Occult Massacres…..

Truly Egregious Massacre Propels Impostor

By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis


Occult massacres have a target.

Massacres are not against someone.

Occult massacres do favor someone.

Mainly, the beneficiary rises afterwards.

Occultism occurs in many locations.

Mysteriously, the massacre is unseen.

On onerous acts massacres rely.

Macabre monitions masterfully muster many.

On preparatory deeds nobody dies.

Massacres absorb oblong obsolete obstacles.


An occult massacre takes place between the two pillars.

They are the counterfeit version of Boaz and Jachin.

Occult massacres, as multilayered sacrileges, occur in many places.

Neither indoor nor outdoor location is deprived of pillars.

Emphatically viewed, the two mountains represent Boaz and Jachin.

Members of lodges are indoor sacrifices simultaneously slayed elsewhere.

Entering the Queen of the Night, it all starts.

Nefarious masters, acting as Papageno, bring about their end.

Tamino, Pamina are sacrificed in many copies indoors, outdoors.


At the end of the month, on Tuesday evening;

To slay volunteering apprentices and burn unwilling synchronized victims;

On seven reflecting mirrors and on seven inflecting incantations;

Nun, Naunet, Amaun, Amaunet, Hauh, Hauhet, Kauk, Kauket absent;

Endeavors incurring, recurring insolences, profanities occurring and decurring lines;

Many accomplices morbidly accursed and many felons faintly endorsed;

Ebullient despondency; geometrically selected places, and diagrams of stars;

None wed the second, but who killed the first;

The iniquitous assassins expect the day of their extermination.


Atonement triggers incineration of land and obliteration of people.

The worthless shepherds deserted the flock, being now blinded.

On their apostasy is appended the Grim Reaper’s scythe.

Numbing their victims, the fools believe they will survive.

Endlessly fearing for their lives, they vanish in eternity.

Mimicking the fake, they turned faith to cruel faithlessness.

Ecstatic lies help only extract the layman’s vital force.

Nobody fathomed how politics eliminate spirituality, religion becomes disbelief.

The wicked will however be given for his burial.


Occult massacres transfer the Nether World’s paysage on the surface of the Earth.

Massacres imply enduring contamination for the Earth, the Soft Waters, and the Air.

Of the sacrilegious act hundreds of people were sly accomplices in counterfeit rituals.

Misperception of the act as state corruption further helps the filthy impostor’s rise.

Overwhelmingly, lodge whores believe Egypt is the ‘temple’ and Greece is the ‘altar’.

Malignant belief, viewed eschatologically, is will to die like Koresh group in 1993.

Originating from abroad and with foreign surname, the impostor is now a minister.

Mournful sacrifices hinge on initiation; their father was a murderer from the start.

Of all evil people all the concepts are counterfeit; their ‘god’ is Satan.

Molestation as rite is abolition of identity for orders claiming nobility and antiquity.



Marring the Earth, when slaying between the two pillars, is tantamount to anathema.

Only the Antichrist claims to be Greek, because assassins created Greece on purpose.



On an ideal intention alms overpay.



Nobody is kept on several dreams, endlessly neglecting desires in aimless situations.

Sylphs alternate in diverse nets, eagerly driving students on kernel induced notions.

My God, listen to the true believers’ negative wishes!

Oh my God, empower the opponents of the impostor!



May he see his insidious dreams fail, plans wreck!

On stormy clouds, his wilderness of vision is revealed!



May the spiritual potency of innocent people prevail forever!

On watery whirls, his wickedness of purpose is sunken!



May the ethereal joy of blessed people dispel seas!

On earthly struggles, his wretchedness of soul is perpetuated!



May his plans scatter like death’s scent opposite Life!

Oh Lord, disperse his state in the dark Nothingness!


!אלוהים, רחם

Κύριε ελέησον!

Miserere Nobis, Domine!

Господи, помилуй!

!اللهم ارحمنا










Dieter Rueggeberg, Geheimpolitik Der Fahrplan Zur Weltherrschaft


Dieter Rueggeberg is our world’s foremost mystic and spiritual master.

Franz Bardon, Frabato the Magician

Franz Bardon, Questions & Answers

Franz Bardon, Initiation Into Hermetics

Franz Bardon, The Practice of Magical Evocation

Franz Bardon, The Key to the True Quabbalah

Franz Bardon (1909-1958) was a magisterial intelligence.

Dieter Rüggeberg and his Work for the benefit of Franz Bardon’s books




Николай Александрович Тархов, Смерть с косой /  Мрачный жнец





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