Pashtuns, (Sephardic) Jews, Fake-Jewish Ashkenazi Khazarian Zionists, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, Mossad Propagandist Simcha Jacobovici & the UK-Israel secret services’ clash   

What follows is an extensive response that I sent to a Somali friend in Mogadishu, who asked my opinion about a video uploaded by an Iranian (Tajik, Dari-speaking) Afghani currently based in the US. The video concerns one of Afghanistan’s ethnic groups, namely the Pashtuns. The title of the video is ‘Pashtuns are Jews’; you can find it here:


Dear B.,

Thank you for your question as regards that video about the Pashtuns and the theory that they are Jews! 

Since the video was a quite strange, composite fabrication (or forgery), I had to consider first how many people (or groups, intelligence services and countries) would benefit from a video like that.

1- Today’s Idiotic Humans fully justify Every Evil Plan Providing for World Depopulation 

However, and before responding about the topic, the case of that video is quite useful for anyone, who wants to understand why the world will soon be destroyed and many billions of people will be erased from the surface of the Earth in almost no time by means of nuclear conflagration.

You certainly know about the existing plans for reduction of the world population or world depopulation. You may also know the ‘Georgia Guidestones’ as per which humanity must be maintained under 500000000 people.

Many idiots speak against these evident plans that seem to have become the main concern of several secret societies that rule the world, while they implement their agendas that are in conflict with one another.

But what better proof (about the fact that the humanity must be depopulated) can we find other than the conditions of life, the mindset, the lifestyle, the mentality and the behavior of the average people of our days? 

This useless and stupid mankind must be destroyed.

In other words, the average people by themselves -with their stupidity- fully justify the plans providing for their elimination. Even worse, the world’s hidden rulers produced several sophisticated deceptions and delusions, as per which even those, who reject the present system, become -unwillingly and unconsciously- its servants and slaves.

A stupid, mentally defective, confused, disoriented mankind that abandoned its diverse, local roots, heritage, culture, moral, integrity and identity certainly cannot survive. Even worse, it must not survive because this sort of altered mankind is degenerate and rotten.

If people became so stupid as to believe that they will learn the truth in the YouTube and the Facebook, then certainly all these people must get lost in a nuclear conflagration as soon as possible. 

Many people ask me daily to offer interviews, to upload podcasts, and to organize online seminars. I always reject.

There is nothing that can be done in the YouTube.

The YT destroys people by confusing them due to tons of useless information.

Thinking that, even if you know the truth about a topic, you can say it on the YouTube is tantamount to desecrating the Truth and self-ridiculing. 

You cannot possibly diffuse the correct, the right, the just and the truthful via a filthy, vicious and distorting means. And this is exactly what the YouTube is (and the same is valid for many other sites). 

It spreads paranoia, dementia, corruption, moral depravity, and destruction of the sound character of most individuals who spend time on that. 

Every filthy liar working for a secret service, a propagandist organization or a criminal state can upload his filthy material to diffuse lies and distortions with a video. 

You cannot possibly imagine that 10 correct videos uploaded by some rightful persons can counterweigh the millions of videos uploaded daily on the YouTube by besotted fools, paranoid liars and vicious propagandists.

And it is not only a matter with the YouTube and some other sites; it is a matter with the Internet.

The Internet is not something good, but something inherently bad and evil.

It was invented only to destroy the Mankind. The Internet and Mobile Telephony are far worse than the pandemic. The Internet of Things, Metaverse, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Transhumanism are the gates of the extinction.

The pandemic killed only people. The Internet kills souls.

What is the definition of Transhumanism?

“Research and development of robust human-enhancement technologies”!

Well, there is no technology needed for human-enhancement; that’s an evil, Satanic thought. People with this thought should be killed at once as enemies of the mankind, if the mankind were to survive. But people became so passive and so useless that they don’t react vehemently, violently and flagrantly.

If people do not use uniquely unprecedented violence to annihilate to turn all centers of the present world to ashes, the criminal enemies of the mankind will pursue their evil plans. Then, the Almighty will administer the solution that made the filthy and rotten people of Sodom and Gomorrah to disappear.

What really human, morally integer, and spiritually conscious people nowadays can do in this regard is to stay away and to live a normal life far from modern urban centers and advanced technology in small towns and villages close to the nature.

The underdeveloped countries are the luckiest.

In fact, the myth of the development was invented in order to destroy the largest part of the mankind, by attracting them to the corrupt and devious Western mentality, behavior and lifestyle.

The day the electricity will be cut off, the entire world of the mobile phones, the computers, the laptops, the Internet, and the evil laboratories of today’s bogus-scientists will disappear — like a bad nightmare, when we wake up.

That day is not far. A small scale nuclear war is enough to make the electromagnetic waves be disrupted forever. 


2- Basics on Afghanistan, Tajik (or Dari) and the Pashtuns

As I already said, this video is bizarre and fabricated. As you can see, it is uploaded by an Iranian, who probably originates from Afghanistan. 

His name is typically Iranian (Hamed Qaderi) and so his face is.

So, I have first to give you some basic data about the country and the so-called nation of the Pashtuns.

Most people worldwide are misinformed and fooled in this regard, confused by tons and tons of multilayered (academic, journalistic, political) Western colonial propaganda.  

A- Afghanistan: a Fake Country

Afghanistan is an entirely fake country; it was made out of thin air.

There is no Afghan nation. And there is no Afghan language. 

The people of Afghanistan belong to the following nations: Tajik (Dari-speaking), Uzbek, Hazara (Turanians), Aimaq (Iranians) Turkmen, Baluch and Pashtun. The numbers and the maps published here are all lies:

The reality is very different, but this is not the essential point now.

The entire fake state of Afghanistan was fabricated by the English colonials soon after they set foot in India (with the formation of the East India Company).

From the early days of their colonial settlement in parts of the coasts of the great Mughal Empire (when they cheated the local authorities to obtain permission), the filthy and incestuous English criminals started plotting against the Mughal Emperor, the Safavid Shah of Iran, and of course the Sultan at Constantinople. The English plots extended also in Central Asia. By fabricating an independent pseudo-kingdom in the mountains of Eastern Iran, they would only weaken Iran considerably. And this is what they did.

The fake names «Afghan» and «Afghanistan» have no historical foundation. They are a forgery. You cannot find the word «Afghan» in any historical text written in any language before the year 1600.

Everything that you can read here is typical Anglo-Saxon pseudo-academic rubbish and preposterous aberrations geared only to support the crimes of England:

Simple and schematic map of Afghanistan, but correct; English colonial bogus-academics systematically produce fake maps to promote their criminal schemes.
In fake maps of Afghanistan that are prepared by academic outfits of the English intelligence services, the Pashtun (criminally and disastrously -for the world peace- supported by the English colonials) appear to be settled in larger parts of Afghanistan. Fake maps are the basics of all types of colonial propaganda and of every UK-US promoted historical forgery carried out for colonial profit; example:

The Tajik language is exactly the same as Dari; in fact, it is an Eastern Iranian version of Farsi (Persian). 

The use of these fake terms was entirely of English colonial invention. This happens always, when the Anglo-Saxon and the French gangsters attempt to divide local populations and turn them against one another: they launch different terms, label each group they want according to the plan, and then describe them as ‘opposite’ or ‘rival’ to one another. False History is immediately written by the criminal colonial academics and diffused locally in order to further foment discord and interminable wars.

The correction of the problem is simple: all Afghanis must reject their fake identity and achieve the proper expression of their nationhood.

The Uzbeks must unite with Uzbekistan.

A Turkmen enclave must be established and then unite with Turkmenistan.

Baluch must form a new country with the Baluch of Iran and Pakistan.

Hazaras must form an independent nation with a seat in the UN General Assembly – just like the Baluch.

In fact, the entire nation of Tajikistan and a very large part of Afghanistan must unite with Iran, because all these lands constitute the oriental periphery of the historical Iran.

Slightly distorted map of the various nations living in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with the Pashtun zone deliberately exaggerated and magnified. No Pashtuns live in Afghanistan near the borders of Iran, but apparently this falsehood corresponds to some yet publicly unknown plans of English involvement, manipulation, conflict and bloodshed in Iran.   

B- Pashtuns, a Fake Nation, and the Anglo-Saxon Colonial Fabrication

What will be left after the aforementioned developments take place?

The Pashtuns!

The Pashtuns are a fake nation, also fabricated by the English colonials in the early 18th c. In fact, the names «Pashtun» and «Pashto» are an English colonial forgery. They did not exist in any historical text before the 17th c. 

The fake name and nation «Pashtun», as an English colonial invention, were geared only for the needs of the fabrication of the fake state of Afghanistan. 

I will now explain why the evil English did not create a fake country named «Pashtunistan», but «Afghanistan».

Forged map of Afghanistan with the Pashtun zone extraordinarily enlarged

In fact, what the Anglo-Saxon criminals did was this:

1- They did not fabricate a term «Pashtunistan», as it would be «normal» after the fabrication of the Pashtun bogus-nation.

2- They fabricated the term «Afghanistan» as a wider concept, so that the Pashtuns ultimately control a wider area and populations, which belong to other nations, i.e. not only the land where the so-called «Pashtun» lived. 

3- They imposed a Pashtun cannibal as bogus-king (Ahmed Durrani) on Afghanistan to rule over a) the fake «Pashtun» nation and b) numerous populations that belonged to other nations.

4- Thus, they made of the fake nation of «Pashtun» the ruling class of a far larger realm, which contained more Iranian and Turanian lands. By strengthening the fake state of Afghanistan, they gravely diminished and weakened the Safavid Empire of Iran.

All this happened in the 18th c., and the subsequent colonial use of the fake country «Afghanistan» was very important for the colonial plans of England during the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries down to our days.

You may wish to ask about the different tribes and peoples that existed in the area, which the 18th c. English colonials started describing as «lands of the Pashtun» and «Afghanistan».

Well, there lived at the time (and still live today) ca. 400 different tribes, which were not united and each of them had a limited scope and control area. In every valley of the Hindu Kush, there was a different tribe. Among them, they had several different dialects and many of them, although they were/are Muslims, had/have bizarre habits and traditions that cannot be accepted in Islam.  

All the above mentioned points are the basic historical facts about the reality of the Pashtun and Afghanistan — a fake nation and a false country envisioned, fabricated, supported, manipulated and utilized by the English.



To make you understand with a Horn region parallel, I can say the following:

Fake Afghanistan in Central Asia is what Fake Ethiopia is in the Horn of Africa.

Afghanistan’s Dari-speaking Tajiks are what Ogadenis are in Fake Ethiopia.

Afghanistan’s Hazaras are what Oromos are in Fake Ethiopia.

Afghanistan’s Uzbeks are what Afars are in Fake Ethiopia.

Last, Afghanistan’s evil Pashtuns are what evil Amhara are in Fake Ethiopia.

And similarly, Afghanistan’s Pashtuns are what Kikuyu are in Kenya.


Of course, all the Iranians and all the Tajiks know what I said before. 

If the rest of the world does not know that, this is due to the colonial structure of today’s world and to the stupidity of average people worldwide.

Why as that?

Viciously distorted map of Afghanistan prepared only to give viewers the impression that the Pashtun control more than half of the fake country’s territory.
Seeing maps like that, one shrewd observer can automatically understand that the Mankind hasn’t seen it all in Afghanistan and that the criminal English colonials intend to produce further bloodshed through use of their tool, namely the fake nation of the Pashtuns.

Because only if an average Moroccan, Spaniard or Italian is totally stupid, he can believe that to get access to authentic information about Abyssinia, Yemen, Pakistan and Tajikistan, he must read any of the major international newspapers.

If an average Moroccan, Spaniard or Italian wants to get access to authentic information about Abyssinia, Yemen, Pakistan and Tajikistan,the only correct and intelligent way to acquire that data is through local, indigenous newspapers, TV stations, sites, portals blogs and social media of those countries.  


3- Specific Comments about Hamed Qaderi and ‘his’ Videos  

The video (Pashtuns are Jews/ was apparently prepared by someone, who wanted to cut different clips from another video and mix them at will. However, the video was uploaded before approximately one year.

I already made it clear that the guy, who uploaded the video, is an Iranian (Tajik) originating from Afghanistan. Even the description of the video that you sent me is in Farsi (پشتون ها یهود هستند); it is the same as the title. From his own work, we can get a better idea. Example: in a video uploaded on 11th November 2020, he spent one hour talking and offering space to others in order to comprehensively reject and denounce the Karzai and Ghani gang crime (برنامه 175 در ارتباط سینمای پارک و جنایت باند کرزی و غنی/ He is very right in doing this, because these criminal Pashtun pseudo-Muslim crooks and gangsters were puppets of the English and the Americans, and it is only thanks to them that the Americans left Afghanistan after making sure that their top puppets, i.e. the Taliban terrorists, were able to take full control of that cursed and wretched land.

So, automatically you can understand the need of this Iranian TV presenter to denounce and denigrate the devious Pashtun whose docility and servility toward the English (and more recently the Americans) destroyed Iran and Islam, while serving the evil colonial gangsters over the past 300 years. In other words, whatever was said in this video was already considered by the YT channel user as deprecatory and detrimental against the Pashtun. He then thought that he had good reason to upload this.

Hamed Qaderi launched Khorasan TV Farsi Chanel in 2002 and he seems to be safely based in Los Angeles ( I bet that in Afghanistan the local Pashtun cannibals would eat him up either roasted or boiled, as soon as he released this video. However, this video is an exception in many ways.

First of all, in almost all of his videos, Hamed Qaderi presents a program personally; but this video appears to have been made as a documentary, and not as a typical TV program.  

Second, as documentary, this video is not the personal work of Hamed Qaderi, but of someone else. He does not appear and he does not speak at all in this video; in addition, it is clear that the technology involved dates back to the 1990s.

Third, most of his other videos have very limited audience (sometimes less than 10 views); but this video (as of today, 10th May 2022) has gone beyond 91000 views! You can find all the details and his videos here:

Fourth, little time after Hamed Qaderi uploaded the video that you sent me (which has a duration of 18:44 minutes), he uploaded another shorter (4:24 minutes) under the Farsi title ‘ فیلم پشتون و یهودی بودن’ (The film ‘Pashtuns are Jews’). Here is the link:

The very interesting thing is that this shorter video seems to be the continuation the clips taken from the same documentary from which clips were taken for the longer video that Hamed Qaderi uploaded (and which you sent me); this is bizarre. Why didn’t he make one video out of all the clips that he cut? Why didn’t he arrange a bilingual title since this possible and in any case the titles are brief (just three words each)?

This original documentary was evidently shot partly in Afghanistan and in Pakistan and partly in an undisclosed location, somewhere in an English-speaking country; this was apparently the venue where someone gave an open (?) lecture. Both the speaker and the audience are repeatedly shown in the original documentary and also in the clips cut by Hamed Qaderi for his two YT videos.

I happen to know by name the person, who gave the lecture (or rather the lectures) included in the original documentary. In the video that you sent me, one can see this person in several points, namely 2:35, 4:54, 6:43, 7:25, 9:16, 11:33, and 13:15. In the shorter video, you can see this lecturer in the following points: 1:12, 1:45, 2:11, 2:27 and 4:15. It is clear that the producer of the original documentary got several shots from different lectures given by that person, because he appears to wear different types of clothes every now and then.  


4- Simcha Jacobovici, and his Fraudulent Cinematographic Productions

This person is a world-famous crook, a villainous impostor, a ridiculous rascal, a low level propagandist, a filthy fraudster, a criminal liar, and -like all the Ashkenazi Khazarian pseudo-Jewish Zionist Israelis- a bastard. His degrees, certificates and diplomas are merely toilet paper used and disposed of. He is though very good in his job of professional hoaxer. His name is Simcha Jacobovici, and he is nowadays in his late 60s. About:

His YT channel:

It is noteworthy that several other Zionist and Israeli outfits and bogus-YT channels (in fact these are parts of the Mossad front office) repost and re-upload his stupid documentaries. Examples:

Here you have some samples of his documentaries that are reposted by others:

The Secret Voyage Of Jesus – Secrets Of Christianity 104 – The Lost Voyage Of Jesus


Was Saint Paul A Secret Agent? – The Naked Archaeologist 311 – Queen Esther And Purim

And this is a documentary that he wrote, directed and produced about the Ten Lost Tribes of the Ancient Israel, which are totally unrelated either to either today’s (Sephardi) Jews or the non-Jewish Ashkenazi Khazarian Zionists. The film was released in 1998:

You can watch it (duration: 1:30:29) here:

Quest for the Lost (10) Tribes of Israel – Documentary [Full]

It is from this documentary that Hamed Qaderi cut several clips and fabricated his two videos, namely the longer (that you sent me) and the shorter (that I mentioned herewith).

Of course, Simcha Jacobovici’s bogus-productions constitute criminal Israeli governmental propaganda, as he is an identified mouthpiece of the Mossad, but the topic itself (the theory that the Pashtun are the descendants of one or more tribes of the Ancient Israel) has already been examined and discussed by many. The following video is an example:

Pashtuns and The Lost Tribe of Bani Israel | History of Pathans | پٹھان قوم کی تاریخ

(from Rah e Hidayat TV’s YouTube channel:

As you can easily, safely and accurately assume, Simcha Jacobovici’s audience is not academic or intellectual. He attracts educationally low level people, who happen to be interested in mysteries, plots, unknown moments of History, ignored aspects of religions, legends, misinterpreted texts, unpublished manuscripts, unexplored topics, alternative interpretations, etc. This audience exists in big numbers throughout the developed countries, and this is the consequence of the wrong educational and academic systems of the Western or Westernized countries, which force people to excessively specialize on a topic in order to achieve a successful career, while however remaining in mysteries about a great number of topics, which were considered in the past as absolutely necessary educational foundations.

The main trait, which is omnipresent in all of Simcha Jacobovici’s videos (not only those that I examined closely in order to understand his intentions!), is the following: there is always an obscure point that he wants to personally unveil for his readers. Deliberately, there is a great dose of cinematographic charlatanism in all of his documentaries, because he ceaselessly tries to posture as sort of clownish ‘Indiana Jones’ (in search of valuable remnants, incredible stories, hidden treasures, unknown truths, and outstanding monuments). If you know nothing about the ridiculous cinematographic character ‘Indiana Jones’, you don’t miss anything. Here you can get some clues:

As character, ‘Indiana Jones’ is a lowly, hideous, vulgar, and extremely offensive Americanization of some of the 19th century’s leading Orientalists, Africanists and other explorers; as a matter of fact, this cinematographic character consists in a meaningless, preposterous and surely ‘ahistorical’ transplantation of 19th c. archaeological pioneers in the late 20th and early 21st c. There is nothing to admire there, except American ignorance and utter degradation of the man’s mental conditions and intellectual aptitudes.  

There is not one Israeli historian, philologist, ethnographer, historian of religions, archaeologist or linguist who would spend one minute on Simcha Jacobovici’s fraudulent and nonsensical videos; but on the other hand, you should not expect an explicit denunciation of his fraud either! The reason for this is that they all know that he is the propaganda arm of the Mossad and he merely does his job, carrying out his assigned tasks; so, his rubbish is not addressed to academics and researchers, but to average public either in Israel or throughout the English-speaking world (I have not noticed any version of video in other languages).


5- The Assyriologist Hayim Tadmor, Simcha Jacobovici, the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, the Jews, and the Misunderstanding of Hamed Qaderi  

Simcha Jacobovici’s method is an academic fraud. One can attest the same type of iniquity among other historical fraudsters everywhere; their method is invariably the same. They find well known and widely acclaimed scholars specializing in a field; they interview them for 30, 60 or 90 seconds about few details that concern their field but, at the same time, are related to some extent with the main topic/theme of the documentary under preparation; thus, they ‘extract’ undeniable academic credibility and present their premeditated, deviate and obnoxious ‘research’ as possibly based on authoritative scholars.

However, their claim to scholarly trustworthiness is trashy, because if after the release of the documentary, you present the entire film to the interviewed scholar, he will straightforwardly reject it and he will say that he bears responsibility only for the brief interview that he accorded to the producer; and of course, no other scholars will support any of the absurd (but eventually useful at the level of politics, worldwide infiltration, and intelligence services) claim made or conclusion drawn in the execrable ‘documentary’.

A- Hayim Tadmor, a Leading Assyriologist

As a matter of fact, the video that you sent me initially shocked me! In the very first minute! The reason for this is that, as soon as it started, I noticed that the producer(s) included an interview with a highly reputable and acclaimed scholar, namely the leading Israeli Assyriologist Hayim Tadmor (1923-2005), who was my professor in Jerusalem Mount Scopus University back in 1984. I was many times in the salon of his house and I remember with some nostalgia the noble way he treated me and the wisdom of his responses. But all of our discussions revolved around the Neo-Assyrian Empire (1200-609 BCE) and the Sargonid dynasty (722-609 BCE), which was the culmination point of the Pre-Islamic world and the permanent model for the Achaemenid Iranian, the Seleucid, and the Roman Empires.

Hayim Tadmor was acknowledged for his major contribution, namely the publication of the Annals of Tiglath-pileser III (745-727 BCE), Emperor of Assyria and Emperor of the Universe.

And here you can find many scholarly articles published by Hayim Tadmor (search: Tadmor, H.):

But I know very well that Hayim Tadmor (born in Harbin/Харбин/哈尔滨市, today’s Manchuria in NE China, at the time of Russian control: 1898-1932) never studied anything about the Pashtun and did not have a clue about Afghanistan – except of course general encyclopedic knowledge.

I therefore observed carefully and noticed that, in that clip, Hayim Tadmor speaks only about the Ancient Israelites (who are very different from either the Sephardic Jews or the Ashkenazim fake-Jewish Khazarians) and about some of the locations where they have been attested (on the basis of excavated cuneiform textual evidence) more than a century after they had been besieged, taken captive, and subsequently transported to NE Assyrian provinces (722-719 BCE). What Hayim Tadmor said is accurate: there are Babylonian texts of the early 6th c. BCE mentioning Ancient Israelite names of individuals in NE Mesopotamia.

But at the same time, I could not understand why this clip with Hayim Tadmor was necessary in a documentary about the Pashtuns being Jews. Later, I realized that the creator of that video (the Afghani Iranian expatriate Hamed Qaderi) did not cut only one part of Simcha Jacobovici’s documentary, but many small parts that he mixed together in the video he prepared and uploaded.

When I discovered Simcha Jacobovici’s documentary, I realized why Hayim Tadmor was necessary to the Israeli cinematographic fraudster; his documentary (see above) was not about the Jews (!!!), but about the Ten Lost Tribes of the Ancient Israelites, who are very different from the Jews as I already said. Look at the title:

Quest for the Lost (10) Tribes of Israel – Documentary [Full]


B- Hamed Qaderi’s Misunderstanding of Simcha Jacobovici‘s Documentary

Then, the entire problem at this level was the fact that Hamed Qaderi simply was never a historian; he did not study Ancient History of Assyria, Babylonia, Israel and Judah, and in addition, he misunderstood the entire video that he cut into small clips to create his own. In fact, Hamed Qaderi mistook the ‘Ancient Israelites’ (or ‘Ten Lost Tribes of Israel’) for …. Jews!

So, the title of the video that you sent me is totally wrong and misleading; the poor Afghani Iranian expatriate, out of his hatred of the Pashtun (which I can accept and tolerate) and in his effort to defame them as ‘Jews’, did not understand that the original video that he watched (that of Simcha Jacobovici) has nothing to do with Jews, but it concerns with the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel whom the Ashkenazi Khazarian fake Jewish Modern Israeli Zionist fraudster tries to identify here and there, in Asia and in Africa.

Consequently, the correct title for the video that you sent me would have been (had ever the unfortunate Mr. Hamed Qaderi understood it properly): “Pashtuns are descendants of the Ancient Israelites”. And this is actually what Simcha Jacobovici tries to do in his documentary: he attempts to identify

a) names of Ancient Israelite (attention: not ‘Jewish’) tribes with names of the Pashtun tribes,

b) names of locations (mountains, rivers, etc.) where the Ancient Israelites have been exiled by Sargon II of Assyria (722-705 BCE) in NE Assyria with toponyms from the regions presently inhabited by Pashtun.

c) names of locations (mountains, rivers, etc.) where the Ancient Israelites have been attested later (during the times of Nabonid Babylonia (625-539 BCE) with toponyms from the regions presently inhabited by Pashtun.

Mr. Hamed Qaderi’s misunderstanding and confusion may to some extent be justified (as I said), because he did not study Ancient History, Assyriology, and Biblical Studies. All the same, for a Muslim this mistake is not permissible. Why?

Well, for the very simple reason that the Ten Lost Tribes of Ancient Israel are named Banu Isra’il (بني إسرائيل) in the Quran, whereas the Jews -who are unrelated to the Ten Lost Tribes of Ancient Israel – are called Yahud (يهود). This means that the colossal difference between the two ethnic groups is part of an average Muslim’s culture. In other words, a Muslim does not need to study History of the Ancient Orient in order to know the Ancient Israelites are very different (and viewed by Allah as such) from the (ancient or modern) Jews.

In this regard, look at the enormous difference that exists between the Russian Wikipedia and the English Wikipedia; it testifies to the ‘bras-de-fer’ between different secret organizations that promote different versions of World History.

This is correct:Бану_Исраил

This is totally false:

Jews or ‘Jewish people’ are NOT Banu Isra’il.

C- Simcha Jacobovici‘s Documentaries: Truth, Lies and Distortions

This said, I have now to persistently point out that one should not reject Simcha Jacobovici’s cinematographic production as entirely wrong. There is no absolute lie and there is no absolute forgery. In many cases (I speak about other documentaries), he presents plausible situations, possible interpretations, eventual facts, and even correct approaches. But one finds always (in Simcha Jacobovici’s documentaries) an exaggerated description, an unnecessary self-praise, and a certain concealment of other scholars and authors who published already (and sometimes much) about the topic of the documentary in question.

In fact, there is nothing new in what he says; all the topics that he presents had already been visited and revisited by numerous scholars and explorers who came up with fresh ideas and alternative interpretations. But the fraudster tries to persistently usurp other persons’ suggestions, ideas, and thoughts. In fact, he merely popularizes already expressed interpretations, trying always to extract undeserved credit and …. material benefit.  

Simcha Jacobovici’s way to reveal the truth by saying many lies also involves an overdose of conspiracy theory and a disproportionate effort to put the blame on others, who always happened to be enemies of the Jews. To conclude the topic, I can say that it is really a pity that, by presenting all these themes/subjects in the way he does, he discredits many correct approaches to and interpretations of facts. This Mossad agent and fraudster failed to grasp that the truth in each and every point (as in the aforementioned case of ‘the Secret Voyage of Jesus’) does not have an ‘enemy’, and it cannot be presented as ‘opposite’ to eventual lies or textual changes and alterations. It is quite possible that Jesus sailed to Western Mediterranean and to the Phoenician-Carthaginian city of Cadiz (in today’s Spain).

Cadiz (SW Spain): an ancient Phoenician and Carthaginian city initially named Gadir (i.e. ‘Wall’), later known as Gadeira (Γάδειρα) in Ancient Greek and Gades in Latin

The fact that all mentions to such a potential travel were erased from the Gospels is not a reason for us to hate or revile Christianity and any Christian Church. Revealing the truth about a text that may have been erased from the Gospels is not tantamount to justification of the preposterous insults contained in the ignominious Talmud against Jesus. But did the ignorant, uneducated, biased and treacherous Simcha Jacobovici produce any video to reveal even one of the fallacies and the monstrosities contained in the egregious and abominable Talmud? No!

The partial impostor finds evildoing and depravity only among his opponents!


6- The Ten Lost Tribes of Ancient Israel, the (Sephardic) Jews, and the non-Jewish Ashkenazi Khazarians

I must now highlight to you the eschatological / soteriological (or messianic) importance of the topic of the Ten Lost Tribes of Ancient Israel.

The Ancient Hebrew tribal kingdom of Saul (Sha’ul/طالوت) and David (Daud/ داوود) did not last long. After the death of Solomon (Sulayman/ سليمان) at ca. 930 BCE, the Ancient Hebrews were irrevocably divided and ever since organized in two different kingdoms:

a. the Northern Kingdom of Israel, in which 10 out the 12 Hebrew tribes gathered


b. the Southern kingdom of Judah, with the remaining 2 tribes.

Apparently, the Ancient Kingdom of Israel was significantly bigger than the kingdom of Judah; Israel’s capital was Samaria (today’s Nablus), whereas Judah’s capitals was Jerusalem. Around these two kingdoms, there were many other important kingdoms of those days:

i- Aram-Dimashq, the largest and strongest Aramaean kingdom;

ii- several other Aramaean kingdoms, like Bit Adini, Bit Zamani, etc., which occupied territories of today’s Syria and SE Turkey;

iii- several Phoenician kingdoms, like Tyre, Byblus, Arad, Beirut, etc., which occupied territories of today’s Lebanon, the coastal part of Syria, and the offshore territories of their colonies throughout the Mediterranean and across the Iberian and NW African coasts (due to their navigational expertise and commercial dexterity, the Phoenicians were extremely wealthy);

iv- several Neo-Hittite kingdoms, like Tabal, Que, Gurgum, and Kummuh;

v- the Semitic kingdoms of Ammon (around Amman), Moab and Edom (in today’s Jordan); and

vi- the Philistines in the southern part of the coast, around the cities Gaza, Ashkelon and Ashdod.

The Aramaean kingdom Aram-Dimashq (Damascus), the Semitic kingdoms Ammon, Moab and Edom, the Philistines, and the Hebrew kingdoms of Israel and Judah


The Aramaean kingdoms
Neo-Hittite, Western Aramaean, and Phoenician Kingdoms
Neo-Hittite, Western Aramaean, and Phoenician Kingdoms
The Assyrian Empire and its expansion

A- The Ancient Israelites taken in Captivity in Assyria and lost

All these small kingdoms existed within a context of ever changing alliances and never ending wars; in fact, their existence was extended only until the rise of Assyria to prevalence. Gradually, all these states and many other even larger kingdoms, like the Urartu (in today’s Eastern Turkey), the Phrygians and the Lydians (in today’s Western Turkey),, the Mannai (Mannaea) and the Medes (in today’s Northwestern and Western Iran), and even great historical empires like Elam (in today’s SW Iran), Babylonia (Central and Southern Mesopotamia), and Egypt become parts of Assyria, the world’s first and foremost imperial, universalist empire. In the process, Sargon of Assyria (also known as Sargon II) invaded the Northern Kingdom of Israel (722 BCE), transported the totality of the Ancient Israelites to the NE confines of his empire, and replaced them with Aramaeans who were transported from Southern Mesopotamia and resettled in Samaria and throughout the territory of the Ancient Israel.

Tiglat-pileser III (745-727 BCE)
Assurbanipal (669-625 BCE)

Several Assyrian cuneiform texts, dating back to the end of the 8th and the beginning of the 7th c. BCE, mention names of Ancient Israelites transported and settled in different locations throughout the NE Assyrian provinces. But after the end of the long reign (669-625 BCE) of Ashurbanipal, Ancient Assyria’s greatest monarch, the vast empire seems to have come to an end, in spite of all the incessant wars and astounding victories that the highly intellectual emperor and high priest achieved until 640 BCE, erasing every opponent of Assyria. Few years later, only around 614 BCE, Assyria seems to have been left with few garrisons of almost empty cities, and in the span of 5 years (614-609 BCE) all the major Assyrian cities and imperial capitals fell in the hands of the Babylonians and the Medes. The bulk of the Assyrian population was not there; the archaeological evidence demonstrates that mere skirmishes took then place and few casualties were recorded from both sides. But there were no scribes left to write Assyrian anymore; after 610 BCE, all the Mesopotamian cuneiform texts that have been discovered were Babylonian.

Neither Assyrians nor Israelites (transported to NE Assyria) have been found throughout the great empire, which was easily divided between the Babylonians and the Medes. Prophecies about their dispersion in various lands, their loss of identity, faith and language, and their miraculous return at the End of Time have been attested in Ancient Assyrian texts and in the Old Testament, whereas hints can be found in the Gospels and the Quran. The topic preserved its importance throughout the ages, and several Jews (Sephardi) expressed great interest in traveling to remote lands only for the sake of possibly identifying the remnants of the ‘Ten Lost Tribes’. Benjamin of Tudela (1135-1178) wrote down his findings in his Book of Travels, after traveling for many long years from Andalusia through the Eastern Roman Empire to the Abbasid Caliphate, and further on to Arabia, Iran, India, Yemen and Egypt. About:Βενιαμίν_εκ_Τουδέλης_Το_Βιβλίο_των_Ταξειδίων_Benjamin_of_Tudela_The_Book_of_the_Travels

The travels of Benjamin of Tudela
The travels of Benjamin of Tudela compared with those of Ibn Batuta and Marco Polo

B- Modern Times’ German Assyrianism and British Israelism

In modern times, several Northern European scholars and intellectuals raised the topic of the Ancient Assyrian origin of the Germans and of the Ancient Israelite origin of the English and of several other Northern European nations. German Assyrianism and British Israelism fascinated even leading mystics, artists and poets like William Blake.

Many otherwise inexplicable facts of Modern History can be illuminated due to these approaches, which have not yet brought forth conclusive evidence in support of the respective claims. All the same, this spiritual, academic and intellectual trend generated tremendous reaction from Jesuits and Zionists. If the real Israelites are the English and other Northern European nations, then the state of Israel is clearly a fraud.

Typical material of British Israelism and German Assyrianism

In the following links, you will get a general idea about these schools of historical interpretation:

C- Sephardic Jews

When the Ancient Israelites and the Jews lived in separate kingdoms for two centuries (930-722 BCE), they were often in conflict, as they were members of different alliances. The fact that they had common ancestry and language did not play an important role; I don’t even mention the monotheistic religion that Moses, which had been preached to their ancestors, because the kings of both Hebrew states, Israel and Judah, wanted to imitate the polytheistic kings of the Phoenician and the Aramaean states. Most of the Biblical prophets originated from Israel, and they gravely criticized both kingdoms for their religious apostasy and heresy.

What is definitely known and absolutely clear is the fact that the Sephardic Jews have nothing to do with the Ten Lost Tribes of the Ancient Israelites, because the Jews were never lost. After the Israelites were taken to NE Assyria, the tiny tributary kingdom of Judah, headquartered in Jerusalem, continued existing under Assyrian tutelage. After the end of the Assyrian Empire (609 BCE), the Babylonians targeted and finally invaded Judah, holding the entire population captive (587 BCE). But the Jews, who were transported to Babylonia, were later liberated by the Achaemenid Iranian Emperor Cyrus (Kurosh), when he invaded Babylonia (539 BCE). There is however a historical continuity of Jews from the Achaemenid Iranian times (550-330 BCE) down to the times of Jesus and the Roman Empire. Quite noticeably, the small kingdom that the Jews set up in Palestine at those days was named Judah (Judaea in Latin), and not Israel, because it was clear that the Jews had nothing to do with Ancient Israel.

It is also noteworthy that the Aramaeans, who were transported by Sargon II from Southern Mesopotamia and resettled in Samaria and throughout the territory of Ancient Israel, progressively accepted Jewish religion (like the Samaritan woman with whom Jesus had a critical conversation-proof of his overwhelming rejection of the then ethnic Jews), but they were always ethnically distinct. In later periods (after the 4th c. BCE), all ethnic Jews became linguistically Aramaized, and they lost their Ancient Hebrew language, which was then the religious language for both, the religiously Jewish Aramaeans and the ethnically and religiously Jews.

After the Roman Conquest of Jerusalem and its subsequent destruction (70 CE), the ethnic Jews were dispersed throughout the Roman Empire and also in several other kingdoms in Asia (Iran, Yemen, Arabia, India) and Africa (Axum). The rise of the Islamic Caliphate guaranteed a period of commercial prosperity and intellectual creativity for all the Jews of the Islamic realm. The remarkable position that the Jews had in the Islamic Caliphate of Andalusia (Iberian Peninsula), the Hebrew name for Spain (Sepharad) with the ensuing adjective (Sephardi), and the expulsion of all the Jews from the victorious Christian kingdom of Castille and Aragon (1492) are the reasons for which gradually all the Jews have been collectively named Sephardic.

D- Ashkenazi Fake Jewish Khazarian Zionists

Totally different and unrelated from the Ten Lost Tribes of the Ancient Israelites (who cannot be identified with any ethnic group until now) and from the (Sephardic) Jews are the Ashkenazi Khazarians, who -settled in the northern coastland of the Caspian Sea- decided to accept Judaism as their religion around the year 800 CE. They are widely known thanks to their interaction with the Abbasid Caliphate, early and later Turanian Khanates, later Islamic Sultanates, the Eastern Roman Empire, and Christian European kingdoms. In Farsi and in several other languages, the Caspian Sea is called ‘The Sea of the Khazars’ (Darya-ye Khazar). 

At this point, it is essential to underscore the fact that the Khazars were not the first nation or ethnic group that accepted Judaism as religion. I already stated that the Aramaeans, who were transported from Southern Mesopotamia to the territory of Ancient Israel after the Israelite Captivity to Assyria (722-719 BCE), gradually accepted Judaism.

Also the small Aramaean kingdom of Adiabene (Hadyab in Syriac Aramaic) in Northeastern Mesopotamia and Northern Transtigritane (the land beyond Tigris River) accepted Judaism in the 1st c. CE. The small Aramaean kingdom had Arbil as capital, and it was at times tributary to the Arsacid Parthian, Roman, and Sassanid Iranian empires. The kingdom survived from the middle of 2nd c. BCE until the end of the 4th c. CE when it was irrevocably incorporated (379) in the Sassanid Empire. Although the religiously Jewish Aramaean Queen Helena of Adiabene was known to have made donations to the temple of Jerusalem, the people and the rulers of Adiabene never claimed any right to the ‘Promised Land’ in the face of their conversion to Judaism.

Contrarily to this tradition, after the Khazars accepted Judaism, they started naming themselves ‘Ashkenazi’, which is a Biblical term for the ancient nation of Scythians; by identifying themselves with the Ancient Scythians, they thought that they could acquire credentials of historicity and by believing (or showing publicly that they do) in Judaism, they laid claim to the ‘Promised Land’. They early established contacts with the Sephardi Jews in Western Europe (10th-11th c.) and attempted to arrange mixed marriages only to strengthen their claim and to posture as ethnically Jewish, whereas they are not.

The identification of the Khazars with the ancestors of all those who today claim to belong to the so-called ‘Ashkenazi Judaism’ (a highly controversial term due to the rise of the forged ‘Reform Judaism’ and other utterly non-Jewish or un-Jewish or even anti-Jewish movements among the supposedly Jewish Ashkenazi) is not only a modern scholarly conclusion (as in the case of the illustrious 19th-20th Talmudic scholar Samuel Krauss), but also the common practice and absolute conviction of many 11th c. Ashkenazi Talmudic commentators like Shlomo Yitzchaki (1040-1105; also known as Rashi). Only with the rise of Zionism at the end of the 19th c., these commonly known and widely accepted even among Ashkenazi Khazarians- truths became ‘conspiracy theories’ and ‘unfounded assumptions’.


7- The Pashtuns are unrelated to the Ten Lost Tribes of Ancient Israel, the Sephardic Jews, and the Ashkenazi Fake Jewish Khazarian Zionists

The Pashtuns, as you may have already understood, do not constitute a historical nation; the modern scholars, who try to falsify World History and hypothesize about the relationship of the fake national name of the Pashtuns with selected words from ancient languages, execute disreputable orders of their colonial masters and do not work in order to explore the historical truth. They intend merely to serve the criminal and evil choices of the world’s most inhuman colonial forces, i.e. England and the US. All these idiotic pseudo-scholars, who desperately search in Achaemenid Iranian, Middle Persian, Sogdian, Pahlavi, Sanskrit, Prakrit, Aramaean, Syriac Aramaic, Arabic, Farsi, etc. texts in order to find words that sound like ‘Pashtun’, know very well that they are impostors and that whatever they pretend and publish in this regard is nonsensical.

There has never been any ethnonym in any language to have an affinity with the fabricated term ‘Pashtun’. Even worse, there is no continuity between any proposed (by modern scholars) name taken from any ancient language and the name of the modern pseudo-nation of the Pashtuns.

Pretty much like the Pashtuns are not one nation but an assemblage of ca. 400 tribes, Pashto is not a language but a collection of dialects. The existence of these dialects is due to an enormous amalgamation made between descendants of ancient indigenous nations (mainly of Eastern Iranian substrate) and the numerous nomadic nations and / or armies that crossed the mountainous regions of today’s Eastern Afghanistan and NW Pakistan in order to reach the Indus Valley.

As a matter of fact, the territories currently inhabited by the so-called ‘Pashtun’ (i. e. the central part of the current Pakistan-Afghanistan borderline and all the adjacent lands) had always been the main passageway from Central Asia, Siberia and NE Asia to the Indus Valley and, in general, the subcontinent. This region was also preferable to cross even for armies and/or nomads coming from the Iranian plateau with the intention to reach the Indus Valley. This critical fact, which determined all major historical developments in the wider region, is entirely due to the geomorphological condition of the wider region of Baluchistan, which lies south of the mountainous territories inhabited by the Pashtuns.

Baluchistan comprises vast swathes of land in SE Iran, SW Pakistan, and Southern Afghanistan. Arid mountains, deserts and swamps along with high temperatures make of this territory an inhospitable land almost impossible for armies or nomads to cross. Contrarily to these geomorphological traits, the narrow valleys of Hindu Kush, generously fertilized by rivers, make a far preferable territory for all types of migrants to traverse.

That is why the region, which is currently inhabited by Pashtuns, was crossed by many ethnic groups and nations migrating to the subcontinent either during the Antiquity or after the early expansion of Islam. Furthermore, it was endlessly crossed by caravans moving for two millennia (500 BCE – 1500 CE) on the silk-, spice-, and incense-routes. The Pakistani province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa corresponds to the Achaemenid satrapy of Thatagush (Sattagydia); borderlines among kingdoms and tribal confederacies were drawn there more often than in any other part of Iran, India and Central Asia. Surviving descendants of ancient indigenous nations amalgamated with every new wave of shelters and migrants, and this fact produced the incredibly high number of tribes that the English colonials put together in order to fabricate a fake nation-tool of their disastrous policies.

The Achaemenid Empire of Iran

Quite noticeably, with the arrival of the Western colonials in Eastern Africa and South Asia (around ca. 1500 CE), the silk-, spice-, and incense-routes ceased to function, nomadic movements became scarce, and after the last crossing of the region, i. e. Nader Shah’s invasion of India (1739), the English came up with their colonial scheme, namely the ‘Pashtun’ nation and the fake country named ‘Afghanistan’.

On the basis of the aforementioned, it becomes clear that there cannot be any connection between any of the tribes that the English baptized as Pashtun and any of the earlier discussed historical nations, namely the Ten Lost Tribes of Ancient Israel, the Sephardic Jews, and the Ashkenazi Fake Jewish Khazarian Zionists. About:

Turkish & Mongolic Words and Turkish Lexical Elements in Pashto

Peştucada Türkçe/Moğolca Kelimeler ve Türkçe Di̇l Unsurlari

You may now wish to know how the Pashtun proved to be useful to their English and American masters over the past 40 years. This is very simple; there is a word, a name, which is widely known worldwide. But this name is in fact a fraudulent deception. The reality hidden behind this deception would shake the world, if it became known. You certainly heard about the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Well, there are no Taliban. All Taliban are Pashtun; there are no Taliban except the Pashtun puppets of the English and the Americans.

One may still identify a few groups of Taliban of Tajik origin (like that of the deliberately assassinated Ahmad Shah Massoud); these groups are a professional reaction to the original fact, namely the organization of the evil pseudo-Muslim force of the Taliban by the British Intelligence, the CIA, and their silly and corrupt Pashtun puppets. When such developments take place, it is necessary for other nations (Tajik, Uzbek, etc.) and also for other forces (France, Russia, China, Germany) and countries (secret services) involved to organize parallel structures (other ‘Taliban’ groups) in order to mainly monitor and contain the early established group through them.

There is nothing Islamic in post-Soviet Afghanistan; it is a new form of colonization that destroys the land and all the other nations, which have been imprisoned in that pseudo-state. All fake Muslim Pashtuns carry out colonial orders, which serve only the Anglo-Saxon agenda. There is no Talibanization of Afghanistan; it is merely a Pashtunization.


8- Why Khazaria (Fake Israel) is in war with England about the Pashtun?

You may finally wish to ask why this topic may offer the fake state of Israel an opportunity to be involved and why such documentaries are supported by Israeli and Zionist cinematographers, and by their financiers.

The topic of the Ten Lost Tribes of the Ancient Israelites and the Assyrians is at the epicenter of the eschatological beliefs and agendas of all the major secret societies of today’s world, namely the Jesuits, the Freemasons, and the Zionists.

In fact, everything undertaken and done by the Western Europeans after the Fall of Constantinople (1453) was only the implementation of eschatological plans and agendas. In other words, different powerful organizations diffused tons of lies, forgeries and fake sciences in order to acquire wealth, obtain material force, and mainly achieve prevalence over the then existing empires (Ming – Qing China, Mughal Empire/Hindustan, Safavid/Afshar/Qajar Empire of Iran, the Ottoman Empire, the Aztecs and the Incas). Deliberately, they reduced the rest of the world into abject poverty and utmost misery in order to carry out their soteriological / messianic plans and schemes.

In this manner, they would impose their order worldwide and usher the entire mankind into a fake End of Times (al Yom al Akhar / اليوم الآخر or Akhir uz-zaman/ آخر الزمان) with their, fake, Messiah at the end. And this is what they exactly did, without anyone noticing it at some early moment. However, these forces, which attempted and achieved these developments, were in open conflict with one another, having opposite agendas, conflicting stories, and divergent interpretations of the Biblical (Ancient Hebrew) and Christian prophecies.   

Spanish and Portuguese colonialism reflected the agenda of the Jesuits.

Dutch, French and English colonialism reflected the agenda of the Freemasons.

Ashkenazi fake-Jewish Khazarian colonialism reflected the agenda of the Zionists.

With the Treaty of Tordesillas (1494), Rome divided all the seas of the world into either Spanish o Portuguese, turning the surface of the Earth into an imaginary lake and all the continents into de facto islands. This was the papal response to both, the Eastern Roman Empire (defunct in 1453-1461) and the divided Islamic world. The various Muslim empires failed first to be duly informed and updated and second to react. Their end would be inevitable because in reality this treaty terminated 2000 years of silk-, spice-, and incense routes.
Rome drew only two lines to separate the seas: from Brazil to the Philippines all seas ‘belonged’ to Portugal, whereas all the rest was considered as being under the control of the king of Spain.
Spain and Portugal were entirely controlled by the Jesuits and the pope.
The first and the second French colonial empires
The English Empire; the French and the English colonial empires were tools in the hands of the English and the French Freemasonry,

After WWI and WWII, these secret societies penetrated one another and managed to infiltrate the opposite society’s ‘territory’; this means that, in great contrast with what happened in the past, now all three organizations are powerful almost everywhere within the Western world, and at the same time, they are in contrast with one another everywhere (whereas Imperial Germany was at the hands of the Jesuits, whereas Freemasonry totally controlled France and England in 1914).

Freemasons and Zionists are now powerful in Spain whereas this would be totally inconceivable before 100 or 400 years; similarly, Jesuits are very influential in France and England, whereas this would be unbelievable before 100 or 200 years. This new situation forces all these three societies to use proxies for their wars – something that did not happen in the past.

Why is the topic of the Ten Lost Tribes of the Ancient Israelites and the Assyrians at the epicenter of the eschatological beliefs and agendas of these three powerful secret societies?

This is very simple to answer: it is so, because for the Biblical and the Christian prophecies, the End of Time is the period during which, after unprecedented wars, destructions, famines, natural disasters, and diseases, the Messiah will identify the Ten Lost Tribes of the Ancient Israelites and the Assyrians, and then, in a miraculous manner, he will bring them back to their respective lands of origin, i.e. in Palestine, Syria and Mesopotamia. The texts are very clear on this topic, and at times they offer indeed fascinating descriptions. There are no messianic times without a ‘return’!

Where do these three organizations stand as regards the eschatological excerpts of the Old and New Testaments that concern the ‘Return of the Ten Lost Tribes’? Well, before replying briefly, I would suggest you to make your own research, starting with “Return of the Ten Lost Tribes” (all the words within brackets) in a search engine!

A- Jesuits and the Return of the Ten Lost Tribes

The Jesuits, who persistently try nowadays to unify all branches and churches of today’s destitute Christianity under their own, diabolical, auspices, fully reject the topic because they view this development (or eventuality) as fully opposed and detrimental to Christianity (that they pretend to represent).

To the Jesuits, an eventual “Return of the Ten Lost Tribes” would automatically turn Jesus into anything else except the Messiah or Christ, which -as belief- consists in the foundation stone of Christianity. You may then wish to ask me why the Jesuits do not fabricate their own fake ‘Ten Lost Tribes’ so that eventually their (currently under preparation) false Messiah takes them back to the ‘Promised Land’. This question is easy to respond.

The Jesuits (and their spiritual, sacerdotal and theological predecessors) never believed a word of the Old Testament. By the way, they didn’t believe a word of the New Testament either; they only managed to seize the Roman sacerdotal hierarchy of Christianity and to progressively hijack through infiltration all the other Christian churches. In fact, the Jesuits deeply revile the Ancient Hebrews (the united kingdom of 12 tribes), the Ancient Israelites (the Ten Lost Tribes), the (Sephardic) Jews, and the Ashkenazi fake-Jewish Khazarians. Useless to add that the Jesuits deeply hate all the prophets, Jesus, and -last but not least- prophet Muhammad!

The Jesuits constitute a form of survival of ancient idolatrous and polytheistic beliefs and cults within Christianity; this statue represents Virgin Mary as Black Madonna with the infant Jesus. Ignacio de Loyola, the Benedictine monk and founder of the Jesuits, prayed to this statue for an entire night, before launching the Order of the Jesuits. 
In reality, the Jesuits constitute a heliocentric Roman priesthood which transferred within Christianity all the major cults and narratives of Mithraism, an ancient Iranian religion, which spread throughout Europe and the Roman Empire before Christianity.
Solar cult is omnipresent in the pseudo-Christian order of the Jesuits.

B- Freemasons and the Return of the Ten Lost Tribes

The Freemasons (and their spiritual, sacerdotal and theological predecessors) were terribly persecuted in Western Europe during the Christian times, but they managed to survive mainly in England, an island that the Catholic Church never achieved to fully put under control. Originating from Isiac (Ancient Egyptian cults diffused and practiced in Greece, Rome and throughout the Roman Empire), Gnostic, Hermetic, and Arian Christian backgrounds, the spiritual, sacerdotal and theological ancestors of modern Freemasons went extinct in the powerful Eastern Roman Empire.

All the same, they were widely present in Abbasid Baghdad and in Umayyad Andalusia. The Brethren of Purity (إخوان‌ الصفا) demonstrate that the concept of Universal Man survived from Sargonid Assyria through Achaemenid Iran, Ptolemaic Egypt, Imperial Rome, and Sassanid Iran down to the golden era of Islamic civilization. When, at the times of the Crusades, the Knights Templar (an ancestral stage of the modern Freemasons) contacted the Isma’iliyah in various parts of the Orient, their spiritual purity had already been conditioned because of their interconnection with several Frankish tribes and more notably the Merovingian dynasty. Muslim mystics of those days were in a position to understand this situation; since that time, it should have been clear to Muslim erudite scholars and spiritual masters that nothing from the Genius of the Orient could remain intact in the irrevocably corrupted West. If the then Muslims did not realize this troublesome condition of the pseudo-Christian, rotten Western Europe, they certainly caused a tremendous collateral damage to the Islamic world (but this is another topic).

The Lia Fail stone (‘stone of destiny’), which is inserted in the English coronation throne, is a focal point of British Israelism and of the true speculative Freemasons.

Associated with several anti-Christian or anti-papal groups (the Cathars, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, etc.), the modern Freemasons have been infiltrated by the Jesuits, split, engaged in fratricidal conflicts, and spiritually contaminated with the exception of only few lodges. The spiritual contamination of today’s fake (or rather Apostate) Freemasons relates to the preposterous and blasphemous narrative as per which Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had an offspring that happens to be the ancestor of the Merovingians.

The Return of the Ten Lost Tribes has always been a most cherished belief among Freemasons; it was viewed in purely material terms as the “return” (and salvation) of the Northern European elites (Dutch, Belgians, Northern French, English, Irish, Scots and Scandinavians) and the pro-European part of the American elite in the wider region of Mashreq (SE Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan and Iraq), following cataclysmic human-made destructions that would be inflicted in the vast area in question by means of advanced technology, therefore  involving the extermination of the outright majority of the present inhabitants. You may eventually think that what I am narrating now is a replica of the ‘Greater Israel Project’, but this is in fact wrong! It is the other way round! The ‘Greater Israel Project’ is a counterfeit Zionist project at the very antipodes of the Freemasonic agenda for the Orient (see also below!). Both projects are evil indeed, but they stand in direct conflict with one another.

British Israelism and German Assyrianism are only some of the indications about Freemasons’ particular interest in the topic. English colonialism seemed to work for the interests of the English and French Freemasonic lodges in the 19th c., but the rise of the Zionist movement generated a problem. Instead of preparing the path for an English and West European return to the ‘Promised Land’, the calamitous labyrinth of the English political system turned against the interests of the English elites and favored the Zionist project. Dates like 1948 and 1956 turned the Freemasonic dream of ‘British Palestine’ into a nightmare. In fact and despite all appearances, after 1956, the world’s most opposite forces and most inimical states are England (UK) and ‘Israel’. It is not a mere coincidence that Queen Elizabeth II, who traveled almost in every country in the world, never visited Israel.

Every anti-Israeli Iranian (Ayatollah) rhetoric and policy is merely English Freemasonic anti-Zionist inducement and incitement. That little, smiley and asinine caricature of Mohammad Javad Zarif (Iran’s former -thank God!- Foreign Minister) confused many people worldwide; they did not know whether he functioned as the official representative of Iran or the UK!

C- Zionists and the Return of the Ten Lost Tribes

The slow rise of the Ashkenazi fake Jewish Khazarian elite to world prominence brought the Zionist concepts to the forefront. As per the Zionist narrative, there isn’t going to be any Messiah to come to this world as a human being. For the Zionists, who hate the Sephardic Jews and the Biblical tradition more than anyone else in the world, the only ‘true’ Messiah of the Biblical prophecies is … ‘Eretz Israel’ (the state of Israel) itself. Zionists interpret the Biblical prophecies about the ‘Messianic era’ as referring to (and being fulfilled in) the modern times, and more specifically in the period after the inception of their fake Israel in 1948.

According to the Zionist story, there is nothing to wait anymore from the Biblical prophecies. It goes without saying that the majority of the Sephardic Jews, who live in fake Israel as truly second class citizens, and all the religious ‘Orthodox’ (who are also known as Haredi) Ashkenazi Khazarians do not accept this heretical approach and peremptory interpretation; however, they are cheated, marginalized, persecuted and outmaneuvered by the dictatorial Zionist elite. The Zionists do not act as a secular political force (as they pretend), but as deeply rancorous, highly vindictive, totally anti-Biblical, and hysterically anti-religious sect of dogmatically recalcitrant lunatics.

Haredi Ashkenazi family (above); Zionists in the streets of Tel Aviv (below)

Beyond the aforementioned religious polarizations and discrepancies, the Zionist elites are divided due to the Freemasonic and the Jesuit infiltration tendencies among them; one group of them sides with the richest Zionist families of the world and the Jesuit Pope Francis I, whereas the other side of the Zionist establishment (typically expressed by Netanyahu) is a strong and committed ally of the Freemasonic part of the English, French and American establishments (W. Churchill, F. D. Roosevelt, Ch. de Gaulle, and more recently M. Thatcher, R. Reagan, and D. Trump).

D- The Eschatological Use of the Pashtuns and the Zionist Project

Of course, the ‘Greater Israel Project’ is a fact on which Zionist politicians, academics, military, agents, journalists, etc. have been working on daily basis over the past decades. You understand that preparing many options for an enormous project like that is not an easy affair; among other issues, the Zionist schemers have to find out the populations that will inhabit the vast territory after Israel takes control over it (if this ever happens).

There is a messianic prophecy in the Bible as per which there will be a vast state “from Euphrates to the Nile”. The reference is the Book of Prophet Isaiah 27:12; the Biblical verse reads: “In that day, from the river Euphrates to the Brook of Egypt, the Lord will thresh out the grain, and you will be gleaned one by one, oh people of Israel”! This is taken by the Zionists as “full Biblical corroboration and justification of the Greater Israel Project”.

There are several versions (or scenarios) of Greater Israel; but the beginning is the same always: the so-called ‘Greater Middle East’ – where –supposedly- all the indigenous nations and ethnic-religious groups will enjoy freedom and self-determination.
Fragmentation heralds restructuring and reunification, after many dozens of millions die.

If today’s Zionist plan is to achieve the formation of a vast state like that, they will have to guarantee a detrimental increase in the ‘Aliyah’ movement; this Modern Hebrew term denotes the immigration of Ashkenazi Khazarians and Sephardic Jews from the ‘Jewish Diaspora’ to the state of Fake Israel. If they cannot rely much on this perspective, they will surely have to fill it up with deceived and flattered victims from Asia and Africa to whom the old story about the “Return of the Ten Lost Tribes” will be told not as historical truth but as a mischievous parody. Actually, you already know very well how a similar operation was undertaken in the past (for different purposes; that is true). That operation was also useful as a guideline or a manual. I am referring now to the story of the Falashas (or ‘Beta Israel’), which started in 1979 and culminated in 1991 with the notorious Operation Solomon (24-25 May 1991).

The so prosperous destiny of the Falashas (eulogized as a first, ‘identified’, part of the Ten Lost Tribes of Ancient Israel) in the streets of Tel Aviv – always under the auspices of the Zionist state!

So, you have to see Simcha Jacobovici’s documentary in its real dimensions; in fact, it is just one of the numerous propaganda items with which the Zionist establishment tries over the time to prepare the population of the fake state of Israel subliminally and consciously about the forthcoming ‘arrival’ of their ‘brethren’. I am sure that you already have an idea about the racist treatment that the Falashas have faced in the Zionist state; something similar will also happen to all the naïve Pashtuns and others who one day may find it opportune to move to the ‘Greater Israel’.

In any case, it is not only a matter of documentaries, books, articles and features in Israeli newspapers; neither is it an issue of educational brainwash and sociopolitical propaganda. It is also a vast undertaking at the level of academic research; hundreds of Zionist students (either from Israel or the US or other countries) get every year stipendiums and scholarships to travel to various countries and there to study all possible details of Ethnography, Social Anthropology, History, History of Religion, Literature, and Linguistics that concern various tribes with traits, rites, rituals, traditions and cults that appear even slightly similar with those of the Ashkenazi Khazarians.

After the early collected data is duly studied, secret agents undertake a different approach, trying to explain the benefits for the tribe in question to eventually relocate to the fake state of Israel. At this level, even elementary courses of Modern Hebrew are taught locally. This process lasts long, eventually several decades. Then, these earlier heedless tribal chieftains come to ‘learn’ that they are something incredibly important and that they can find the Paradise on Earth, just in the Zionist state!!!

It is not only about the Pashtuns; surely the Mossad targets indeed several Pashtun tribes in view of a beneficial relocation to the Zionist state in the future. But they are not the only. There are many other tribes contacted and targeted here and there. This ongoing program involves people from Kashmir, India, Japan, South Africa, Nigeria and even America (Native Amerindians).

In fact, the Zionists found in the issue of the “Return of the Ten Lost Tribes” an embarrassing concept that could function as dynamite in the foundations of their state, but they tried to turn it against the Freemasons. Finally, the filthy and corrupt Pashtuns, who operated for 300 years as agents of the English colonials, can surely perform as lackeys of the Ashkenazi Khazarians for another 300 years and eventually relocate to Iraq, Syria or Jordan anytime the opportunity may be offered to them. Why not? An apartment in Tel Aviv is surely more comfortable than the makeshift huts of Peshawar in which the fake Muslim Pakistani politicians and military undeservedly condemned their people for their lifetime.

After all, the Pashtun relocation as a phantasmagoric pseudo-return may surpass that of the unfortunate Falashas! And who knows? From Khyber Pass, some Afridi Pashtuns may one day find themselves enjoyably settled in Khaybar, a lovely oasis which is presently located in NW Saudi Arabia. I must confess that over the span of the last decades, I have noticed that the Ashkenazi Khazarians express so much love and nostalgia for the NW part of today’s Arabia!!! Look at the links below:

You may eventually ask me what will happen with the religion of the Afridi Pashtuns, who still happen to be Muslim; I guess that little money will solve this problem. After all, if the sexually perverse sheikhs of Bahrain, Emirates and Oman established already relations with the Zionist state, why should the impoverished Afridi Pashtuns be so adamant and intransigent?

At the end of the day, they may even learn in some well-organized seminars that Islam is just a Jewish heresy, and that the Quran was merely copied from several sacred books, eventually the Gospel of the Nazarenes, i.e. the Christian Jews who were mentioned by Fathers of the Christian Church in the 4th c. Known as based in Syria, the Nazarenes were still view as noxious heretics by the increasingly intolerant Christian Church; it is therefore quite plausible that some of them migrated to Hejaz and more particularly to Yathrib.

Other Western scholars pretend that the Ebionites exercised a more determinant impact on the formulation of the Quran and the formation of Early Islam. Currently,

a great number of scholars undertake extensive and often biased research about the Jewish involvement in the formation of Islam and the elaboration of the Quran. If not one Muslim scholar can oppose them, and if the uneducated and useless Muslim sheikhs do not even monitor (let alone refute) these publications, why should the Afridi Pashtuns bother to care after all?


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