Quotation by a leading Syrian Jihadist (2007): Denunciation of Pan-Arabism and Islamism as End Times’ Colonial Tools

On 23rd November 2005, I published an article under title “To Win over Terrorism, Eradicate Pan-Arabism and Tear Down the Arab League!”; initially posted in Buzzle, as an overwhelming rejection of Pan-Arabism (also known as ‘Arab Nationalism’, which is an entirely fake term) and Islamism (i.e. the so-called ‘Political Islam’ and the Wahhabism), it was soon republished (by me) in other portals, like the American Chronicle and AfroArticles, before being widely popularized in many sites (example: http://www.oocities.org/realtrueactuality/ArabRacismIslamicBigotryAgainstIsrael.html). The article has been more recently re-uploaded here: https://www.academia.edu/25491040/To_Win_over_Terrorism_Eradicate_Pan-Arabism_and_Tear_Down_the_Arab_League_2005_by_Muhammad_Shamsaddin_Megalommatis

I. Disasters caused by the Western fallacy of Pan-Arabism, and their victims

Many other similar publications of mine were also widely reproduced, as they consisted in a detrimental denunciation of the Pan-Arabist ideology that spread ignorance, barbarism, wars, hatred, enmity and destruction from Iraq to Morocco and from Syria to Yemen. Pan-Arabism consists in complete deprivation of national identity, cultural integrity, historical heritage, and traditional values for

a) the Arabic-speaking Aramaeans of SE Turkey, Syria, Iraq, SW Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE,

b) the Muslim and Christian Copts of Egypt,

c) the Semitic (but non-Arab) Yemenites, Hadhramis, Mahris, Dhofaris and Socotris,

d) the Cushitic Sudanese, and

e) the Berbers of Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania, who constitute the totality of all the local populations, irrespective of the language that they speak. Example: https://www.aramnahrin.org/English/Muhammad_Shamsaddin_Progenitor-of-Wars-And-Tyrannies_29-6-2004.htm

Hamitic North Africa is not Arab.
Aramaean Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Emirates are not Arab.
A plan of rightful division of Iraq that I proposed in 2005, providing for the formation of an Aramaean Christian Federal Republic

II. Burhan Ghalioun: Syrian traitor, propagandist of Pan-Arabism in France

However, the Syrian traitor and criminal Burhan Ghalioun, a puppet of the French colonial universities and secret services that played a most catastrophic role in the devastation of Syria over the past decade, felt obliged to quote the aforementioned article of mine in his pathetic diatribe “L’ arabisme par-delà nationalisme et islamisme” (Pan-Arabism beyond nationalism and Islamism / 2007). He also presented a sketchy summary of my article, without however attempting to refute any of my arguments, points, considerations and conclusions. You can find his worthless vituperation here:

Click to access Revue-871-632.pdf


III. Burhan Ghalioun: repugnant pseudo-Muslim, puppet of France

If you want to learn more about this disreputable and criminal guy, who will be arrested upon arriving in Syria and duly condemned to death for high treason, try to get an approximately accurate idea of his deeds, and of their impact. Burhan Ghalioun was the leading French activist of the pseudo-Islamic, Satanic organization Ikhwan al Musalmin (Muslim Brotherhood); as such, he was the first chairman of the Syrian opposition Transitional National Council (SNC) in 2011; he stayed in that position until May 2012, when the irreparable damage was already done to his land, country and nation, which he so much loathed as an evil Sunni fake Muslim. Here you can find a mythical beautification of his misery and wickedness: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burhan_Ghalioun

IV. Burhan Ghalioun’s high treason cost hundreds of billions of dollars

And this is the impact of his evildoing: by 2017, 50% of basic social infrastructure in Syria was non-operational, mostly due to the destruction incurred during hostilities. This damage continued through 2018, including over 34,000 buildings damaged or destroyed just in Eastern Ghouta.

Estimates on the levels of rubble generated have only been carried out for Aleppo and Homs, with war damage creating 15 million and 5.3 million tons respectively. A 2019 study by REACH, a humanitarian initiative providing data from contexts of crisis, further revealed that Aleppo had almost 36,000 buildings damaged or destroyed, similar to Ghouta. Raqqa, with almost 13,000 buildings damaged or destroyed has witnessed a similar level of harm as Homs. More here:


Why all this? Because of the evilness of the Western colonial doctrines of Pan-Arabism and Islamism that unrelated to Islam, Christianity and all Syrians!

V. Burhan Ghalioun’s pathetic diatribe

Quoting my aforementioned article, the criminal Burhan Ghalioun, known among Syrians as ‘the Mashreq’s most reviled butcher’, failed to refute even one sentence or line. His silly tirade is a boring, lengthy, absurd, and absolutely useless text that serves only the purpose of perpetuating the French colonial propaganda of Pan-Arabism. His text, initially published in Confluences Méditerranée, no 61, printemps 2007, p. 101-117, covers no less than 17 pages (!! ?? !!) and consists of the following parts:

De la difficulté d’être arabe

Un appel d’empire révolu

Une fiction inventée par l’Occident

De l’ordre ottoman au patrimoine arabe

La naissance d’une nouvelle identité

L’émergence d’une élite intellectuelle

D’une idéologie identitaire à une idéologie politique

Du nationalisme à l’islamisme

Un ordre social plus juste

De l’ apogée au déclin

Une grande confusion

La déception, le désarroi, la colère

Le retour aux valeurs religieuses «sûres»

Les causes de l’échec

La pauvreté, l’absence de démocratie …

… et un double défi

Une période de guerres multiformes

Victime de son succès

Par delà nationalisme et islamisme

Découvrir et croire à ses forces


Here you have a rough English translation of the units:

About the difficulty of being Arab

A lost call to empire

A fiction invented by the West

From the Ottoman order to Arab heritage

The birth of a new identity

The emergence of an intellectual elite

From an identitarian ideology to a political ideology

From nationalism to Islamism

A fairer social order

From peak to decline

Great confusion

Disappointment, dismay, anger

The return to “safe” religious values

The causes of failure

Poverty, the absence of democracy …

… and a double challenge

A period of multifaceted wars

Victim of its own success

Beyond nationalism and Islamism

Discover and believe in your strengths


Pan-Arabism is this.

VI. Burhan Ghalioun: an idiot whose self-contradictory texts reveal his lies

On p.5 (of the PDF; p. 104 of the periodical), Burhan Ghalioun expresses his position best with the following statement, which epitomizes the distorted and nonsensical way of teaching History in France’s colonial universities: “Grâce à cette arabité, synthèse du particularisme local et de l’ universalisme  libéral, l’engagement des Arabes dans la modernité n’a pas été synonyme de dépersonnalisation ou d’ un simple processus d’ occidentalisation”.

An English translation reads: “Thanks to this Arabity, a synthesis of local particularism and liberal universalism, the engagement of the Arabs in modernity was not synonymous with depersonalization or a simple process of Westernization”.

In fact, the jihadist puppet of the French universities and secret services, in his text, indirectly confesses that the Fake ‘Arab nation’ was entirely fabricated by the French and English colonials, i.e. the Orientalist nomenclature of the 19th and the 20th centuries, having thus no historicity. Suffice it that you read these few lines carefully and perspicaciously! By turning the existent historical particularity into a doctrinal element (‘particularism’), by admitting the (evil as foreign) diffusion of Western educational-intellectual-academic propaganda (‘liberal universalism’) throughout the colonized territories that were previously Ottoman provinces, and by defining ‘Arabity’ as a ‘synthesis’ made out of Western propaganda and colonially (so, distortedly) interpreted particularity (which is tantamount to falsification and systematic ideologization of History), Burhan Ghalioun simply tells us that there were no Arabs at the time of the Ottoman Empire and that those, who exist today, are merely the result of the French and English colonial machination, intervention, and cultural-educational-political oppression and cruelty.  

VII. What Burhan Ghalioun hides: the ‘Arab nation’ is a fabricated monster.

Saying that today’s fake Arabs were not victims of mere depersonalization, Burhan Ghalioun is right; in fact, they were the recipients of personality transplantation. An unprecedented monstrosity took then place. First, the colonial Orientalists fabricated the pseudo-Arab Frankenstein in their Freemasonic ateliers, and then they projected the monster onto the targeted, non-Arab, local populations and societies from Morocco to Oman, before tyrannically imposing it by means of colonial rule and hierarchy. They mercilessly eliminated everyone who stood on their way.

Islamism is this.

VIII. Burhan Ghalioun’s quotation from my article

The third part of Burhan Ghalioun’s propagandist text is titled “Une fiction inventée par l’Occident” (A fiction invented by the West); it is entirely dedicated to my article.

It reads:

“La diffusion des thèmes nouveaux sur la guerre des civilisations, le choc des cultures ou la guerre mondiale contre le terrorisme conduit à davantage de radicalisation des positions. Dans un article intitulé : « To Win Over Terrorism, Eradicate pan-arabism », un académicien grec d’o¬rigine turque, va jusqu’à nier l’existence même des Arabes. Le nationa¬lisme arabe, dit-il, a été une fiction inventée par les pays occidentaux pour semer la confusion au sein de la région du Moyen Orient afin de mieux la dominer. Mais ce nationalisme n’a pas fonctionné parce que, tout simplement, il n’y a pas d’Arabes. Il y a des Araméens, des coptes, des Yéménites, des berbères, qui ont des structures mentales différentes que l’arabisation ne peut et ne doit pas occulter. Les Arabes étaient une minorité infime qui s’est totalement dissoute dans les peuples conquis. Les Arabes d’origine ont été, malgré la propagation de leur langue, dés-arabisés sur le plan culturel, plus qu’ils n’ont arabisé les autres peuples majoritaires. Il va même jusqu’à recommander l’introduction de l’enseignement de l’araméen, du copte, etc. dans les pays respectifs, pour aider ces nations enfouies sous la fiction de l’arabité, à retrouver leurs véritables identités et vaincre l’anarchie et la confusion”.4

An English translation reads:

“The dissemination of new themes on the war of civilizations, the clash of cultures or the world war against terrorism leads to further radicalization of positions. In an article titled: “To Win Over Terrorism, Eradicate pan-arabism”, a Greek academician of Turkish origins goes so far as to deny the very existence of Arabs. Arab nationalism, he says, has been a fiction invented by Western countries to confuse the Middle East region in order to better dominate it. But this nationalism didn’t work because, quite simply, there are no Arabs. There are Aramaeans, Copts, Yemenis, Berbers, who have different mental structures that Arabization cannot and must not obscure. The Arabs were a tiny minority who completely dissolved into the conquered peoples. The original Arabs were, despite the spread of their language, culturally de-Arabized, more than they Arabized the other majority peoples. He even goes so far as to recommend the introduction of the teaching of Aramaic, Coptic, etc. in the respective countries, to help these nations buried under the fiction of Arabity, to find their true identities and to overcome anarchy and confusion”.4

Islamism has nothing to do with historical Islam.

IX. Burhan Ghalioun’s ignorance and misunderstanding of my article

From the beginning, the author of the nonsensical diatribe demonstrates that he does not know the world he lives in. This is normal, because the colonial education, as it is based on distortion, causes deliberately confusion in the minds of the idiots who do not methodically and systematically reject the fake education that they received in French, English, US, Canadian, Australian and other colonial universities and institutions.

That’s why Burhan Ghalioun views my rejection of the colonial deeds as ‘further radicalization of positions’; his mind and intellect have been entirely and irrevocably fabricated, by the French universities where he thoughtlessly studied, in a way to react automatically to any approach that would endanger the French colonial falsehood, distortions and interests anytime anywhere.

In his delusional world, Burhan Ghalioun views my position as eventually related to “the dissemination of new themes on the war of civilizations, the clash of cultures”, whereas my overwhelming rejection and systematic denunciation of these colonially promoted themes has been very well-known and sufficiently documented in several publications of mine that appeared already in the 2000s. (A typical example: “The Clash and the Alliance of Civilizations: too much ado for nothing! – 2005”; https://www.academia.edu/43000376/The_Clash_and_the_Alliance_of_Civilizations_too_much_ado_for_nothing_2005). All the same, one may even hypothesize that, without understanding it, I write in a way that goes hand in hand with the colonial academics’ above mentioned preposterous themes. But this is not so; suffice it to pertinently discern the reality!

In 2010, I published an article under title “Syria: A Non-Arabic, Aramaean Country Ruled by the Pan-Arabist Puppets of Zionism and Freemasonry” (republished here: https://www.academia.edu/24420104/Syria_A_Non-Arabic_Aramaean_Country_Ruled_by_the_Pan-Arabist_Puppets_of_Zionism_and_Freemasonry_-_by_Muhammad_Shamsaddin_Megalommatis). In it, I claimed that the colonial policies of Arabization and Islamization, which were imposed since Day 1 after the arrival of the colonial armies, would lead only to the country’s destruction. I was proven totally correct; still this may be viewed as an external approach.

In striking contrast with myself, most of the people today are entrapped in the false dilemma “Assad or not Assad”; that’s inane. Certainly Assad is preferable to both, the pseudo-Islamic Sunni cholera of Erdogan and the Satanic Wahhabi plague of Saudi Arabia; but Assad (pretty much like his father) has already been the problem. And so Bashar al Assad will be until he rejects Baathism (which is a form of Pan-Arabism), adopts the true version of Oriental History, and accepts the irreversibly Aramaean nature of Syria (and of the surrounding lands).

In fact, this is the inherent element of my position, of my total rejection of Pan-Arabism and Islamism, and of my prediction that the entire population of fake Arabs will be eliminated from all the lands between Morocco and Oman: actually, for this purpose have the fake Arabs been produced. First the colonial powers imposed the evil and destructive policies of Arabization and Islamization, and afterwards, they came up with the fake concepts of ‘war of civilizations’ and ‘clash of cultures’. This is undeniable. However, this fact already means that, without the earlier policies of Arabization and Islamization, there would never be a ‘war of civilizations’ or ‘clash of cultures’.

X. Aramaean nation-building or how to avert the Clash of Civilizations

In fact, the earlier policies of Arabization and Islamization only created the barbarian ‘other’ that the later theories of ‘war of civilizations’ or ‘clash of cultures’ denounce and depict as ‘danger’ nowadays.

What would therefore happen in Syria, Iraq, etc., if the evil policies of Arabization and Islamization were opposed, rejected, annulled and declared void beforehand?

The response is simple: there would be a genuine nation-building effort, after the much deserved dissolution of the obsolete Ottoman Caliphate (1923). The Aramaean identity of all populations of SE Turkey, Syria, Iraq, SW Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Kuwait, Qatar and UAE, be they Christian, Muslim, Mandaean, Druze or other, would then form a new nation (like Turkey), which would unite all these unnecessarily divided lands, thus forming a secular national identity on the basis of their common Aramaean past. Syriac Aramaic would be declared as the national language and schoolchildren would study Aramaic and Syriac Aramaic for 12 years in the Primary and Secondary Education. Arabic would be left for the medresas and for the universities where the masterpieces of the Golden Era of Islam would be studied by Aramaean Muslims and Christians alike.

XI. The Only Path to Impeccable Nation-building: Kemal Ataturk

In other words, what was needed in all these lands after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire was Kemal Ataturk. What Kemal Ataturk did in Turkey had to be also done throughout Aram Nahrain (Aram Mesopotamia), which is the true name of all the aforementioned lands. This development would cancel once for all the horrible plan of the colonial powers to fabricate Arab monsters and Islamist zombies that fight for a fake Islam, which has nothing to do with the true, historical Islam (as documented by innumerable sources), being merely the catastrophic result of ahistorical indoctrination and the worthless conclusion of illiterate sheikhs, imams, muftis, cadis, and ayatollahs.

If a secular Turkey, a secular Aram Nahrain, a secular Iran, a secular Kemet (the true name of Ancient and Coptic Egypt), and a secular Berberia (from Libya to the Atlantic) were instituted in the 1920s, there would be only five (5) states in the area between the Atlantic, Central Asia, and the Indian Ocean. There would never be any war throughout this vast area, and several millions of Sephardic and Ashkenazi Jews would be able to settle in Palestine and the surrounding lands without any problem. There would not be any hatred directed against them and they would constitute one of the several religious minorities of the secular state of Aram Nahrain. They would participate in the governance of the said state without any rancor, animosity and vilification coming from anyone.

But at the same time, there would not be colonial powers anymore. The loss of their colonies, the failure to trigger wars and conflicts among others for their own, evil interest and benefit, as well as the rejection of the Western pseudo-historical Euro-centric model would liberate the entire world from the centers of power that worked incessantly to bring forth the impending nuclear disaster.

Then, even these fake concepts and theories that the French puppet Burhan Ghalioun bothers to mention (the ‘war of civilizations’ and the ‘clash of cultures’) would have not been composed.

XII. Pan-Arabism & Islamism: the Barbarization of the ‘Other’

It is not my intention to herewith publish a full refutation of Burhan Ghalioun’s paragraph/quotation. But before ending, I need to clarify one last point; contrarily to his silly assumptions, I never pretended that Pan-Arabism was “a fiction invented by the West”. It was not a fiction; it was a criminal machination, which (along with Islamism) was geared in order to create the fake ‘other’ that many decades later Western scholars and intellectuals would call their governments to fight against, thus opening the way for the world war against terrorism.

Today’s fake, besotted and ignorant Muslims fell into the trap; they did not realize that the end of the Ottoman Caliphate meant the end of Islam as state religion. They were instigated in many ways by their colonial masters to fight for the establishment of ‘Islamic states’ (which is the main tenet of the Islamists), but these states can only be false and failed, thus becoming the maelstrom where all the local populations will be annihilated. In this manner, the Muslims, by accepting the colonially prepared, anti-Islamic theories of ‘political islam’, made in reality a self-inculpatory confession and became (at their unbeknownst) the much needed barbarian ‘other’ for the West.

The end of the Ottoman Caliphate ushered us into the End Times; there cannot be any Islamic state in this period. That is why I described, as early as 2009, the pathetic and self-destructive policies implemented in Turkey by the ominous governments of the ignorant and idiotic street-seller and hawker Erdogan as the ‘colonization’ of Turkey: The Colonization of Turkey (https://www.academia.edu/25674462/The_Colonization_of_Turkey_2009_-_By_Prof._Muhammad_Shamsaddin_Megalommatis)

How Turkey is Gradually Being Colonized (https://www.academia.edu/25675709/How_Turkey_is_Gradually_Being_Colonized_2009_-_By_Muhammad_Shamsaddin_Megalommatis)

Functioning as the ultimate stage of colonization, Pan-Arabism & Islamism constitute in reality a form of barbarization of the ‘Other’; this means that the Western powers, by so doing, offer themselves the pretext for which they must massively exterminate the barbarian ‘other’ whom they created in the first place. It is theatrical; it is hypocritical; it is evil, but this is their way, and they even say it openly. But today’s useless Muslims do not have eyes to see the Truth, and pretty soon, they will almost all end up in the Hell that they deserve. That is why they will disappear for having misused the intellect with which God endowed all humans. Whether Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Egypt will be destroyed first matters little; they will all vanish in little time. Mecca and Medina will lay in ruins; and Islam, which was born in exile, ‘will return to exile’…

At the end, I add photocopies of the page of Burhan Ghalioun’s quotation from my article, and of the page with the adjacent note 4.


Download the article in Word doc.:


Note about the featured image (at the very top):

The famous wall paintings of the Synagogue of Dura Europos (currently at the National Archaeological Museum of Damascus) represent an excellent sample of Late Antiquity Aramaean Art that dates back to the 2nd and early 3rd c. CE. A great number of Aramaeans, like the Samaritans mentioned in the Gospels, had accepted Judaism as religion, before adopting Christianity. Dura Europos was not inhabited by Jews, but Aramaeans. They were keen to represent several Biblical scenes, something that never occurred in synagogues built by ethnically Jews. This wall painting depicts the Ark of Covenant taken by the Philistines, who transported it to the Temple of Dagon in Ashdod. No ethnically Jew would ever depict this abhorrent scene of national shame for all the Hebrews of the time of Samuel around the end of the 11th c. BCE.