Quotation from an article of mine in which I deplored Erdogan’s Ludicrous Political Theater named ‘Alliance of Civilizations’

Back in 2005-2007, I had one more opportunity to denounce the absurd book and ahistorical concept of ‘Clash of Civilizations’ that the American propagandist Samuel Huntington had penned in order to serve the colonial regimes of the US and their allies and promote their targets. Some of my articles were republished in blogs and quoted by others; example:

Quotation from an article of mine in which I denounced Samuel Huntington’s Nonsensical Theory on the ‘Clash of Civilizations’


There is nothing true in Huntington’s nonsensical aberration. By taking out of their proper and historically known contexts various cultural elements and by deliberately re-contextualizing in the wrong context, anyone can prove anything. The insidiously written pseudo-book is nothing more than a paranoid effort to reinstate 500-year old Western European and North American fallacies, deceitful schemes, historical distortions, and systematic concealment of all the historical sources that demolish the Renaissance and Post-Renaissance European delusion of worldwide prevalence and supremacy.

Today’s Islamists have nothing to do with historical Islam, which they calamitously avoid studying and therefore self-disastrously do not know; all Islamic theological doctrines that exist today are pathetic mockups revolving around a minimum of misinterpreted sources (only the Quran and the Hadith) and do not represent in any sense the bulk of Islamic spiritual, intellectual, scientific, literary and artistic treasure, which is to be found in Western libraries, archives, museums, colleges, academies and universities. Totally disconnected from their historical past that they massively ignore and irreversibly deprived of the historical sources that bear witness to their true identity, today’s Muslims think they are Muslims only because they imitate traditions which became entirely nonsensical since their true essence is lost.

That is why they are managed and maneuvered without their choosing, having become the best tools of the worst enemies of Islam; invariably used against USSR, Israel, China, etc., and against one another, today’s pseudo-Muslims have no theoretical acumen, no moral judgment, no critical thinking, and no sense of religiosity as they view a) religion as an arbitrary set of orders, b) humans as fully programmed cyborgs, disinherited homunculi or subservient robots, and c) lack of knowledge, and of wisdom, as the inherent condition of Man. That is why today’s Muslims (the distinction into moderates and extremists is an evil lie propagated by the Western mainstream media) try to combine the incombinable, namely modernism and religion.

As today’s Muslim politicians, statesmen, advisers, administrators and academics are intellectually destitute and scholarly nonexistent, they accept all Western schemes at face value and, like brainless and programmed automatons, react accordingly. Example: ‘someone said there is a clash of civilizations; that’s not good; so, let’s create an alliance of civilizations’. It sounds like a joke, but this is the misery that plagued Turkey after 2002, when direct, multifaceted and well-orchestrated Western (US, EU, NATO, UK) involvement imposed the non-elected government of the AKP marionettes.

Since an idiotic and ignorant street boy, who prospered as bagel-seller and failed even as a football player of a lamentable, marginal football team, became -thanks to the CIA and the British Intelligence- the prime minister in Turkey, you can guess what sort of pretzel-vendors or rubbish collectors are in reality the pseudo-professors and the bogus-rectors appointed in Turkish universities by the AKP governments after 2002!

As you can easily surmise, these idiotic automatons were scheduled in 2005 to extensively propagate the already (thank God) forgotten (if not bygone) ‘Alliance of Civilizations’, a useless outfit that serves as the Venetian mask of the AKP Islamic Terrorism machine, and of all those idiots, who want to bring the failed Ottoman Empire back – to fail again! The world does not need to pay wars triggered by the AKP gangsters, who -occasionally masqueraded- drop crocodile tears every now and then, while advancing their ‘Ottoman Zombie’ schizophrenic agenda.

Back in 2007, two AKP propagandists published an otherwise empty pamphlet in favor of their unsolicited outfit, namely the Alliance of Civilizations. The tandem’s names are Bekir Berat Özipek and Kudret Bülbül; you can surely spend some time, searching online until you get an idea about their biased, insane and even grotesque contributions. The 80-page absurdity is grandiosely titled “From the Dialogue to the Alliance of Civilizations; A Collective Initiative for Universal Peace” (by Bekir Berat Özipek – Kudret Bülbül). It was published by the (then newly established) SETA Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (Ankara, February 2007).

About SETA and its untrustworthiness, worthlessness and uselessness:


The notorious document has been recently removed from the SETA site where it had been available for many years: https://www.setav.org/ups/dosya/24757.pdf

As of today (29/8/2021), it is out of reach. This can be either the result of the effort of a good Turk specializing in government site hacking (my warm congratulations, if this is the case) or the indication that the Venetian mask is falling, the AKP plans about the ‘alliance of civilizations’ are dwindling, and the real face of AKP Islamic Terrorism starts appearing.

However, you can still find the document here:



If you ever fail, feel free to write an email to me and ask for it; I will do my best to immediately dispatch it to you.

In their pamphlet, Bekir Berat Özipek and Kudret Bülbül included a quotation from an earlier article of mine in which I denounced the fraudulent endeavor. The quotation can be read on p. 50-52 of the document. My article was initially published on 17 September 2005 (in three portals, namely American Chronicle, Buzzle and AfroArticles) and it can now be found here:

The Clash and the Alliance of Civilizations: too much ado for nothing!


I herewith republish the document’s cover pages, contents and the quoted excerpt, namely pages 1-4, 6, 9, and 50-52 of the document.


Download the entire documentation in PDF: