganda that was geared in order to prepare generations of criminals able to perpetrate any possible crime in the name of their pseudo-Christian faith. But as such, it created an enormous dynamics; the colonial expansion of Abyssinia in the 19th and the 20th centuries was not an independent development due to the fake reasons («colonial», «political» or «economic») that the different Western universities perniciously assume and fallaciously conclude in order to spread pseudo-academic ignorance and confuse the average people as regards the real nature of colonialism. 

The colonial expansion of Abyssinia occurred, when representatives of the gangsters hidden behind the colonial regimes of France and England contacted (in the middle 19th c.) the leading authorities of the Abyssinians (and by this I mean several debteras revered among the filthy, bastard and inhuman Amhara and Tigray) and told them that the time for the first stage of expansion was «then». Important contacts in this regard were already established at the very end of the 18th c. (notably by James Bruce of Kinnaird). However, the common action and the coordination of these groups (or secret organizations) goes back to the second half of the 13th c.; in fact, they are not «two» groups but one that has been scattered across very vast territories. These are the authors of the fake propagandist text ‘Kebra Negast’; they produced the rise of the fake Solomonic pseudo-dynasty; and they defended the bastard pseudo-kings of the Amhara, when the Somalis demolished and scattered them, totally destroying the center of Satanism in Africa, at Gondar (early 16th c.).

As a matter of fact, the aforementioned, fake Abyssinian prophecy is a post-Kebra Negast re-formulation (and distortion) of a real Biblical prophecy about the end of Egypt. This is true; but the Abyssinians (and their Freemasonic and Zionist masters) read only the parts of the Bible that please their imagination and satisfy their evil desires. But they do not read it all! There is also a Biblical prophecy about the cursed land of the Amhara and the Tigray; and it is very clearly described. 

This being said, do not think that this type of plotted stories and triggered developments were planned to occur and occurred only in Abyssinia! Similar developments were planned and executed in many other lands, and everywhere as per the correct timing. You surely have noticed that the fallaciously called period of Zemene Mesafint ended ca. 100 years before the modern state of Fake Israel came to exist. This is not a coincidence; this is called ‘synchronization’. In the fake world, in which you live, there are not only Fake Ethiopia and Fake Israel; there are also Fake Greece, Fake Russia, Fake Armenia, Fake Georgia, Fake Persia, and Fake India, to name a few. And they have all been parts of the same evil planning and vicious plot. And the aforementioned evil pseudo-prophecy of the Abyssinians is only a tiny paragraph in the global pseudo-prophetical apocalypse that Freemasons, Zionists and Jesuits have been working out (every group acting as per their direction and interests) for hundreds of years. 

However, with the aforementioned brief reference to serious issues of national security of Egypt, I simply describe Ms. Faiza Abou el Naga’s total incapacity and evident inability to hold her current position without causing serious damage to Egypt’s chances to survive in the few years ahead. 

For a position where a dinosaur is needed, she has the size of a mosquito; this is the true comparison.

III- The Appalling Practices of the Corrupt Egyptian Politicians do not allow them Time to think about the Oromos

If I discuss the point to that extent, it is because I want to terminate with another academic question: 

– If we manage to arrange that few influential Egyptian academics and journalists (earlier and repeatedly contacted by a group of well informed and perfectly prepared Oromos and Egyptians) and an Oromo delegation visits the office of this worthless woman and discusses, do you know what she will do?

I can easily help you effectuate a correct landing in Egypt now!

At the end of the discussion (held in the meeting room), she would take to her inner office separately two or three persons (one after the other) among the Oromo delegation — those whom she would consider as more influential and more powerful among the entire Oromo group; there, she would ask brief details about their lives and activities. At the end, she would ask each of these private interlocutors whether they know a wealthy and well-established Oromo businessman settled somewhere in Europe, America, Australia or the Gulf region. Then, she would ask whether that Oromo businessman (or those Oromo businessmen) would be ready to pay ca. 20000 US$ or 30000 US$ as an investment in the Oromo liberation struggle, so that she persistently and ceaselessly speaks to the president and also to selected army generals in view of another, forthcoming meeting. 

This is her level, and this is the level of every Egyptian, who has a similar position. Otherwise, the person would be considered as «dangerous» and «unfit for the position». Why this happens? Because this is the structure of the Western World and of the pseudo-states that still function fully as typical colonies of their masters. 

Useless to add that, if an Oromo delegate happened to know one or more Oromo businessmen, who could cash this amount, and these guys were stupid enough to arrange a second visit to this execrable woman’s office, they would only lose their monies that she would comfortably pocket to have it available next time she visits Paris, and more specifically Place Vendôme, which is one of the world’s top centers for diamonds and jewelry. There, she would calmly buy her next set of cheap jewels (because the amount discussed does not allow ambitions for something really valuable). Do you find it strange? They are all like that. She is the guru of Egyptian pickpocketing. What? Do you think that she would use her little gray cells about the Oromos? Ha! Not a care in the world!

Oh! I don’t mean that she would not say anything to the president! No, she would! Surely! She would ask one of her secretaries to elaborate a confidential report to the president about the «Oromo tribe in Ethiopia» (let’s say a 10-page memo filled with Wikipedia-level data); in the cover letter, she would advise the president to take that «tribe» into consideration, when it comes to Egyptian interests in the region. She would even show, theatrically and deceitfully, a copy to the unfortunate Oromo loser, who would waste his money for nothing. Only degenerate idiots do not believe that ‘politics’ is the evil art of lie and deception worldwide.

However, there would be no plan, no roadmap, no serious interest, and above all, no perspective. All would be happy and much promising at the beginning, but at the end, the Oromos would get nothing instead. Contrarily, this woman would have some more jewels in her drawers. In the next soirée de gala, held in one of Cairo’s most lavish venues, she would show her new pearls or diamonds to her envious and jealous friends, who would compete in flattery, while Faiza Abou el Naga, before drinking the next glass of champagne, would make a silent toast to the Oromo idiot, murmuring in Arabic “be sahtak, ya ghabi” (بصحتك يا غبي /cheers, stupid)! How nice! Shall we still call it «win-win» cooperation? Frankly, that’s all you can expect from Egypt.  

Closing this response to your question, I must add that I know very well that there have been representatives of other nations subjugated and persecuted by Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) and leaders of their liberation fronts, who tried to contact the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, asking cooperation against the erection of the Blue Nile dam. I can tell you that their leaders were Muslim and fluent in Arabic. Do not think of Afar or Ogadeni representatives! They were actually the most concerned ones, because the dam destroyed part of their own territory. I had written also about them; they have noticed my articles (in the late 2000s), they contacted me and we had a long exchange of emails. Later on, in 2013 their leaders came to Cairo and I met them twice. I speak about the Berta of the Benishangul region; as you know they are Nilo-Saharan origin and Muslim of religion. In general about them:

and !!!!   !!!!!!

Through my discussion with them, who of course were struggling for the secession of their land, the independence of their nation, and the cancellation of the dam project, I had an absolutely convincing reconfirmation of my earlier conclusions about the topic of our present discussion. I thus strengthened my conviction that Egypt cannot function as a normal state; this is so, simply because it has never been a state after the arrival of Napoleon (1798) and the secession of that Ottoman province from the Caliphate. 

IV- Colonially-attempted Nubianization of Sudan: Common Threat for Oromos, Khartoum and Cairo

Why and how (or through which methods) Egypt was prevented from becoming a proper state will be the last (fourth) part of my response. But here, closing my response to your above question, I must ask you the following two questions:

– How do you expect a population, which never ruled its own land for ca. 2500 years, to feel that they are a nation?

– How do you want them to organize their own proper and functional state, since this effort demands as prerequisite an accurate perception of self-interest)?

As a matter of fact, after Egypt was invaded in 525 BCE by the Iranian Achaemenid Shah Cambyses, the land was ruled either by foreign rulers based in some local city or by foreign kings and emperors located at thousands of kilometers far from Egypt.

Responses to your last questions

I prefer to answer now your last questions and in the forthcoming, fourth and last, response, I will present you a diagram of Egypt’s 223-long function as a colonial tool and not as a state. You asked me the following:

i- What shall we do to shift power balance towards ourselves in that empire?

This question pertains to the liberation of the Oromos. In fact, it is totally irrelevant to the topic of an eventual Oromo – Egyptian cooperation; it does not concern the possible but unnecessary Oromos’ contacts and relations with the Egyptian state; it is another issue. Therefore, I will rather be brief.

But still, something critical can be said in this regard: you could also suggest a cooperation of the Oromos with the Sudan, because the central part of Sudan’s population is entirely Cushitic. These people are the real ethnic brothers of the Oromos:

A- the Oromos are the descendants of the Cushites who migrated after the destruction of Meroe (ca. 365-370 CE), whereas

B- the Arabic-speaking Sudanese of the central provinces of Sudan are the offspring of the Cushites, who stayed in their ancestral land after the destruction of Meroe. They were first Christianized and much later Islamized. 

There were never Arabs in either Sudan or Egypt.

Consequently, it is essential for all Oromos (either they are Waaqeffatta, Muslim or Christian) to study the History of the three Christian kingdoms of Cush / Ethiopia / Sudan (from North to the South: Nobatia, Makuria and Alodia), because these kingdoms constitute «Christian Ethiopia». Whereas Nobatia comprised mainly Nubian and Egyptian populations, Makuria and Alodia were exclusively Cushitic.

Contrarily to them, Axum and, later, the Agaw kingdom, and after 1270, the Amhara and Tigray states are «Christian Abyssinia», not Ethiopia. The Axumite Abyssinians were a Semitic Yemenite populace that crossed the Red Sea and settled in the East African coast around Adulis (not far from today’s Massawa); they later expanded in the inland, up to Yeha and Axum, which finally became their capital. But they are not Africans; they are of Semitic Yemenite origin and their language -Ge’ez- is similar to Ancient Yemenite languages that are documented in so many inscriptions (notably Sabaean, Qatabani, Himyarite, Awsani, and Hadhrami).

The Agaw accepted the Axumite Christian dogma and set up a Christian kingdom around Lalibela, but they are a Cushitic nation, totally unrelated to the Amhara and Tigray Semitic tribes, which descend from the Axumite Abyssinians; that’s why the rise of the barbarian pseudo-Solomonic dynasty bears witness to extreme anti-Agaw hatred and racial enmity.

Similarly with the Egyptians, the Sudanese have been the target of enormous and multifaceted colonial deception; the last efforts of colonial distortion of Sudanese (: Ethiopian) History focus on a monstrous project: the Nubianization of Sudan. This is an entire fallacy, because the Cushites and all the other Hamitic nations differ from the Nubians and the Nilo-Saharans, as much as the Germans differ from the Berbers!

It is vital for the Oromos to fight against this colonial academic fallacy.

I already published about this topic, and a series of articles about the topic have been uploaded and re-uploaded in this regard (here presented in the correct order):

However, this topic is an entirely different issue.

So, my answer to your question is rather simple: one subjugated nation either gets liberated because of their efforts or never gets truly liberated.

This is so because, if a subjugated nation accepts the help of another, already independent, nation (and -in an even worse case- the help of a major regional or great power), this constitutes already a situation of de facto colonial dependence; these developments always backfire.

In fact, and to be frank, only the colonial powers (or any state acting as a colonial power) would truly care to help a subjugated nation.

The rest is silly literature about ‘human rights’, i.e. an enormous amount of evil falsehood diffused with unmatched hypocrisy and with well-concealed back thoughts as regards the use of the new state that the foreign protector intends to make. This is the only truth about the topic and the only way to see face to face the reality. National Liberation means fights, struggle and blood.

Now, I will respond to your next point.

ii- we are not free yet, after the relative end of colonialism in many countries.

This is a very erroneous consideration. There was never an end of colonialism; this is just your own personal delusion. You have to get rid of it as promptly and as completely as you can, if you want Biyya Oromo to truly become an independent and self-determined nation. Otherwise, the recompense of your delusion will be the mere continuation of your slavery at the hands of the criminal Abyssinian gangsters, as per the Anglo-French colonial plan.

I must also add something else to terminate your daydreaming mentality. How important is it for you to see your nation independent, if this means total subordination to foreign powers’ dictates and adjustment to the orders of the American, German, English and French ambassadors?

Did you notice Egypt’s alliance with Israel, Greece and South Cyprus against Turkey, Iran and Russia? Do you think that this catastrophic position brings benefits to Egypt? In reality, it does not! It only makes of that country a mere tool of the great powers that clash through proxies in the Eastern Mediterranean. Meanwhile, Egypt loses terrain in Africa and becomes irrelevant in the wider region.  

Subsequently, I will comment on another point that you make.

iii- I know Egypt has many internal issues and problems.

This, my friend, is an understatement! After what I said, you can realize that Egypt is simply neither a state nor a nation. It has never been over the past 2500 years. Even worse, for the period 1100-525 BCE, Egypt was continuously divided into two or three states and also partly occupied by foreigners. In brief, Egypt lived for 3000 years without having a true concept of national identity as nation-state. This concludes the case.

V- The Foolishness of the Egyptian Generals and Cairo’s Inability to carry out a Long-Planned Policy

Now, I move on to your next point.  

iv- Still, we have mutual interests.

This statement appears to have some truth in it, if one’s opinion is based on an objective, technical observation. But two separate lands or countries are not constituted of robots duly programmed by some superior force. Two different ethnic groups or nations consist of humans. Then, everything changes, because as per the situation in which the two groups live, it is quite possible that Group A realizes well that both groups have mutual interests and that this understanding is perfectly correct and valid, but Group B fails to perceive (let alone exploit and act accordingly) this reality. It is quite possible that, due to internal malfunction, foreign intervention and persistent involvement, misguidance and deceitful schemes, Group B is totally incapacitated and absolutely unable to correctly perceive its own interests first, its own possibilities second, and the two groups’ mutual interests third. If that is the case, simply you cannot do much. 

I further advance to your next statement.

 v- Ethiopia threatens their Blue Nile river water resource.

That’s absolutely true and they know it; they feel it. Simple, average Egyptians, academics, journalists, sheikhs, military, businessmen, and politicians: all! But, to your greatest chagrin, their potential reactions will be childish and ineffective. Why? Again, because of what I already told you many times: they never became a proper state. They even do not know what it takes to become one!

Don’t tell me nonsensical stories about Nasser’s «success» in 1956 or Sadat’s «achievement» in 1973! Similar approaches are idiotic. These developments were entirely arranged by the US, the power that replaced France and England as colonial master in Egypt. Egyptian generals were receiving direct orders as to what to do and where to hit. Everything was pre-arranged. These developments were entire successes and great achievements for the US, but not for Egypt. Egyptians did not advance even one centimeter beyond the point that was given to them. As such, these fake victories only reconfirm Egypt’s nature as just a colonized territory with no initiative or even self-consciousness. From their president to the last rubbish collector, unemployed or homeless, the Egyptians have all been purely puppets of Western colonial powers; and they have acted as such from their first to their last. That is all.

Did you notice what happened earlier in 2020? Egypt was «protected» by Trump, but there is an ongoing bras-de-fer (arm wrestling) between factions of the US and UK establishments across East Africa (: Egypt, Sudan and Abyssinia), the Mediterranean (: Egypt, Israel, Turkey, Greece, North Cyprus, South Cyprus, Libyan government, Libyan rebels, etc.), the Balkan Peninsula, Caucasus, Central Asia, South Asia, etc.

Now, you may want to ask me what I exactly imply by saying that, if the Egyptian state authorities feel endangered by the Benishangul dam and by reduced Nile water resources left for them, they will react in an ineffective and childish manner, I can answer to you. You will laugh and think that I eventually make a joke, but I don’t.

Well, if this happens, they will try to bombard the dam (sic !) with their useless aircraft; I say «useless», because it is so for this purpose. Of course, you know that no one can destroy a dam by throwing some rockets or sending some planes to stupidly drop some bombs on it. For such a major purpose, one needs modern, advanced weapons, nano-nukes and the like. And for Egypt’s obsolete army and headquarters that are good only for internal oppression, state money embezzlement, and useless threats, the above mentioned weaponry looks like a Ph.D. in Astrophysics for an unfortunate primary education schoolboy!

They will surely attack the dam like that in their despair. But this will surely worsen their international position. And Sudan will not allow Egyptian soldiers to cross its territory in order to attack the Abyssinian border; you can be sure for that – and more particularly when it comes to the new administration in Khartoum, which is the world’s meanest and powerless puppet. 

Now, prepare to laugh! If Sudan allows the Egyptian army to cross its territory, it will be an unprecedented and charlatanesque affair! In fact, there is no railway connection between the two countries; there is no direct road in the Nile valley; there is a very bad road connection alongside the Red Sea coast. All this means that the Egyptian soldiers will arrive exhausted at the borders with Abyssinia and without having regular ammunition flow. It will be a joke of military expedition. The most farcical military movement in the History of the Mankind! Not even in the cinema one can see something so ludicrous. If Sisi undertook something like that (and I am sure that he will not), he would be included in the Guinness Book of Records as the World History’s most clownish president! No further comment for that joke!

And now, I will respond to your last comment.

vi- If this does not make us friends, I don’t know what could.

Oh! Here the answer will be very brief! Nothing can make you friends with the Egyptians, because you are luckier: although without a state of your own, you have preserved your identity and integrity. In other words: you are alive, whereas the Egyptians are dead – or if you prefer, they are mere zombies. And as you know, there is no communication between humans and zombies. Period!

In few days, I will come up with the last part of my response. 

Best regards,



To better understand and adequately contextualize the topic, you must read this article of mine:  

The Fabrication of the Fake Greek History, the Nonexistent Fallacy of Hellenism, the 19th c. ailing Ottoman Empire, and today’s Turkey

This article does not concern Kemet/Masr/Egypt, Sudan/Ethiopia/Cush, Yemen, Abyssinia or Punt-Somalia. The article concerns a 19th c. colonial book written to diffuse historical falsification about Greece but, while reading my article, you can draw parallels and compare

A) the colonial falsehood diffused in the case of Northeastern Africa, and

B) the colonial distortion of History in the case of Greece.

Furthermore, my analysis about

a) the nature of the book (published by an anonymous author and an obscure publisher evidently connected with secret societies),

b) the needs that the author wanted to address through this book, and

c) the production, systematization, diffusion and imposition of the colonial forgery (and of the falsification of the World History) on all the nations of the world,

will show to you how the colonial elites and establishments functioned and through which techniques they achieved to

1- confuse the entire mankind, 

2- impose their delusion and fallacy worldwide (I mean per country different aspects and versions of the deception ), and thus

3- make

– the Oromos believe the colonial lies about (fake) Egypt

– the ‘Egyptians’ believe the colonial lies about (fake) Greece, 

– the ‘Greeks’ believe the colonial lies about (fake) Tunisia, 

– the ‘Tunisians’ believe the colonial lies about (fake) Persia (Iran), and so on.

Because of the nature of the colonial fallacy and forgery, and because of the manner by which it was diffused and imposed, the first nation that will realize and reject the colonial fallacy and forgery in its totality, thus achieving true national independence and self-determination, will also liberate many other nations.

The only way for this to be done is against the rest of the world: the colonial gangsters and their puppets. In fact, except these two basic categories, there is nothing else in the so-called human societies — except for the very few remaining marginal and original communities that have hitherto preserved their traditions, integrity and identity; these communities, living in remote locations, being unrelated to the evil modern technology, and remaining far from the colonial fallacy, forgery, deception and delusion, are today’s world’s greatest reason for hope.  


Download the article in Word doc.:


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