Turkish – Greek relations and the Balkans. A Historian’s Evaluation of Today’s Problems

English translation of the book Türk Yunan İlişkileri Ve Balkanlar. Bir Tarihçi Gözü İle Bugünün Sorunları. Published in 1994, (Kibris Vakfi – Cyprus Foundation, Istanbul – Turkey), 56 p., the book consists in the most pertinent rejection of the Greek nationalism and chauvinism, which has long been the basic trend of the Greek foreign policy.

Book review is available here: https://www.academia.edu/34468353/Turkish_Greek_relations_and_the_Balkans_A_Historians_Evaluation_of_Todays_Problems

The Turkish edition of the book is entirely available online here:

The Albanian edition of the book is entirely available online here:

Book review published by Prof. Fahir Armaoğlu in Turkish:

The first pages, including the Inner Cover, the Contents and the Introduction (by the Cyprus Foundation, Istanbul) have been published in the illustrious site Turkistani Library: http://turkistanilibrary.com/sites/default/files/turkish-greek_relations_and_the_balkans.pdf

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